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Fatal Hit and Run on Route 50

by ARLnow.com September 16, 2011 at 8:19 am 7,325 34 Comments

(Updated at 8:30 a.m.) A 23-year-old man died early this morning after being struck by a car on Route 50 near Rhodes Street.

Police spokeswoman Det. Crystal Nosal says the victim, Arlington resident Zorigoo Munkhbayar, was walking on Route 50 in the Courthouse area for reasons unknown this morning. Around 3:00 a.m., a car struck Munkhbayar and fled the scene, according to police, who were called when a passerby spotted the man’s body.

Police shut down eastbound Route 50 from Washington Boulevard to Rhodes Street to conduct an accident investigation. The road just reopened, but not before causing a major headache for commuters who had to seek an alternate route to the District for much of the morning rush hour.

On Facebook, a man named Zorigoo Munkhbayar is listed as a 2008 Yorktown High School grad, but so far police have not been able to confirm any details about the victim. Police are also not providing a description of the striking vehicle at this time.

  • TGEoA

    What kind of human garbage does something like this?

    • ClizzleDizzle

      Walk on a highway in the middle of the night? I have no idea. Drunk maybe.

      • CrystalMikey

        And a drunk driver is probably the one who hit him.

        • Lou

          Drunk MARYLAND driver, no doubt.

      • TGEoA

        I was referring to the piece of sh!t that did the hit and run.

  • BallstonDude

    When I go, I don’t want my obituary to be based upon what I have written on facebook.

  • plateman

    I can understand striking somewhere there as it is dark and curvy and you don’t expect a ped.

    But fleeing … that’s another story. The other prob drunk too and now made it 100x worse by fleeing.

    • Tabby

      Not if he/she doesn’t admit it or get caught, sadly.

      If the driver was DUI, that’s homicide by vehicle. If he/she comes forward now, leaving the scene of a fatal accident (etc.) is likely to be a far, far lighter sentence.

  • naysayer

    I bet he was walking on the Rt. 50 bike path until the construction at Pershing and Rt. 50 blocks it, so he crossed to the other side where there is a sidewalk along 50 just to the left of the Ft. Meyer gate that goes for about 100 ft and then just ends, and decided to keep going on the grass. I’ve done it. Why do they need to block the bike path and strand people?

    • charlie

      yep. ever notice that when anything gets under construction that the priority goes to CARS.
      We are told to ditch our cars. But then we find gaps in our routes like this one. It is easier to navigate around construction in a car than it is by walking.
      We are told to get out of our cars and walk but we are never fully accommodated.
      a tragedy like this will not change this policy.

    • sarah

      I agree. There is inadequate signage/accomodation for what was once a heavily walked/biked path.

    • Jen

      I thought the same thing, but the path you’re referencing runs along the westbound Route 50, and the pedestrian was struck on eastbound.

    • Thes

      This screwing of pedestrians is how VDOT approaches things. When construction happens on Arlington-controlled roads, the County Government usually requires a safe walking route to be maintained — even to the extent of taking out a lane of parking if necessary. Write your state legislator.

    • Greg

      The other day I passed a guy who was on a bike going east on westbound route 50. He was trying to go around the construction fencing, which comes right to the road.

      I couldn’t believe that someone would do something so dangerous.

  • Arlington Native

    This is so sad. My condolences to the young man’s family.

    I hope police are able to catch the driver. I imagine he/she was probably intoxicated or driving without a valid license, but even if it was just an unfortunate accident, there is never any excuse for fleeing the scene.

  • Lightning McQueen

    Whatcha got against cars?

    • charlie

      about 3000 lbs in weight
      and much greater speed

  • BoredHouseWife

    probably someone texting or chatting on the phone.

    • Suburban Not Urban

      Generally I would agree, but at 3AM in the morning?

      • Disgusted With Them

        Texters know no limit.

        • Lou

          Same can be said for pedestrians walking in the street listening to their iPods.

  • R

    while any speculation on who was the hit-and-run driver is absolutely worthless so I realize the irony in adding to that speculation, but my two cents would be a DC cabbie heading back into the city after dropping someone off in a-town…you see plenty of them on 50 eastbound at that time after the DC bars let out between 2am & 3am. yes it’s stereotyping, but they drive like crazy, are always yapping incessantly on their phones (though at least using ear pieces unlike most area drivers) and I feel like a fair share of them wouldn’t think twice to flee an accident if they thought they wouldn’t get caught or maybe driving so damn fast that didn’t even realize what they hit. and while it is tragic when anyone’s life is cut short in an accident of any kind, really what the hell was someone doing walking actually ON that stretch of route 50 at 3am? Absolutely sad, but if he was in the lanes of traffic as the article implies, at night, etc, umm, …personal responsibility please…you are an idiot for doing that and are just as responsible as the person who hit you…though if the driver knowingly fled the scene they are a scumbag and deserve the full punishment they can get for leaving the scene of an accident.

  • T

    Whoever hit my dear friend if ur reading this u will fkin rot in hell. He was a great person with many many friends and family who cherished him. I JUST WANNA SAY to the driver if you had little tiny bit of feeling in you, you would have helped my friend right after you hit him because you know what HE WOULD HAVE SURVIVED you piece of s—. My friend was unconcious for 3 more hours but still breathing he tried hard to survive but god wanted him. RIP dear friend Zorigo Munkhbayar. Hope the murderer will get whatever he/she deserve.

  • U said 3 am three times, u faulted my friend walkin at night, are u the person hit n ran? Turn itself in

  • He was a good tooo many many people, he had huge heart, everyone is mourning, RIP still can’t believe ur gone

  • Tabby

    I’m very sorry for your loss. Please don’t take to heart the comments here criticizing his walking along that stretch. People are only trying to make sense of a tragedy.

  • I understand, but making sense has never seen so distant from understanding

    • Tabby

      A few comments are insensitive–but I don’t believe the people writing them mean to be. If anyone comments, it’s because they care–and want to know what happened to your wonderful friend. We all want this area to be safe for all. But, especially for people walking late at night along a busy road, it often is not.

  • Skeptical

    v.f.: I also am very sorry for your loss.

    To other commenters: on past occasions when a tragedy was reported, I’ve been called names for suggesting that people button up their public speculations about the person who died, their motives, their character/intelligence/common sense, and the like.

    Do you get it now? You are talking about real people who have real survivors capable of feeling pain and grief. For pity’s sake, if all you have to offer is your own imaginary gloss on the matter, keep your lip zipped. And ARLNOW, may I suggest that you close comments automatically on any news story involving a fatality. Because people can’t seem to stop themselves from this heartless nonsense.

    • CW

      I thought the “no comments on a fatality” rule used to be in place. Now it seems that it applies only to suicides (though the sample size is, mercifully, small, so I’m only extrapolating from a few instances).

  • NKS

    God forbid someone I know dies, or I die in an accident and my family reads the comment section. Geez. This is so terrible it makes me not want to read http://www.arlnow.com anymore.

  • Victim s friend

    It’s been almost a month since the accident. He was such a great person and never missed my birthday. I really hope that they find that terrible person. How can he/she sleeps?? you could have called an ambulance for him, you could have….

    I miss you soo much Zorigoo ( Monkhoo).

  • dee

    you no nothing about him so shut up.Maybe it was an accident.Duh!

    • B

      @dee- about who?? Zorigoo or the driver??


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