Arlington, VA

Hundreds of Verizon landline phone and DSL internet customers in the Clarendon and Courthouse area are still without service today, a week after a contractor taking a soil sample struck several cables buried under Rocky Run Park.

“Our restoral efforts continue,” Verizon spokesman Harry J. Mitchell told this morning. “We’ve replaced and completed work on one of the damaged cables, and we’re at work on the second cable. We also found that a third cable was damaged, and we’ll be replacing a section of that one as well.”

The cables contain thousands of individual copper lines, which carry phone conversations and internet service to hundreds of Verizon customers in the area. Each copper line must be painstakingly spliced together to restore service. On Wednesday, Mitchell said employees were working around the clock to perform the repairs.

“We will keep at it until we’ve restored all services,” he said today.

One tipster, whose phone service was knocked offline last week, says he has been told to expect a prolonged outage.

“I was told that customers could easily be out of service through Friday,” the tipster said.


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