BREAKING NEWS — House Fire on Glebe Road

by ARLnow.com September 15, 2011 at 2:49 pm 5,918 15 Comments

Update at 4:20 p.m. — Due to some miscommunication, police are apparently scrapping plans to open up one lane in each direction, and will only be opening the southbound lanes for now. They hope to reopen the northbound lanes of Glebe Road near the fire scene around 5:00 p.m.

Update at 3:55 p.m.— The fire is out and most emergency responders are clearing from the scene.

South Glebe Road is being shut down just east of Arlington Ridge Road due to a house fire.

Arlington and Alexandria firefighters are on the scene of the fire, on the 3200 block of S. Glebe Road. The lone occupant of the house reportedly made it out safely.

Drivers should expect significant traffic issues in the area.

One of the fire department units responding to the fire was involved in an accident at the intersection of S. Glebe Road and West Glebe Road.

  • Johnny Utah

    Video of house on fire as they wheel the man out on a stretcher..


    • G

      Wow… that guy was left alone in the house?!

      • aron

        That video is not from this fire … its from Canada. Shame on Johnny for trying to trick us.

        • ForrestGump

          that sure looks a lot like Lieutenant Dan!

        • Johnny Utah

          that video is awesome

  • JimPB

    An accident involving equipment responding to the fire. An event waiting to happen.

    Many drivers pull over and stop to give emergency vehicles unhindered movement. But I see others, usually with a cell phone to their ear, a headset on or music so loud that I can hear it through closed windows (the other person’s and mine and a lane or more of separation (yikes, what devastation that db. level is going to ear — hearing)) who seem oblivious to the siren searches and the responses of other drivers (pulling over and stopping) and proceed on their way, and then there are the folks whose time is so important that they proceed regardless — and if they pull over, may immediately follow behind the ambulance (not medical personnel going to the scene to see if they might be of assistance — I see them turn off from the ambulance’s route.

    Would making videos of such drivers (including the license plates of their vehicles) and posting them to You Tube reduce these hinderances of emergency vehicles?

    • Mike O

      “Would making videos of such drivers (including the license plates of their vehicles) and posting them to You Tube reduce these hinderances of emergency vehicles?”

      Yes. But then you’d have to leave your Mom’s basement.

      • Henry

        I think there might have been some miscommunication here.

  • Aaron

    Does anyone know how often Alexandria helps Arlington out and vice versa? I’m also often see Falls Church trucks on Arlington scenes.

    • JJ

      The NOVA fire departments all have mutual aid agreements which dispatch the closest fire stations to a call regardless of jurisdiction. This part of the county is very close to the Alexandria border which is why you see them there. You will often see Fairfax County trucks in the area of the county that borders Fairfax. Arlington often responds to both Alexandria and Fairfax as well. Falls Church uses Arlington County Fire Dept. personnel to staff their fire house and has an agreement with Falls Church to provide their fire and EMS services. Falls Church city purchases the apparatus which is why you see their name on the trucks.

    • Adjacent cities and counties routinely cross borders to assist neighboring departments. In North Arlington Fairfax is sometimes closer (particularly in, dare I say it? Chain Bridge Forest). So also is Falls Church. Each jurisdiction has a protocol for notifying the others which is especially important if engines or ambulances in the closest station are already out on a call. I don’t think that any neighboring jurisdictions will go to Donaldson Run, however.

      And the Falls Church station is actually manned by Arlington fire fighters — I’m pretty sure that the Falls Church station is Arlington’s Station 9.

      (I used to take my kids to the fire house when I didn’t know what else to do with them, and learned more about this stuff than I ever thought possible. Arlington’s “number” (I’m sure there’s a proper term for it) is 10, which is on each fire engine followed by the number of the station to which the equipment is assigned. Thus at the very busy Station 4, on 10th Street, engines are numbered 104. I’m pretty sure that the equipment in Falls Church is numbered 109.)

      Probably more about penguins than anyone wants to know.

      • Aaron

        Thanks much, exactly what I wanted to know! appericate it.

      • Slayingthedragon

        Falls Church is Arlington county station 6, or 106 in the Washington DC COG. All stations in NOVA have automatic mutual aid policies in which the closest piece of required equipment responds to an emergency regardless of jurisdiction.

      • Paul Frank

        Falls Church Fire Station is Station #6, Engine, Truck, & medic 106…

  • Anon

    Falls Church is Sta 6. And there is no engine at 104, otherwise spot on


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