Moran to LGBT Youth: It Gets Better

by ARLnow.com September 22, 2011 at 1:46 pm 3,043 35 Comments

Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) just released a new video for the It Gets Better Project, an initiative that seeks to give hope to bullied lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth.

In the video, Moran talks about his own experience with bullying.

“I’ve known an awful lot of bullies through my life,” he said. “It’s interesting that they all grew up to be insecure jerks who only seem to feel good about themselves when they were making other people feel bad about themselves.”

The congressman also talked about being shy as a kid. He recounted that he fainted several times during his first two public speeches.

“I told myself things have got to get better because they can’t get any worse, and they did, eventually,” he said.

Moran joins a long list of celebrities, athletes, public officials and everyday people who have recorded videos for the It Gets Better Project.

  • 1234

    Some days I really, really like Jim.

  • Brian

    “It’s interesting that they all grew up to be insecure jerks who only seem to feel good about themselves when they were making other people feel bad about themselves.”

    It take one to know one.

    • drax

      This is a good time not to bash Moran, huh?

    • V Dizzle

      You funny person, use good English.

  • jack

    “It take one to know one.”


    • Aaron

      Jim Moran is a rather volatile guy, the kind who’s far more likely to have been a bully than to have been victimized by one.

      He physically attacked Duke Cunningham on the House floor back in the 1990s, his second marriage was plagued by reports of domestic abuse, he was accused of assaulting a youth for touching his car in the early 00s, and not infrequently lashes out at constituents in public settings.

      I think his anger stems from being one of the more intelligent members of Congress and is exacerbated by the fact that he’s essentially unchallengeable in this district.

  • Novanglus

    Good for him.

    But I do feel the need to chuckle at the irony here.

  • Dave

    A good project but they should consider vetting their contributors. Rep. Moran could be classified as a bully himself. He got in fist fights as Mayor of Alexandria and has been in altercations on the House floor. Yea, he probably knows a lot about bullies…

    • drax

      A bully picks on the weak, and not always violently either. Moran’s not a bully, just a hothead.

      • Thes

        @drax That is one of the best pieces of analysis I’ve seen on ArlNow in a while. I’m not sure Moran would disagree with the characterization, either. He is a passionate man, way more passionate than most people.

        • drax

          Thanks. I’m not defending his behavior either, just saying it doesn’t qualify as bullying.

  • this is something every young person needs to hear. We all had a rough time growing up – one way or another.

  • Constituent

    What, Moran is gay now????

    • AllenB


    • RosRes

      Isn’t everyone?

    • Moses

      God gave us all these holes for a reason.

    • Hattie McDaniel

      Probably not, he’s not a ‘family values’ Republican.

  • CW

    Is it just me, or is “It Gets Better” kind of a lame, defeatist-sounding way of not really addressing the bullying problem?

    “Hey kids, suck it up! At least you’re not breaking rocks in a gulag in Siberia!”

    • Tabby

      It’s not just you.

      And it didn’t save one poor kid who killed himself the other day (he was one of the It Gets Better videos).

      • AllenB

        Just because it didn’t save that poor boy the other day, do you know that is hasn’t helped others feel better about their situation?

    • Maria

      Theoretically, yes, but bullying isn’t just going to stop out of the blue, and a lot of kids (gay and otherwise) are living with it daily. This message is not going to help everyone, but until we can find a way to end bullying, there are kids out there who just need to hear this message. They may have been dealing with bullying for years and legitimately don’t know that it does (usually) get better.

    • TGEoA

      Screw the “it gets better” if you wait BS. If people are hassling you, get a baseball bat and ambush the ringleader. If he’s an athlete, make sure you kneecap the sonofabitch.

      I don’t care how flaming you are, no one will want to mess with you after that. Sure you might catch some flack with the law, but chances are you can turn around and blame it on the school district.

      • CW

        I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or serious, but it sure does seem that, back in the day, when kids were allowed to stand up to bullies without getting themselves in trouble, no one ever talked as much about bullying, did we? The first time a kid stood up for himself, he usually wasn’t picked on again. Now that kid gets in more trouble than the bully.

      • drax

        You won’t “catch some flak” for that, you’ll go to juvenile detention with a felony record and never go to high school, or college for that matter, again. No, that’s not how you do it.

    • SS3345

      I find these videos rather inspiring, actually, and wish they would’ve been around when I was younger.

  • Jack

    Jim Moran???? On Bullying???

  • Jim

    Too funny. Moran is the personification of a bully.

    • brian

      Didn’t he bully his previous wives?

      I found this in a quick google search.

      “In June 1999, his wife called the cops on him during an argument in which she claims the former boxer grabbed her”

      • drax

        Grabbing someone = bullying them?

        Keep flailing.

  • lyon park

    Moran on bullying–that’s rich.

  • Skeptical

    I think it would be even more effective if all the kids who are being chronically bullied in the 8th District, for being gay, intelligent, having faces someone doesn’t like, or whatever were to send their names to Rep. Moran and a few times a month, randomly, have him draw a name and walk that kid home from school. The sight of that big brisket chaperoning the victim of choice might be a more effective deterrent than anything. And thing of the good PR.

    • Thes

      An interesting thought. If only that’s when bullying usually happened, it could have an impact. But it’s just as often (or more often) in places adults have little access to, like school hallways, classrooms or on Facebook.

  • steve85

    Good Job Jim Moran. The guy that lives down in Richmond wouldnt had done this. Somebody need to stand to their rights and I applaud him for doing it.

  • Me ke

    Moran has a lot of nerve talking didn’t he have a major domestic “incident”? I am a democrat and don’t like This guy

  • SS3345

    At least he’s doing something about the issue.

    I’d LOVE to see McDonnell or the Cooch put out something similar. Oh wait, that’ll never happen.


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