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Crews Prepare for Possible October Snowfall

by Katie Pyzyk October 28, 2011 at 3:45 pm 2,894 15 Comments

The “S” word has been on the lips of many in the metro area this week. That’s right, much to the chagrin of many residents, there’s a slight chance we’ll get a rare October snowfall.

Coincidentally, Arlington County started its annual snow training this week. Workers have been hooking up trucks, doing some trial runs and making sure all equipment is ready for the season.

Water, Sewer and Streets Bureau Chief Operating Engineer Dave Hundelt said, “Conveniently we get a random forecast for flurries or light rain/snow and overnight temps right near freezing for this weekend.”

Hundelt says Arlington doesn’t plan on mobilizing its plow or salting teams this weekend because the pavement temperatures will remain well above freezing. That prevents any precipitation from sticking to the ground or causing major driving issues. However, if the forecast changes and conditions worsen, crews could be expected to mobilize.

Currently, Arlington is not included in the winter storm watches or warnings issued by the National Weather Service for many surrounding counties. Although that could change, right now there is only a chance for a light snow shower or a rain/snow mix around here. Due to the uncertainty of the storm, most weather experts are putting the chances of snow on Saturday around 50-50.

Fall snowstorms are worrisome because trees haven’t yet shed all their leaves, making the branches heavy and susceptible to snapping off as a result of accumulation. This traditionally makes autumn snow more dangerous than winter storms.

The last time the metro area experienced a significant snowstorm in October was back on October 10, 1979.

  • Thanks ARLnow. Now there will be gridlock on the way home tonight, no bread or milk in the grocery store, and I won’t find a snow shovel anywhere.

    • novasteve

      Don’t forget toiletpaper!

      • Ugh! I’ll have to use those political mailers that have been piling up in the recycle box.

        • novasteve

          Lucky, I don’t get any of those, I only get those advertisements for condos or overstock.com 7% discounts, which aren’t very soft!

        • Not Even That

          Unfortunately at least ones that I have been receiving wouldn’t even be good for that given their coating……

      • jim

        And diapers.

  • ARLrez

    Let the madness begin!

  • Don Ager

    So the headline is wrong, or not substatiated by the story. Hundelt says they are not planning or preparing to mobilize. What they are doing now is normal training that they would have done no matter the temp.

  • Stoneridge

    Milk, eggs, and bread! Because you really want to eat nothing but French toast for a whole week.

  • Michael H.

    Way too early for snow here. Can we outlaw snow in October and November? Please?

    • STee

      Great idea!!! Maybe one of the candidates could put that in their platform!

  • Rick

    They haven’t even screwed up leaf collection yet! They can’t start with snow prep

  • JimPB

    With yet another drenching underway, might starting to build another ark or arks be the order from on high?

  • Just the Facts

    Several overpasses iced over, including one at N. Glebe Rd. and Old Dominion where two different cars hit the very same light pole within an hour of each other resulting in the neighborhood losing power….sounds like the County should have made it a real snow response, not just practice.

    • Rick

      That would explain my lack of power this morning. Funny it’s within eyeshot of a salt warehouse…


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