Child Struck By Vehicle on Lee Highway

by ARLnow.com September 21, 2011 at 10:23 am 3,672 36 Comments

A child has been struck by a vehicle on the 6800 block of Lee Highway, in the East Falls Church/Westlee area.

Initial reports suggest the child is alert and conscious, but may have several broken bones. The vehicle that struck the child reportedly left the scene but has since returned.

Westbound Lee Highway is closed due to the emergency response.

  • ClarendonBound

    Such horrible news. I hope he is going to be okay.

    Arlington is very crowded. Every time I get in my car I get frustrated by pedestrians darting through red lights or between cars without looking, every time I am walking I get really annoyed by cars making right turns into me as I am crossing a street with the light.

    Last night I wanted to pick up some food at the Five Guys, but after circling for parking for 15 minutes during which i narrowly avoided several pedestrians, cars jumping into my lane and aggressive tailgaters i simply gave up went back home. Arlington can definitely suck some times.

    • CW

      So, basically, you don’t know who’s to blame here, but you’re really, really mad at one of the two parties involved? Nice.

      • Not4Me

        I didn’t see ClarendonBound mention any blame! What are you referring to? They just states the dangers of both pedestrians and drivers!!

        • CW

          Well he hates pedestrians and hates drivers, so draw your own conclusions.

          • ClarendonBound

            I guess what I meant to say is that the area is so congested that it takes the reflexes of a fighter pilot to safely navigate through it. If I, as a young male in my prime, have trouble not getting into accidents on a normal non-speeding drive, than how are elderly or people not from around here handling it?

          • CW


    • charlie

      five guys clarendon. best parking space during non 9-5 hours is to come down key blvd and park by the school in the neighborhood. always plenty of spaces and you are only there a few minutes.
      9-5 it is permit zoned so you can’t park there.

      • Clarendon

        There is tons of free parking after business hours in the County garage. I’m surprised people don’t know about this (especially people who want parking !)

  • Thes

    Lee Highway is a VDOT-controlled road. Let’s just get that out there at the beginning.

    • Rick

      that’s part of the problem in the county. The road could be controlled by pakistan, but the new mindset across arlington county is pedestrians (and maybe in this case people using the trail) are superior to everything. The details are unclear, and that intersection (Lee-Washington-Westmoreland-Trail-Fire Dept) has been a mess since the contractors that repaved and restriped Lee did it wrong and the lights are horribly timed, but hopefully the child will be okay. Damn good thing it happened a block from a fire station though.

      • Marc

        Rick, pedestrians are superior to cars when it comes to right of way at this location. See Code of Virginia § 46.2-924. Drivers to stop for pedestrians.

        It seems to me there is a growing trend that people see themselves as more important then everyone else. Not having to wait at a red light, or talking on their cell phone, or listening to music is more important than the safety of people around them.

        Hopefully the child will be okay, but if people slowed down a bit and paid more attention to what they are doing we would have fewer problems.

        • Undereducated

          Sorry Marc, you should read further in that section of the Code. To wit, B. Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection A of this section, at intersections or crosswalks where the movement of traffic is being regulated by law-enforcement officers or traffic control devices, the driver shall yield according to the direction of the law-enforcement officer or device.

          Soooo, if there is a light or “traffic control device”, cars are superior when they have a green light and only yield to a red light. Pedestrians who want to test this in the DC area will be quickly removed from the gene pool, along with cyclists that run red lights and stop signs, or ride against traffic in bike lanes, or joggers that run in bike lanes or run with traffic, or run in the street when a sidewalk is available. There is no shortage of people in Arlington that must have missed school the day they taught pedestrian and bicycling rules in grade school.

          • drax

            Yep, this morning I saw two idiot joggers (not on bikes!) run against the red don’t walk sign at Lynn and Lee, aka The Most Dangerous Intersection in the World.

          • Marc

            Undereducated, you miss interpreted subsection B. This subsection further restricts traffic and makes it illegal for pedestrians to enter moving traffic.

