Police Deliver Pizza, Plaques to Good Samaritans

by ARLnow.com November 15, 2011 at 1:59 pm 4,080 16 Comments

A trio of Good Samaritans were rewarded for their heroic deeds with a fresh pizza delivered by the Arlington County Police Department.

Police officers dropped off the pizza and some commemorative plaques on Friday night as a way to say ‘thank you’ to three men who helped stop a late night attack in Ashton Heights over the summer.

According to police, two of the men were sitting out on their porch, waiting for a pizza delivery around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 14, when they heard a woman scream. The woman, police say, was knocked to the ground by a 25-year-old man after repeatedly rebuffing his unwanted advances. Upon hearing the scream, the men chased down the suspect and held him until police arrived. The third man rushed to the victim to comfort her while awaiting police.

The suspect, Fidencio Gonzalez-Acetun, was arrested and charged with abduction. He’s currently awaiting trial.

During the course of their heroism, the men missed their pizza delivery. As a good-humored recognition of their small sacrifice, police delivered a hot, fresh pizza along with the plaques on Friday.

The men told NBC4 that the gesture “means a lot” to them.

Photo courtesy Arlington County Police Department

  • JamesE

    Unfortunately it was Pizza Hut because the police department could not afford Pete’s.

  • Tabby

    “According to police, two of the men were sitting out on their porch, waiting for a pizza delivery around 2:30 a.m.”

    Yay for pot smokers!

  • DarkHeart

    Mario’s pizza?

  • Burger

    What local pizza place delivers at 2:30am?

    • Clarendon

      Marios delivers until 4AM.

    • North A-Town Snob

      Manny & Olga’s deliver until 3:30 and I think their pizza, subs, etc are much better than Mario’s. As always though, people’s tastes on pizza are very different…though when drunk at 2:30 in the morning anything tastes good.

      And to repeat what others have said, great job by these guys and mad props for stepping up. Too many self-absorbed people these days “wouldn’t want to get involved”. Well deserved recognition.

      • DarkHeart

        M&O website and delivery partner website don’t seem to give you prices unless you first provide your contact information. Boo.

        • North A-Town Snob

          Not sure how much it costs, but when I’ve got the drunken munchies at 2:30am I’ve never much cared!!! I probably would have signed over my house on a few of those nights for a pepperoni pie!!

      • South ArlJD

        Bet that kid in the shower with Sandusky would have preferred these guys happening upon the scene instead of McQueary.

  • JimPB

    Bravo for the three Good Samaritans.

    And there’s a message in this event: Folks who are outside and about in their community can contribute to an important and meaningful sense of community — and make a dent in crime.

  • Bluemontsince1961

    Bravo to these neighborhood heros!

  • Stew Magnuson

    That’s great. Well done. Just read the story in the WP Opinion section last week about the woman in Adams Morgan in DC who was attacked while the partygoers there stood an watched. Nice to get a Good Samaritan story.

  • Kudos to them

    Gratifying to hear about people who did NOT just stand idly by when another person was attacked.

  • jslanger

    Agree with the preceeding “Bravo”s. Glad there are people out there who are willing to help out others…even when it might be dangerous to themselves (luckilly it wasn’t, but you just don’t know).

  • Arlingtonian

    It’s so nice to see a story like this about people looking out for their fellow citizens. Great job guys!!!

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