Clarendon/Courthouse Verizon Outage Continues

by ARLnow.com September 26, 2011 at 11:45 am 3,628 28 Comments

Hundreds of Verizon landline phone and DSL internet customers in the Clarendon and Courthouse area are still without service today, a week after a contractor taking a soil sample struck several cables buried under Rocky Run Park.

“Our restoral efforts continue,” Verizon spokesman Harry J. Mitchell told ARLnow.com this morning. “We’ve replaced and completed work on one of the damaged cables, and we’re at work on the second cable. We also found that a third cable was damaged, and we’ll be replacing a section of that one as well.”

The cables contain thousands of individual copper lines, which carry phone conversations and internet service to hundreds of Verizon customers in the area. Each copper line must be painstakingly spliced together to restore service. On Wednesday, Mitchell said employees were working around the clock to perform the repairs.

“We will keep at it until we’ve restored all services,” he said today.

One tipster, whose phone service was knocked offline last week, says he has been told to expect a prolonged outage.

“I was told that customers could easily be out of service through Friday,” the tipster said.

  • G Clifford Prout

    Restoral. Is that even a word?

    • NorthArlingTim

      Arlington can’t spell anymore. On the police report of the hit and run guy on Route 50 they recommended that pedestrians wear “reflexive” clothing.

      • Chris

        I wore some of that “reflexive” clothing to a Duran Duran concert in 1984. I was hawt.

        • Josh S

          Arlington? Do you mean the population of Arlington? The government of Arlington? You do realize that Verizon does not equal the government of Arlington? And it’s quite possible that their “spokesman” quoted above is not an Arlingtonian.

          • Josh S

            Not to mention it’s not a spelling issue. If there was a word “restoral” I’m guessing that is how it would be spelled. It’s much worse than a spelling issue. It’s a knowing and using the English language issue. Reminds me of the old In Living Color routine spoofing the NAACP where they’d have the edumacated guy trying to show off his vocabulary and completing mangling things and then end with the tag line – “A Mind. It’s a terrible thing.”

          • NorthArlingTim

            You are correct, Josh – and you’re nitpicking! I didn’t mean any entity in particular, it was just a generalization based on frequent misuse of words I tend to see online in local reports, whoever writes them. I love watching/hearing people stumble over big words when they try to show off their lack of vocabulary as you describe.
            “In Living Color” was a good show.

          • drax


    • Yes, it is in the dictionary.

      • drax

        Ooh, so some guy at Verizon knows his vocabulary better than the English Nazi taunters on the Internet!

        • Josh S

          I guess that’s one possibility. He’s an avid Scrabble player or likes to read Chaucer in his spare time.

          But the word just sounds like an attempt at sophistication that comes across sounding doltish. Like “verbiage.” Is there a worse development in the course of human history over the last ten years than the rise in the use of the word “verbiage?” I think not.

          • Col Pike

            Yes – when you arrive at the airport and “deplane” instead of disembark or just get off the aircraft.

      • G Clifford Prout

        I’ve fixed Verizon’s sentence:

        “We’ve replaciated and completified work on one of the damaged cables, and we’re at workage on the second cable. We also found that a third cable was damaged, and we’ll be replaciating a section of that one as well.”

        • NorthArlingTim

          but… but… what about the restoral?

  • Rosslyn resident

    The Verizon DSL at my apartment near Fort Myer in Rosslyn was out of commission until Friday evening last week. The customer reps we called kept insisting they hadn’t heard of any outage in my area and were going to send a technician to look at my building…now I am not sure what happened or why our internet was out, but I am sure that Verizon is incompetent!

  • Another Rosslyn Resident

    I’m in the same neighborhood, and my internet has been out since Wednesday… still waiting. I hope it will be back on before Fri.

  • JimPB

    Will Verizon waive its charges for the customers whose service has been severed?

    Strange: No apparent way to “route around” or “bypass” the severed lines for at least land phone lines, e.g., by using wireless capability.

    This might be just a “tip” of the vulnerabilities in our support systems (power, gas, water, telecommunications). How might these systems be better protected from attack and from mishap — as now in Clarendon for telecommunications and recently in Southern CA for electric power)?

    • G

      Civilization is held together by a thread.

      • Thes

        Yeah, they should put those important communications lines in a much safer place — like 24 feet underground. Oh, wait…

    • UnlimitedCustoms

      You can’t re-route when this is the connection between your home and their switching station.

    • North Cherrydaler

      I used to lose my land-line Verizon phone service every time it rained, and the only way I ever got a refund for the missed service was by enlisting the state regulatory agency. (One of the many reasons I no longer have land-line Verizon phone service.)

  • John Fontain

    I can’t believe the lack of DSL jokes. Come on people!

  • CW

    Wow, I somewhat stupid and naive but am surprised that so many businesses and residents still rely on copper cable based telecom. I guess I just thought that with the omnipresence of VoIP in big businesses and the amount of capital Verizon must have invested to get the FiOS infrastructure into Arlington, the demand for “traditional” systems would be quite low.

    • Rosslyn resident

      If they had FIOS running to my place, I would be all over it. But they don’t, so I rely on their DSL for internet, and Comcast for cable. Monopolies are terrible things.

  • Jen

    I live in the condo building across the street from Rocky Run Park. Verizon and S&N Communication (the contractor doing the repairs/service restoration) need to park their vans in our driveway, so they had to give our property managers a timeline of how long construction will take place. According to an email from our PM, construction is expected to be completed on Friday, October 7th.

    That’s a long time for customers to be out of service….

  • Martha

    Speaks volumes about our electronic communications vulnerability.

  • Ian


  • Akashi

    Any word on who picks up the tab for the 24/7 repair work and loss of service, why soil sampling on County property wasn’t in compliance with the statutory Miss Utility approval obligation, or why Arlington needed to do pre-construction soil testing on a part of the park not slated for construction? The last time Arlington County tested soil there, it was in preparation for a secret plan to sell County Playground land to Virginia Power for a power station to service the R-B corridor. County staff said we would freeze in the dark without it, but once the dumb plan was exposed on CH 7 news by Dale Sully (anchor then), the County abandoned the plan.

  • choochoo

    I have not have dsl service ( Fairlington ) for almost 2 weeks . Given the run around about the problem by the subcontractors ( in India? ) very polite those chaps but the problem is Vrizon here in the USA


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