Yorktown Football Continues Winning Ways

by ARLnow.com October 24, 2011 at 12:45 pm 3,613 7 Comments

We’re continuing to follow the Yorktown High School varsity football team’s undefeated season.

The Patriots are now 8-0, having defeated the Falls Church Jaguars 55-6 on Friday night. The blowout is just the latest triumph for the team, which is hoping to close out a perfect regular season after going on the road at Mount Vernon (Oct. 28) and hosting the cross-town rival Washington-Lee Generals (Nov. 4).

The Sun Gazette has a full recap of Friday night’s game.

  • Josh S

    Do the high school teams have to participate in the pink wearing, too? Eeeccch.

    • Steamboat Willie

      You’re not really whining about high school athletes showing support for breast cancer awareness month are you?

      • I think he’s asking if they HAVE to or if it is optional. From the photographs, it does not appear all players are wearing pink socks. Thus, it appears to be optional.

      • Josh S

        Actually, fully aware that it makes me seem like a total curmudgeon, I am complaining about the wearing of the pink.

        This kind of branding by the Susan G Komen organization has gotten out of hand. A weeks worth of games is fine. A month? From the NFL on down to high school? Do they do pop warner teams as well? Do 8 year olds even understand what breast cancer is?

        I’m sure that breast cancer is a terrible thing. But so are about a thousand other cancers and other diseases that people suffer from. Why does breast cancer get to dominate the socio-cultural environment?

        • Steamboat Willie

          You should have stopped after the second comma in your opening sentence.

  • Charlie

    This proves that:
    most ArlNow readers don’t care about HS sports. C’mon be part of the real community!!
    HS school kids are much cooler than any of could have dreamed.

  • HS Fan

    I agree on the community comment. These kids – whether they are playing for Yorktown, Wakefield or W&L – have committed a tremendous amount of time and effort to their training and practice regimens. Come out Friday night, November 4th, to see Yorktown and W&L play (at YHS 7:30PM); you will not be disappointed. Arlington’s version of Friday Night Lights is a great night out!



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