ART Seeking Rider Input for New Brochure

by ARLnow.com September 2, 2011 at 11:33 am 1,929 4 Comments

Arlington Transit is asking for riders of the ART 87 to give input on the best way to display a bus schedule. Riders are asked to voice their preferences for arranging the new brochure.

ART 87 offers three different route options, which could make reading the schedule in a brochure confusing. There are two different design proposals on ART’s website that users can vote and comment on. The first option offers all three routes combined into one schedule.  The second option has each route separated into individual sections.

Click here to go to the site and give feedback on the proposals. Responses will be collected until September 12. The new design will be based on whichever selection turns out to be the most popular.

  • JimPB

    Getting consumer feedback is good. Best if done with benefit of interaction with and immediate feedback from ART riders as they pursue the alternative schedules.

    I’ve found the schedules posted at ART stops easy to use.

  • Anonymouse

    How dare you top the “Bike vrs Car Comment Extravaganza” story with this piece of drivel. Move along….

  • just me

    I am more interested is better drivers. I was almost run over yesterday when I was in the crosswalk and with the walk flashing in white. The driver gave me a dirty look as I had to jump back and he kept going and stopped in the intersection to make a right turn on red that he didn’t get to do. They have got to slow the heck down and stop driving like fools.

    Arlington. We need professional drivers NOW. This crap must stop or I will stop walking and using buses, you want us to go green? Make it safe. ART’s next attempt on my life I am not going green anymore. My F-150 will be my choice.

  • Kmr

    So…this may not be the venue, but please oh please consider offering service to the part of Crystal City near the Hyatt (28th Street and Jeff Davis Hwy). Really there are hotels, a very large Fed. building, as well as other offices. Our only means of transport is the 9S. If you extended the ART 42 to cover that area of Crystal City, I know you’d have ridership. As it is now for me, I catch the 42 daily at Oakland and Wilson…travel to Pentagon City, ride the metro one stop to Crystal City, board the 9S bus to arrive at the Fed building at 2733 Crystal Drive, and at best, the commute is an hour to go what by car takes 10 minutes….please….so many people work and live in that area of Arlington County.


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