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by ARLnow.com December 14, 2011 at 9:04 am 2,848 24 Comments

Circuit Court Judge to Retire — Arlington Circuit Court Judge Joanne F. Alper, the first woman appointed to the Arlington Circuit Court, has announced her retirement. Alper plans to retire on May 31, 2012, after serving on the circuit court since 1998. “Judge Alper developed a reputation as a tough, fair, hard-working Trial Judge,” the Clerk of the Circuit Court’s office said in a press release. “She enjoys complex litigation, challenging legal issues, and is known as a champion for Victim’s Rights.”

Adios, Artisphere Salsa Tuesdays? — Tonight may mark the end of Salsa Tuesdays at Artisphere, one of the few regularly-scheduled features of the financially-challenged arts facility in Rosslyn. Artisphere’s new business plan calls for the facility to be closed to the public on Tuesdays. Salsa dancing at Artisphere may return, however, on different days. [Washington City Paper]

BikeArlington Distributes 1,000+ Lights — The county’s BikeArlington initiative has distributed more than 1,000 sets of free bike lights over the course of three giveaway events. The giveaways were held on trails in Rosslyn, on Columbia Pike, and at the intersection of the W&OD and Custis trails. [CommuterPage Blog]

Yorktown Grad Wins Writing Contest — Bryce Wilson Stuckie, a member of Yorktown High School’s Class of 2004 and a recent Virginia Tech grad, has been named one of the two winners of The Nation’s sixth annual Student Writing Contest. Stuckie wrote a heart-wrenching and thought-provoking 800-word essay about the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting massacre.

  • Clarendon

    There was a van filming license plates of cars getting on I-66 West at the Lee Highway (exit 72) on ramp, any ideas on what this was for?

    • Voice of Reason

      Collecting footage for a Philip Glass movie?

  • ARLahora

    Any juicy details about the prostituition ring bust?


  • Roquer

    Judge Alper has been one of Arlington’s best judges. She is knowledgable and fair. The police and prosecution need to have good cases to win. The defense needs to rely on more than the emotion of the day to win. I wish Judge Alper a well retirement. I shall miss her. Her gain is a loss for the citizens in Arlington.
    Roger Estes
    ACPD #497

  • justaguyinnova

    Giving away the lights is great. I think the next campaign should give away bike bells and to educate people on using them. I also believe there should be a concentrated effort to educate the non-english speaking members of our community on bike bell usage and passing on the right.

    • bobco85

      I agree with every word you said, except for the “…passing on the right” part. You should only pass people on the left, whether it be on the trail, sidewalk, bike lane, road, etc., and if you are about to be passed you should move to the right to make it easier for the passer.

      • cyclist

        And you should stay on the right in the first place too. That includes you, joggers.

        • Bruce

          Actually, cyclists need to slow down to deal with the human and canine unpredictabilities. It is, after all, a MULTI-use trail. My dog is well-trained and sticks with me on my runs; it’s not my fault if you kick at it and it chases after you in response.

          • cyclist

            Um, okay, but what’s that have to do with staying to the right?

            And I’ve never kicked a dog. If one gives me a reason to I will though. Are you saying that random cyclists, passing you as you run on the right with your dog heeled by your side, just randomly kick it for fun?

          • bobco85

            I think Bruce’s comment was a reaction to your confrontational comment since you called on a specific group of people (joggers). I don’t know where the charges of cyclists kicking dogs came from, but your comment was a catalyst for him to state it.

          • cyclist

            Sure, but it had nothing to do with my complaint about joggers running on the wrong side of the road or trail. Sure, cyclists should slow down and not kick dogs, but what’s that got to do with running on the wrong side of the trail?

          • Bruce

            My dog is trying to get its exercise, so sometimes it’s going to cut in front of a cyclist as it sees a squirrel or investigates a place to poop or something. I deal with it, say “sorry” to the other cyclist or jogger, laugh when they fuss that my dog should be on a leash, and move on. But only cyclists try to kick my dog because they’re so focused on their “time trial”.

            If my dog runs into a jogger, nothing is going to happen. But a cyclist can really cause an injury to my dog, so that’s what I mean when I talk about cyclists kicking dogs rather than slowing down and recognizing the trails are for EVERYONE.

          • South Arlington

            Your dog SHOULD be on a leash! Take responsibility, take care of your dog’s well being, and follow the law!

          • Greg

            There’s something ironic about Bruce saying the trails are for everyone while at the same time laughing about how his dog isn’t on a leash.

          • bobco85

            From the Arlington County website (part of Section 2.6 of the county code): “All dogs shall be kept secured by a leash or lead, and under the control of the owner or other responsible person, or within the real property limits of its owners.”

            What Bruce is doing by running on the trails with his dog unleashed is irresponsible and illegal.

            I would only kick a dog from my bike if I thought it were trying to bite me. That said, I have never had that sort of experience on the trails around Arlington.

          • Josh S

            Bruce, your credibility disappeared the moment you indicated that you laugh about having your dog off its leash on a bike trail. Eff your dog, a collision between dog and cyclist could also result in serious injuries for the cyclist. Who would be at fault? You.

          • charlie

            people who are scared to death of dogs would be appreciative if you would control your dog. if it comes at me I will kick it kick and kick it until i no longer feel threatened. and if you are at the end of the leash and come towards me, i will kick kick and kick you too.
            and that will be the case if I’m biking, walking or skateboarding on the trail.
            you f-ing arrogant dog owners who think the whole county is your playground and potty.
            keep your dog on your property just like I keep my pets on mine.

    • Zoning Victim

      Funny, if a car doesn’t have a light, they give them a ticket. Maybe they should pull them over and change it for them for free. I wonder what the average cost of the bikes that they give lights away to is; from what I see people riding around here, it’s probably in the $1,500 range. I would assume they could afford to purchase their own light.

  • Just the Facts

    Why does the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court feel the Need to Capitalize random words in Its press Release?

    • Spell Check

      That is a Very good Question.

    • drax

      There is a wave of capitalization sweeping the nation. It’s weird. People think “Trial Judge” and “Victim’s Rights” are proper names or something.

  • Rick

    I went to high school with Bryce, congrats to him. Smart guy.

  • charlie

    does the Artisphere have a dance hall permit, as required by businesses that allow dancing (which is why none do)?

  • KalashniKEV

    I read, “Adios, Artisphere…” and got excited!


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