            If you take your interpretation to the extreme, you are saying that if someone is not out of the crosswalk when the light turns from red to green, you are in the right to run them over.

            If you read further into subsection B, you’ll see the paragraph “The drivers of vehicles entering, crossing, or turning at intersections shall change their course, slow down, or stop if necessary to permit pedestrians to cross such intersections safely and expeditiously.”

          • Undereducated

            Pretty much, look up contributory negligence. It’s the law in Virginia.

      • drax

        Pedestrians have always been superior. The county is just fulfilling that principle.

    • Meaning?

      • CW

        I think he’s anticipating someone getting up in arms about signalling, traffic calming, etc., but in this case it would not be within the County’s control.

        • Lou

          I think that’s clearly the priority. Not the injured kid, it’s all about protecting the County image/ascribing blame to VDOT and Richmond.

          Always on point.

          • CW

            I’m not saying it’s the priority, I was just replying to OB’s question.

          • Lou

            It’s OK, I was being sarcastic in response to Thes’ “concerns”.

          • charlie

            some people can be almost guaranteed to think the county’s sh** don’t stink and post about it repeatedly.
            hello, it all stinks.

          • drax

            So you chose an article about a pedestrian getting hit by a car to bash the county about trying to improve pedestrian safety? Genius, charlie.

          • Lou

            Nobody was bashing the County.

  • Susan

    How about if we pray that the child is OK?

    • charlie

      after we blame VDOT, according to Thes.
      because if it were our street this WOULD NEVER happen.
      oh wait, our taxes also pay for VDOT. hmmmm.

      i have called all my friends who have children in that neighborhood and NO ONE is answering their phones. i’m torn up.

  • yequalsy

    6800 is right where the WOD crosses. That can be a tricky spot.

    • FunnyMunny

      Yeah that’s one of the worst at-grade intersections around. Always TONS of bikers and pedestrians crossing. I’ve always had trouble predicting the light cycles from any of the umpteen different ways to enter that area, whether on foot, bike or in a car. Dunno if there would be any chance of a pedestrian overpass like the Rt 7/Broad Street one a mile west of there, but I’d be for it.

      • C

        An overpass would be great! there is certainly enough foot and bike traffic to warrant it. I will say thought that if everyone were to follow the rules of the road this kind of thing could be prevented. The area does have “walk/don’t walk” signs at each of the intersections. I follow these when running or biking. Drivers need to be sure to pay attention to these signals before turning.

    • Hank

      What is so tricky about it? If the light is red – STOP!

  • Aaron

    I am unsure how much empathy to feel for this child. Does the child look more like an Alison Drucker or a Zorigoo Munkhbayar? Should we accuse the child of being drunk or charge the driver with attempted murder?

    I need an update ASAP please.

    • CW

      Seriously. It said the driver left the scene at first; where are the mobs with pitchforks and torches? Maybe they’re withholding judgment until a picture is posted.

  • Rick

    The problem with this intersection is the trail is essentially the crosswalk. People who are used to blowing through stop signs on the trail for Great Falls St or Shreve Rd. in falls church can’t do that here because they’re crossing Lee Highway. There are pedestrian signals and if memory serves they were recently upgraded to have countdowns.

    Again, there aren’t any details other than what you can conclude from the initial report that the child was hit somewhere between the trail/crosswalk at Lee and the crosswalk across [email protected] Wherever it happened, good thing it was next to the Arlington-FC fire house and it’s only two turns to the hospital.

    • Thes

      Perhaps we can all take a moment to say a prayer that VDOT will be able to make improvements at this ped/bike/car-intensive location such that fewer children will be injured in future years.

      • Lou

        Sure, right after I’m done praying that Arlington will make improvements to the intersection where the child was struck by a truck in Westover a few months ago.

  • Laope

    I have further details it was a teen and it did not happen at those intersections, it happened at the Westlee building the lee highway side at the end where the dry cleaners are, dead infront of the fire house which also has a light (which is pretty useless and badly programmed btw).


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