Make a Food Donation While Riding the Bus

by Katie Pyzyk December 6, 2011 at 3:45 pm 2,894 10 Comments

If you’re looking for a place to donate food during the holiday season, Arlington Transit is making it easy. All you have to do is hop on an ART bus.

Arlington Transit teamed up with the Arlington Food Assistance Center for a food drive that allows riders to leave donations directly on buses. Each ART bus has a box for collecting non-perishable food items. Boxes have also been put in place at Commuter Stores.

All food collected will be sent to the Arlington Food Assistance Center to be distributed to local residents in need. During an average week, AFAC serves about 2,000 adults and 1,000 children.

As of November 29, Arlington Transit reported 160 items had been donated. The food drive runs through Friday, December 16. If you’d like to donate but aren’t sure what to give, there’s a list of suggested items on the Arlington Transit website.

  • novasteve

    While it’s a nobel idea to donate, collecting on busses is a VERY BAD idea because the items will have mass, and a bus is a moving object, and if there is an accident, or a sudden stop, and the items go flying, people will get hurt, and sue. Please put these collection spots elsewhere.

    • Swag

      Yeah. If only someone could invent a sort of container to put these donations in…some kind of box or something…

  • JimPB

    Brovo for ATT.

    I don’t know about ART, but Montgomery County’s Ride-on has had a similar food collection … with contributions going into a secured container behind the driver’s seat.

    And I’ll bet that an analysis would reveal more danger in an accident from the absence of seat belts for seated passengers and even more when passengers are standing.

    • novasteve

      People don’t tend to go flying like metallic objects can, a person can grab something, a can cannot. When the JFK Skytrain was getting ready to open, they had objects in the train to similate the weight of people, the train had an accident, and the objects flew and killed the driver of the train.

  • shirley

    i’m sorry, but can we possibly just do what we are supposed to do and nothing else?
    drive the bus. period.

    • AllenB

      Where does it say that the bus driver is doing anything other than driving the bus?

      • CrystalMikey

        Exactly, it’s usually a box you put the donated goods in. It’s not like you’re handing a can to the driver.

  • Rick

    Passengers for the 53 line! Finally!

  • Rory

    A sick passenger through up in one of those things one evening.

    That is the only time I ever saw anyone put anything in one of those bins, or even notice them.

  • can the cans

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