Shooting Suspect May Have Been Squatting in Arlington

by ARLnow.com November 14, 2011 at 11:35 am 6,421 26 Comments

A man suspected in a shooting incident near the White House on Friday night might have been squatting in a vacant Arlington home.

Gunfire was heard around 9:30 Friday night on the 1600 block of Constitution Avenue NW, near the White House. According to news reports, a driver was later seen abandoning a car and fleeing across the Memorial Bridge into Arlington. An AK-47 rifle was recovered, according to the Secret Service.

The Highland Park/Overlee Knolls listserv is now abuzz with word that Oscar Ortega, who is wanted by U.S. Park Police for carrying a dangerous weapon in connection with the incident, may have been staying in their neighborhood.

According to an email sent to the listserv on Sunday: “I thought you all might like to know that the police informed my husband and one of our neighbors that they suspect that someone they are seeking in connection with a shooting incident near the White House was squatting in the house on the corner of N. 22nd and Madison that is currently empty and awaiting demolition.”

Spokespersons for Arlington County Police and U.S. Park Police said they were unaware of any investigation in the area. But two residents who spoke to ARLnow.com confirmed that there were at least four police cars parked near the house on Sunday morning.

Oscar Ramiro Ortega is described by police as a 21-year-old Hispanic male with brown eyes, black hair and a medium build. He’s 5’11” and 160 lbs, with tatoos on his right hand, upper back, chest and on the left side of his neck. Police say Ortega has ties to the state of Idaho.

Anyone with additional information is asked to call U.S. Park Police at 202-610-7500 or 202-610-8737.

Photo courtesy U.S. Park Police

  • JamesE

    Someone post the AK-47 chart

    • CW

      Just because you asked.

      Although it said according to the Secret Service, and I’m betting that they know their firearms.

  • Curious

    Where did the picture come from?

    • Smahtahs


      • Rick

        US Park Police

  • Carl

    Looks like we better call Col. Trautman to bring his boy in.

    • Mr. Brown


  • Stew Magnuson

    So I should be on the lookout for a friendly deer AND an AK-47 toting squatter. What a day in the big city.

  • drax

    This guy is living in his own private Idaho.

  • Burger

    I’d be much more concerned about the squatting than anything else.

  • charles

    Oscar’s cute.

    • Tabby

      I was thinking the same thing.

  • charlie

    the community listserves are afire with all sorts of rumors all the time. while i hope this is correct i take all announcements that begin with “someone else” … so the police informed her husband and not her?
    classic transfer or responsibility in a rumor. I heard…

    • Kathleen McElhaney

      FYI: That post to the list serve was mine. My email is associated with the list serve, not my husband’s, hence me posting and not him. And the police told him because he was home at the time and I wasn’t. And yes, this all did happen, not a rumor. The police were in our neighborhood much of the weekend.

  • TMZ

    Sounds like someone who should have been deported, along with millions of others, a long time ago.

    • Non-Native American

      Unless you a Native American, why don’t you set a good example and start by deporting yourself.

      • Walker, T.R.

        Who is a Native American? Everyone immigrated to North and South America. Everyone.

  • jose Tajada

    Clearly, it is Zimmy’s fault.

  • gary

    i told you all the crazy ones end up in arlington! smedly g

  • The Mist

    Is this a positive aspect of affordable housing?

  • Loocy

    Empty houses attract some dangerous characters. A house in my neighborhood sat empty for several months, and it was clear that people were breaking in and using the property. I called the owner (a developer) and the police but nothing ever happened. It’s demolished now, but I was very uncomfortable with the situation.

  • South Awwwlington

    Has anyone noticed a trend in the names appearing in police reports as the perp? Ice Ice baby…

  • Michael H.
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  • Lou

    Damn, they charged him with trying to assassinate the President. Sucks to be him.


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