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Kettler to Host Charity Hockey Game on Saturday

by ARLnow.com September 7, 2011 at 10:10 am 3,091 20 Comments

The NHL season doesn’t start for another month, but local fans will be able to get their fill of hockey action this Saturday at Ballston’s Kettler Capital Iceplex (627 North Glebe Road), during the third annual Charity Hockey Classic.

The charity game, which benefits Inova Blood Donor Services, will pit the Booz Allen Hamilton Minutemen corporate hockey team against the returning champion Virginia Coaching Cardinals, a squad of local youth hockey coaches. John “Cakes” Auville and Eric “E.B.” Bickel — of the Sports Junkies morning show on 106.7 The Fan — will serve as guest coaches, along with Capitals teammates Matt Hendricks and Jeff Schultz.

The event, which is being held from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, will also feature a silent auction, appearances by local celebrities, ‘Mites on Ice’ youth hockey exhibitions and “the ever-popular ‘chuck-a-duck’ contest,” according to a press release. Tickets are $10 for adults and free for kids. Organizers hope to raise $40,000 to purchase a blood testing machine for Inova.

  • drax

    Who cares? There are soldiers in Afghanistan!

    • MC 703

      ARLnow – Stop reporting on anything and everything until every US soldier has returned home from Afghanistan! (Marines, sailors, airmen acceptable to remain)

  • Lou

    Cool event. Junkies suck, I’ll avoid just for that reason.

    • MC 703

      Funny I originally clicked to comment that this would probably become a “Junkie Suck” thread.

      People love to b!tch and moan. Get a life.

      • Lou

        Sorry. I’ll stop having opinions and go volunteer for Afghanistan.

        • Aaron

          Wait wait, people VOLUNTEERED to go to Afghanistan? I thought they were slaves who were forced to go there to support the imperial defense-industrial complex flying oversized flags on the sides of office buildings which might make undocumented aliens uncomfortable and gun-raffling bikers TOO comfortable. If you know what I mean /headnodheadnod

          • drax

            Where did you get such ridiculous ideas?

          • Aaron

            From you drax, I learned it from watching you.

          • drax

            No you didn’t. I have never said such ridiculous crap.

    • Frank

      Junkies are OK. Lavar and Dukes suck. Mostly Lavar.

      • PikerShorts

        I enjoy LaVar and Dukes when LaVar is on vacation and Holden Cushner or Danny Rouhier are filling in. Unless its football season.

        Then LaVar’s insight make up for his assault and battery on Engrish.

        Miss Big O and Dukes. The rodcasts just aren’t the same.

      • Dukes kind of sucks too.

  • jack

    The comments on this site have become so meta it’s like a snake consuming its own tail.

    • Richard Cranium

      Consuming its own tail . . . in Afghanistan.

      • jack

        In flip flops, riding a $2,000 bike, and not yielding to ANYBODY.

    • MC 703

      The most meta thing about them is that usually around the 30 comment mark one has to scroll up to remember what the article was actually about.

  • CW

    Hmm, who do I want to root for, the vetted corporate team of mega-billion-dollar federal teat-suckers, or the lovable ragtag group of local youth hockey coaches?

  • Wow

    I think they should play the FD team! Bet the firefighters wouldn’t mind hitting some corporate guys around.

  • Tyrone Max

    Might wanna host a charity game for our fallen friends in Russia

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