Photos: Shirlington Oktoberfest

by ARLnow.com October 10, 2011 at 10:30 am 3,803 15 Comments

Thousands jammed the streets of Shirlington on Saturday for the annual Oktoberfest celebration, which features beers from dozens of breweries and food from a number of local restaurants..

While the ID check/ticket lines seemed even longer than usual, the lines for beer seemed more manageable.

Despite the more readily-accessible beer, firefighters told us they responded to fewer intoxication-related medical calls than in previous years.

  • Richard Cranium

    I’m boycotting this event until they start serving bull testicles.

  • Newtdog73

    This event has so much potential. The major problem was trying to get a wrist band, what a poorly run process. We ended up going from bar to bar instead of waiting in the 1/4 mile long line for a wrist band.

    • SARL

      Just because the line was long doesn’t mean it was a “poorly run process” at least in my opinion 🙂 I waited in a relatively long line at noon but the wait time passed by quickly with the company of friends. When I was in line they were checking IDs and giving wristbands before you reached the payment area, which seemed efficient. It’s a shame if they weren’t doing that at all the entrances. I was impressed by the event overall … friendly, not-too-packed crowd on a gorgeous day!

      • Newtdog73


        Agreed. I guess we just went to the wrong line. I have been going every year since they started, this year however the lines were twice as long as I remembered.

  • Got my car towed after leaving in the garage overnight, what a joke, Shirlington Oktoberfest obviously encourages drunk driving, never going back.

    • MC 703

      As annoying as that is, the garages do have signs up saying “no overnight parking.”

      • Clarendon13

        They do, you are correct..but one would think that a well run, properly planned drinking event would make an exception for the night.

        • charlie

          you would think.
          but the property owners/developers are in bed with the towing company.
          if they were asked they would, i bet. but if they aren’t asked, why should they?

    • Scott

      If you’re heading out to a drinking event cabbing it is always an option too. Those garages are well known to tow early and often

  • Brendan

    Incredibly disappointed with the event. Event was supposed to run from 12 to 7 but they had obviously told all of the vendors to stop at 6. This left many individuals with tickets they had already purchased.

    Capital City Brewing is not only a bad restaurant but a bad a event sponsor.

    • chuck

      The posted and online ads I saw all stated the event was 12-7, but that the beer would be cut off at 6pm.

      • CW

        What does one do at a beer drinking event after the beer is cut off?

        • Neighor

          Sober up.

  • Steamboat Willie

    Sounds like the event went about as I expected, and that’s why I skipped it.

  • Arlingtonienne

    I was just disappointed in the music this year…we arrived around 1:30 and only stayed until about 3:30 because I mostly came to show my son the German folkdancers and polka bands that were there last year…instead we found a lousy DJ from some club downtown in rented leiderhosen playing what was apparently every mediocre song that turned up when he searched iTunes for “polka.” I know this is (or has turned into) a slightly German-flavored version of your average Saturday night at Mr. Dayz in North Arlington– it’s just too bad that the more cultural aspects are gone.


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