South Block Smoothie to Add Espresso, Change Menu

by Katie Pyzyk October 26, 2011 at 3:00 pm 2,988 13 Comments

(Updated at 10:35 p.m. on 10/27/11) South Block Smoothie and Wrap Co. (3011 11th St. N.) in Clarendon is adding to its list of offerings.

South Block’s new espresso machine just arrived today (Oct. 26), and the eatery plans on serving coffee drinks brewed with Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso starting in November.

A manager tells ARLnow.com that the staff and atmosphere at the newly opened shop will remain the same, but owner Amir Mostafavi is tweaking the menu. In addition to serving coffee drinks, certain menu items — like Boar’s Head deli meat paninis — will be added.

There’s no specific launch date for the coffee bar and changed menu, but apparently it’s going to happen “sometime before Thanksgiving.”

  • LP

    They look like they do a decent business and I’ve had some of there smoothies and wraps and they’re definitely good!

    Hope the changes work out well for them.

  • Dingo

    What do you mean they “received an espresso machine”? Did it fall from the sky or magically appear?

    • LP

      Received, like you receive a package from FedEx.

      You are the 99%.

  • SDC

    Hope they don’t get rid of the yummy green smoothie! Love this place!!

  • Carla

    Please don’t get rid of the Thai Peanut wrap or the junior sizes – so good!! (Also, it might have been snarky, but JP’s comment made me laugh out loud.)

    • Clarendon

      That’s what I usually get with chicken. I wish they had a really spicy version. Seems more sweet than spicy.

  • Carla

    Or, “LP’s” comment, rather. Long day.

  • Andrew

    Had a burrito there, it was okay, pretty small. Took about 15 minutes to make.

  • R.Griffon

    Love their smoothies and wraps. And the staff are always really nice. This place is definitely in my regular rotation.

    Only black mark was their bacon, egg & cheese bagel. Blech. Really disappointing after I’ve been saying for months that Clarendon needs a good (or ANY) morning bagel place. But I’d still like to try some of those breakfast wraps. Guess I’ll have it with a cup ‘a Joe. 🙂

  • CW

    I don’t know how this place does enough business to keep going. A smoothie here, a wrap there, always someone in there but never packed. The guy keeps rebranding and revamping every week too. Not sure if he’s a perfectionist or if it’s out of desparation.

  • Chris Slatt

    I hope these guys make it – their food is GOOD. Not sure how they’re planning to make it through the winter with so little seating, though. Maybe they’ll start delivering?

  • Tre

    Please keep the Chicken Pesto wrap as well as the Caesar Wrap. That is all.

  • CORRECTION: We are not actually changing our menu…so all your favorites will still be there 🙂 We are however VERY excited to launch our new espresso bar menu and Boars Head brand deli meat paninis!


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