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Update at 4:30 p.m. — South Block just said via Twitter that due to a “slight snag” with the county’s zoning office, it may not open on Wednesday, after all. The Friday giveaways, however, are still on for now.

South Block Smoothie & Burrito Co. (3011 11th Street N.), a new health-oriented eatery in Clarendon, is planning to serve its first customers tomorrow afternoon.

Ladders and power tools still clutter the inside of the store, but work is expected to wrap up in anticipation of tomorrow’s hoped-for 3:00 p.m. opening. South Block offers a variety of fruit smooties, Acai bowls, “wholesome” burritos, soups, as well as other healthy fare like wheatgrass juice, oatmeal and yogurt (Greek or frozen).

South Block will have a more formal introduction to the Clarendon community on Friday, when it gives away free smoothies to the first 200 people in line at 3:00 p.m. Coconut water manufacturer Vita Coco will also be on hand on Friday, offering free samples, according to store management.

As reported in May, the store is owned by Amir Mostafavi, who owns the Campus Fresh store in George Washington University’s Lerner Health & Wellness Center.

Comments (11)

  1. I love Brazilian Style!!!

  2. South Block Smoothie Co AKA “THE COLUMN”…I am curious to see how that space will work, having been watching as they’ve built it out. If more than 3 people want to go there at once, they’re gonna have a problem. Their motto should be “grab your smoothie and get the hell out of here!”

  3. The Melvinator

    You know, I think I’m going to open up a milkshake shop. One with full-fat ice cream, whole milk, and offering add-ins like M&Ms, crushed up Reeses cups, and starlight mints. The words “light,” “low” and “free” will appear nowhere on the menu.

    I will be called the $5 shake place (nod to Pulp Fiction).

    It’s gonna rock . . .

  4. Call it “Carvel”.

  5. Will this place have some indoor seating?

  6. It’s really tiny, hence my above post in jest. There appears to be some, but not much.

  7. Indoor seating is not healthy, it is better to be outside in nature enjoying a shot of wheatgrass.

  8. The sad thing is that I admit I will likely stop in on my way home from the gym on more than one occasion.

  9. Maybe in Southern California (speaking strictly in terms of comfort). But 80% of the time in this part of the country, I’d rather eat inside.

  10. SaveDaveMcKenna

    Sounds like Robek’s will still be easier to get into.

  11. I’m not predicting good things for this place. A healthy burrito? What is that? At a place that serves smoothies? Arggh. I hate it when places can’t settle on an identity.


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