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Accident at Lee Highway and Lynn Street

by ARLnow.com October 6, 2011 at 1:07 pm 5,366 59 Comments

(Updated at 1:40 p.m.) A two-car accident has occurred at the busy intersection of Lee Highway and N. Lynn Street, in Rosslyn.

One car ran into a pole, while the other car ran into a guardrail. One minor injury was reported.

The accident happened at the southern Lee/Lynn intersection, away from pedestrians on the Custis Trail.

  • Richard Cranium

    Unless at least one of the cars overturned, this couldn’t have happened in Arlington.

    Donaldson Run maybe, but not Arlington.

  • novasteve

    Automatic transmission. I bet you $50

    • Vinh An Nguyen

      Since 91% of cars sold in the US have automatic transmissions, that’s probably not a losing bet.

    • Give it a rest

      Smug sanctimony over automobile transmissions just smacks of desperation though I know as a conservative it’s your bread and butter.

      Besides, the region’s endemic stop and go traffic kinda demands an automatic.

      • charlie

        i’d argue that the regions stop and go traffic is BECAUSE of automatic transmission. No one is thinking. Gas. Go. Brake. Go. Gas. If you drive manual you actually learn to anticipate traffic and drive your car as opposed to just gassing it and slamming on the brakes.

        • Kiffee

          Well said!

          -Proud owner of what might be the only manual transmission SUV in the country. ha!

          • charlie

            kiffee, don’t tease. VW Tiguan has manual… what else? i want.

          • CW

            I had a manual 4WD honda CRV for years. Great off-road and in snow.

            Pretty sure all subarus, including the forester, can be ordered with them.

          • Garden City

            Automatic transmissions are actually better for off-roading. Smoother torque delivery.

          • CW

            Sigh…I knew someone was going to say that…I guess I should have clarified that by “great” I meant “a hell of a lot of fun”. I wasn’t out rock crawling in the thing.

        • Give it a rest

          I don’t disagree; though in stop-and-go’s defense, the area’s other endemic problem, sociopathic aggressives, demands we maintain little gap to prevent a BMW M3 or similar dbag car from jumping into our lane and trying to ladder-up through the traffic.

          • CW

            Actually, it’s the POS cars that usually get away with that by squeezing in between non-POS cars. The nicer cars acquiesce, knowing that the junker has nothing to lose.

          • Erin

            Actually, I see mostly the nicer cars forcing their ways in, b/c they know people will yield since they don’t want to pay for repairing one of those famcy schamncy cars they hit.

          • CW

            Except that I’m pretty sure that it’s the merging vehicle that’s supposed to yield, right?

      • F. R. Eggers

        It is inexcusable that there are not adequate statistics available to determine whether or not an automatic transmission is more dangerous. We need FACTS, not guesswork.

    • Huge stretch there Steve.

    • drax

      So are auto trannies not good enough to date chicks too, steve?

      • Richard Cranium

        do trannies date chicks?

  • John

    Yes, two cars. Both drivers are out of their cars and walking around. Cops, fire, ems on the scene. A dog bolted one of the cars after the crash and was running through traffic, but was caught by the driver.

    • Richard Cranium

      Did the dog poop and, if so, did the owner pick up after the dog?

      • John

        Yes, I believe that the dog may have pooped. He said it was a great intersection…

        No word on picking up of said poopies.

    • TJ

      Are you sure that the guy caught the dog?

      • John


      • DL

        Everyone in my office ran to our windows that overlook the intersection when we heard the accident. Somehow the dog got out of its leash when the driver let the dog out of the back of his car. The dog was really scared and bolted, running toward key bridge from the accident scene. Then two pedestrians walked into traffic to catch the dog before it got to rt. 29. We were so relieved that the dog was caught and both drivers were seemingly okay, out and walking around! What a dangerous intersection. Definitely a reminder for pedestrians to be careful and not stand close to the street when you try and cross there.

    • Canine

      I didn’t realize dogs were allowed to drive in Virginia.

