Central Library Evacuated Due to Gas Odor

by ARLnow.com September 16, 2011 at 1:48 pm 2,377 14 Comments

Arlington Central Library (1015 N. Quincy Street) was evacuated around lunchtime today due to an odor of gas in the building.

Firefighters investigated the odor, but have since left. Library spokesman Peter Golkin says the library was back open as of 1:45 p.m.

So far there have been no reports of anyone becoming sick because of the odor, Golkin said.

  • JJ


  • Fartknocker

    my bad

  • Librarian

    I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that burrito at lunch

  • Aoa

    District Taco cart was not in ballston today.

  • SBD

    name says it tall

    • SBD

      says it all (not tall)

  • Steve

    Must be the picture of Helen Thomas.

  • steve85

    Wow can you save the gas for the car. You know the gas prices are high.

  • Grateful

    It was more like bratwürst, beer and sauerkraut residue.

  • John

    What is ‘lunchtime’? 11? 12? 1?

    If you’re using it as a synonym for noon, than I believe 100 minutes to investigate the smell of gas is a bit excessive.

  • Purpleburp

    Somebody pulled the reference desk person’s finger

  • Purpleburp

    With all these new eateries opening up around town, it has me wondering if people are heading over to the library afterwards to let loose in the stacks. Lends new meaning to the signs that say EAT HERE, GET GAS

  • Charles

    This headline is really funny.


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