Green Dye in Water Along Four Mile Run

by Katie Pyzyk October 25, 2011 at 12:02 pm 4,697 27 Comments

A mysterious green dye has been spotted in the water along Four Mile Run Dr. near S. George Mason Dr.

Arlington County Fire Department’s Hazmat team is on the scene. They say the dye is a non-hazardous drainage detection substance. Bags of this type of dye are sometimes released into a building’s drainage system to make sure there are no leaks or breaks. A nearby building performed this type of test today, and it drains into the creek at Four Mile Run.

The dye does appear to be moving downstream, so other areas may soon see a green hue in the water.

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  • y8s

    Such a lovely March 15 in Chicago… oh wait.

    • y8s

      I mean… 17.

      • Arlwhenver

        Oh yes, the day of the year when the Chicago River is at its freshest.

  • Patty McCracken

    Where’s me blarney stone. I need a Guinness.

  • Lou

    Hardly mysterious

  • Yum

    I drink from that stream daily.

  • JimPB

    Ah ha, s sign in the water that a fall’s St. Patrick’s Day should be celebrated.

  • I’m sure the stream fauna appreciate it as much as we would appreciate an ash cloud from a volcano.

  • Rosslynite

    How much do you have to give in politcal contributions to be eligible to call polluting a local stream “non-hazardous?”

    • drax

      As if there’s no EPA or ANSI/NSF certification.

  • stevis23

    We’ve replaced the water in Four Mile Run with Ecto Cooler. Let’s see if anyone notices.

    • chipotle_addict

      BRAWNDO! It’s got what fish crave, it’s got electrolytes!

      • Clarendunce

        +10. @#@ You, I’m eating!

  • Richard Cranium

    In an unrelated story, a gaggle/herd/swarm of homeless, illegal, communist immigrants was seen standing along the side of the water a little ways upstream.

  • DarkHeart

    First, free mulch, and now free antifreeze.

  • KalashniKEV

    Ahhh… this must be a new part of the new “Green Movement” LEED Certification Eco-Scam. It looks like the Facility Manager took the term “Green Washing” a bit too literally!

    • drax

      You’re trying too hard.

      • KalashniKEV

        Awww… c’mon! Take the bait though… post something fun!

        Don’t you want to tell me that LEED certification isn’t a scam? What about that anti-bird strike film? Shouldn’t we buy a bunch with our big tax revenue and wrap all the glass buildings in Arlington?

        (It’s called GREEN for a reason!)

  • Mickey O’Skeleton, county water dye inspector

    Orange Dye for October people! Green is for March!!!! Ugghhhhh!

    • KalashniKEV

      Slap yourself, Mickey… NEVER the orange! 😉

      • Mickey O’Skeleton, county water dye inspector

        Irish-AMERICAN, fool, let those who did not have the brains to leave the island fight it out over colors like those LA gang members. We are talking the correct colors for the season here.

        • KalashniKEV

          OK, ok… pumpkin, orange, Halloween- got it. Just so long as you recognize that the world wears Green on St.Pat’s.

  • Johnny Utah

    Well my swimming pool problems are solved. I just found myself miles and miles of open lanes.

  • brendan

    they did this a couple years ago to Spout Run… looks gross but apparently it’s kosher.

  • Arlington, Northside

    Honestly, when this happens, the building folks ahould alert the non-emergency line that they have done it so as not to waste the Fire Department resources when Joe Q. Public calls in the HazMat spill.

    • Michael H.


    • brendan

      if the people performing the test didn’t alert the emergency call center it’s on them. this is the kind of thing that would hopefully generate calls to 911 re: apparent hazardous material spill. Would be nice if they notified the public ahead of time as well.


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