  • The real question is

    Was said pole following the pole signals. Because if it did not have the walk sign, or was crossing on a bike, then the driver is not at fault and the pole should be cited. Stupid poles in this county, they have zero regard for the rules of the road and tired-eye drivers who just want to get home from work cannot manage to look out for them enough.

    This intersection must be fixed ASAP. We cannot afford to lose anymore poles to injuries!

    • Not steve85

      pole-ist comment.

  • charlie

    why are the traffic cameras out when you need them??

  • I see it from my office window. Doesn’t look like traffic is affected much on Lynn. Glad to hear that it seems like everyone is OK.

    • CW

      My neck hurts.

      • Richard Cranium

        Mine started to, but then I realized all I had to do was to turn my monitor on its side.

  • Kirk

    What are the chances at least one of the drivers was yakking/texting on the phone. I’m going with about 80%.

  • Johnny Utah

    what the hell happened? how did this wreck occur? Was one turning left and one was going through a red light? one pulling a u turn?

    • DarkHeart

      Microburst is my guess.

    • Aaron

      That is a very strange wreck. Did the SUV overshoot the intersection with a very wide left turn to hit the pole on the far side? Did the VW swerve into the guardrail to avoid the previous wreck? Were one or both blocking the box before the accident (almost as good as betting they had an automatic transmission)?

      • AdaminAlexandria

        No, it was concurrent. I believe the VW went before the light changed, then they swerved to avoid each other. I was facing the other direction when it happened, so I can’t be certain what the traffic lights showed.

        I’m reasonably sure the SUV was entering the on-ramp, and I think the VW was continuing on Lynn St.

      • Johnny Utah

        exactly. The mystery of the weird car collision–yet no collision is still upon us. It’s almost as if there were two separate accidents happening at the same time.

        At least if you are going to wreck, take someone else out with you.

        • charlie

          it is a collision NOT an accident.
          why? DC plates.

  • Hattie McDaniels

    I can’t wait to read Greater Greater Washington’s elaborate fix to prevent this from happening in the future.

  • The 99%

    Wait… The accident didn’t involve a cyclist? Who am I supposed to get angry at? How am I going to rant about lawless cyclists and pedestrians ruining our roads?! How am I supposed to condone violence against others?!?!?! How can I claim superiority while driving my bloated a$$ around in my SUV?!?!?!?!?! Aaaarrrrggghhh! (head explodes)

  • yequalsy

    The irony tag made me chuckle.

  • bobco85

    I have to admit, when I saw the headline, I thought, “Oh no, another cyclist/vehicle accident at that same intersection!” I understand it occurred at the southern Lynn/Lee intersection, but if it was the northern intersection again, Arlington County would have no choice but to act immediately.

  • ARLgirl

    Has anyone else noticed the massive “DRIVE SAFELY” sign just before the intersection …

    • Steamboat Willie

      That message appears to be working only slightly more effectively than “JUST SAY NO”

    • ARLboy

      Apparently not…

    • Johnny Utah


  • ArlingtonNative

    My careful, ArlNow, arm-chair analysis of the accident indicates that both drivers spotted a pedestrian at the same moment and were racing to see which could be first to take out said pedestrian.
    Furthermore, when both missed, the one driver released his hound to continue the assault!

    “Release the Hounds!”

    • charlie

      oh you actually might be right.

    • Greg

      So true. This is hilarious!

  • Me

    ArlNow, please shut down the comments to this story. They are very insensitive. A relative of one of the people or dogs involved may be reading this story and happen to look at the comments.

    • charlie

      you must be new here.

    • Whoa

      Wait, I want to hear more about the relatives of the dogs involved that may be reading this story.

      • Canine

        Are they allowed to drive too?

      • Me

        If they can drive, they certainly can read.

        • Johnny Utah

          not entirely true.

  • Jeff

    I’d bet one of the drivers was Ballstonian reading his iPhone.

  • drax

    It has to be a bicyclist’s fault, somehow.

    • Richard Cranium

      Either a bicyclist’s or a condo developer’s fault. One or the other.


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