Arlington, VA

The Arlington County Parks and Natural Resources Division is offering free saplings to any resident interested in planting a tree in his or her yard.

The county is offering one tree per household and up to five trees for groups like condo/homeowner’s associations, churches, civic associations or other neighborhood organizations. Among the available species are large trees like American sycamores, black oaks, black gum/tupelos, cherrybark oaks, red maples, yellow poplars and Virginia pines. Smaller tree offerings include serviceberries, staghorn sumacs, winterberry hollies and American witch hazels.

A PDF list of tree species, their growth requirements, estimated measurements and other attributes is available on the county’s web site.

Offering a variety of species “will increase the resistance of our tree canopy to disease and pests, as well as increasing the habitat available for birds, butterflies, and wildlife,” according to the parks department.

Anyone interested in planting a tree is asked to reserve it online.

Saplings will be available for pickup between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on the weekend of Oct. 15 and 16, at the county nursery — located behind the Barcroft Recreation Center at 4200 S. Four Mile Run Drive. TreeStewards and county staff will be on hand with information about tree care. They will also help load the saplings — some of which are up to 6 feet tall — into vehicles.


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