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Ice Cream, Smoothies Coming Soon to Clarendon

by ARLnow.com May 20, 2011 at 8:55 am 5,731 32 Comments

Health nuts and sweet tooths will both have something to celebrate as two new stores prepare to open in Clarendon this summer.

South Block Smoothie & Burrito Co. is telling fans on Facebook that it hopes to open at the corner of 11th and Garfield Streets “around the 4th of July.” The store will offer real fruit smoothies, whole wheat burritos, salad wraps, acai bowls and Pleasant Pops, according to its web site.

South Block is located in a 714-square-foot storefront on the ground floor of the Clarendon Center project’s ‘south block’ building. It’s being launched by Amir Mostafavi, who owns the Campus Fresh store in George Washington University’s Lerner Health & Wellness Center.

A couple of blocks away from South Block’s health-conscious vibe, Larry’s Homemade Ice Cream is planning on opening at 3018 Wilson Boulevard, in the Clarendon Center project’s ‘north block’ building. Signs in the window say Larry’s will open on June 15.

The location is the second for Larry’s Homemade — which currently has a store in Crystal City. Larry’s will offer locally-sourced and produced ice cream, as well as sundaes, shakes, non-fat yogurt, espresso drinks, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, biscotti, muffins, pastries and baklava.

According to its web site, Larry’s 40+ ice cream flavors include exotic options like ginger, green tea, Kahlua, lychee, cardamom, orange chocolate chunk and lemon grass.

  • R.Griffon

    Pinkberry’s coming too, and all this within blocks of Red Mango and the gelato place. I’d say we’re pretty well saturated.

    Why can’t Clarendon get a good bagel place?

  • Westover

    What we really need is a Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor!

    • TGEoA

      What was the name of the ice cream challenge?

      • John Fontain

        The Zoo?

    • Dan

      So are you from Portland ??

      • Westover

        Nope, local since birth. We used to have mulitple Farrell’s in the area. My family frequented the ones at Tysons Corner Center and Bethesda when I was growing up. They were very well run while under Marriot ownership. Hopefully the revival will make it to the east coast and the DC Area! What I would give to bring my kids to a Zoo Party….

  • (another) Greg

    What we really, really need is for Lazy Sundae to come back.

  • Arl bug

    So Clarendon gets these but the pike gets massage parlor….exactly my point. Hope County Board members who live in/near Clarendon enjoy their new stores.

    • Tre

      Massage Envy is opening right next to South Block Smoothie

      • SOARL

        I don’t think Massage Envy advertises itself in the adult services section of craigslist.

        • Southeast Jerome

          I also dont think that children go and get massages. So advertising in the adult services section is quite appropriate. Get your mind out of the gutter.

          • Maria

            Such an optimist.

    • LP

      Arl bug-

      Your comment makes absolutely zero sense. The County Board members don’t decide what type of store goes where, they only approve/deny permits.

      The fact that a massage parlor moved to the Pike is indicative of the neighborhood and clientele in the area.

      • SOARL

        A lot of people are quite upset about it – so I don’t think you can say it’s indicative of the neighborhood.

      • Clarendon

        For the most part, they don’t even hear permits of the type a massage parlor or ice cream shop would need. These are approved by county staff administratively (Building Permits, CoO). We have Hookah, Massage in Clarendon anyway, plus tanning salons, and everything else under the ‘sun’.

      • whiny Arlington Republican

        Didn’t you hear? Everything bad in Arlington is the fault of the County Board. (Everything good is because we’re close to DC.)

        • Deluded ACDC Cheerleader

          And everyone knows that all of the county board members are proof of the Second Coming.
          I am sure that you have noticed the glow emanating from raised portion of the County Board room every meeting !!
          Now if we only have a majority of them left after the impending Rapture we wil have further proof of just how fortunate we are.

          Heck, I have heard that none of them have to use bridges when crossing over into D.C. !!!

  • W

    How about panda express?

    • CrystalMikey

      Gotta roll to S. Arl and P. City for that.

  • DR

    Agree that we need a bagel store. And a good deli.

    • AllenB

      A great bagel place is just several blocks down the road in Courthouse – Brooklyn Bagel.

  • Lacey Forest

    I’m still holding out for a good meat-and-three place.

    • Bluemontsince1961

      Me too!

  • Attura

    Yay Larrys! I dunno about the Burrito Smoothies however……

  • Jennifer

    Arlbug: Does the County decide where to send businesses applying for permits? I thought this is all on the business side.
    I love Columbia Pike, I have no clue why more businesses like this want to jam themselves into an already oversaturated area.

    • Thes

      Jennifer, you must be new to ArlNow.

      If you read comments by frequent contributors. It is an article of faith that all bad things that happen in Arlington are the fault of the County Board, but all good things that happen in Arlington are the result of luck or private action. So, for example, our low crime and unemployment rates are luck. Clarendon, if it is a business success, is solely the result of entrepreneurs, but if it is a cultural failure, it is solely the result of the County Board. Our high bond rating is irrelevant, and our low tax rate doesn’t really exist at all. Awards, as long as they are not given to or by elected officials, are the result of volunteer heroism. The others are cynical sucking up.

      This is why there are “so many” anonymous contributors who here who have become “disaffected Democrats” who are “finally fed up” with the “mismanagement” of our government, which has apparently made Arlington a living hell of liberal waste and affliction for those who drive cars at 90-degree angles.

      I happen to like it just fine here, but that puts me out of step. Perhaps you are also out of step and are one of the Arlingtonians like me who are “too stupid” to realize how badly we are governed.

      • RosRes

        @Thes – +1,000,000,000!!

    • Southeast Jerome

      well thats easy – walk down Wilson blvd and look around, then drive over to the Pike and look around.

  • Arl bug

    Points taken…now consider the considerable efforts of Board members to take credit for revitalizing the pike…trolley, crazy closeness of structures to the street and all….so more than appropriate to say that the County Board should also take credit for the approval of a store that advertises on adult web sites. Cannot have it both ways…as others have noted here.

    Take a stroll through Clarendon vs the area of Columbia Pike about which we are speaking. Businesses attract a clientele through advertising. I highly doubt that whole foods or the sun tan place advertises on the same site as the new massage place…

    • Boom! Roasted

      You keep making it sound like having a massage parlor is a BAD thing.

  • Westover2

    Love live TOBY’S HOMEMADE ICE CREAM in Westover!!!

  • JoeG

    When is Trader Joes opening?


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