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by ARLnow.com December 27, 2011 at 9:05 am 2,574 51 Comments

Gingrich Doesn’t Make Cut for Va. GOP Ballot — Despite a last-minute push for signatures, Republican presidential candidate Next Gingrich failed to get enough valid signatures to make it on the Republican primary ballot in Virginia. Texas Governor Rick Perry also fell short of making it on the ballot. [Bloomberg]

Dominion Hills Gets Historical Designation — The Virginia Department of Historical Resources has added the Arlington neighborhood of Dominion Hills to its register of historic places. [News Leader]

Cheesetique Now Open — The new Shirlington location of Alexandria-based wine and cheese store Cheesetique is now open. The store opened its doors to the public for the first time on Monday. [Shirlington Village Blog]

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  • Pablo

    An extra laugh the next time Newt and Perry call Obama incompetent.



    • Arlwhenver

      Six trillion dollars in debt over four years without a hint of a plan to reverse course and the weakest economic recovery in more than a century is the height of irresponsibility and failed governance. When Gingrich led the House of Representatives he negotiated balanced budgets, surpluses followed and the economy blossomed. Obama’s supporters play small ball, purveying hallway rumour and playing student council games; on the significant issues of our day Obama and friends are destroyiing are country and robbing us of our future.

      • I’m no fan of Gingrich, but you could not have characterized the Obama administration and supporters any better.

      • John Fontain

        I had no idea that the president had unilateral spending ability nor that he was the primary catalyst for our country’s GDP.

        • Arlwhenver

          The Federal budget process begins (with the submission of the President’s budget) and ends (via signature) with the President (with hundreds of opportunities for press conferences, speeches and negotiations in between).

          As for Congress’ role in the financial mess, I’ll admit that Jim Moran, and Jim Webb and Mark Warner are complicit as well. When’s the last time that Jim Moran was out front advocating for any expenditure cut? And it’s been years since the Democratic controlled Senate has passed a budget — tell me how is that a mark of responsibility and competence?

          As far as economic growth, look at what Ronald Reagan empowered the private sector to accomplish in the aftermath of a recession that was almost equally severe as the recession that Obama continually whines that he inherited; at this stage in Regan’s first term jobs growth was up by hundreds of thousands month after month and GDP growth was nudging ten percent; effective leadership and sound economic and regulatory policies make a huge difference.

          • Boom! Roasted

            Save some of the Kool-Aid for the whales

          • plus

            and the ability to raise the debt ceitling multiple times without a standoff. and the ability to raise taxes on the wealthy multiple times…..

          • Arlwhenver

            Through tax reform, broaden the base proposals in his second term Reagan raised just about everyone’s taxes and maintained a strong economy. Essentially all 2012 Republican presidential candidates are supporting something similar.

            Reagan negotiated with the Democratic leadership in Congress, personally and substantially on a continuous basis. He didn’t wait 2 and one-half years and losing a mid-term election to meet collegially with the Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neil. That ain’t Kool Aid, that’s fact.

            Reality, if you choose to deal with it, is taxing every penny away that the rich has (which is a financial and economic possibility by the way because asset prices would plummet on announcement of the necessary liquidations) wouldn’t fund Barack Obama’s 2011 deficity, much less put a dent in the stream of trillion dollar plus deficits he proposed for the future in his last President’s budget.

          • Pablo

            Saint Ronnie–raised taxes and never balanced a federal budget. As the man himself said: “Facts are stupid things.”

          • Arlwhenver

            Managing federal deficits down to 2 or 3 percent of GDP is not ideal by any means, but it is sustainable, whereas Barack Obama is managing the Federal fiscal house into a disastrous downward spiral.

          • Vik

            If you like reality so much, you should acknowledge that the Laffer Curve has its limits, a fact that the Republicans of today will never ever admit. You’ve spouted so much crap already about Reagan, try reading this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reaganomics

            You should admit that the GOP has been no better; not even your beloved Ronald Reagan. Anyone can run up a credit card making things seem great and then pass it on to the next generation to deal with. That’s all the GOP and Democrats have been doing, except the GOP doesn’t really care to help people; they just want to help the corporate class. Ironically, all this garbage about spending goes out the window when dealing with defense spending.

      • charlie

        and yet he is so brilliant he couldn’t get enough petitions to be on the Virginia ballot — the state that decided the 2008 race.

        now that is what I call a FAILED promise.

      • BoredHouseWife

        people still believe there is a difference between politicians?

        • NoVapologist


        • Bluemontsince1961

          +10, BoredHouseWife!

  • jimPB

    Are there implications for Dominion Hills in the historical designation, e.g., restrictions on changes in homes?

    • I against I

      Sorry, you can build your McMansion in Dominion Hills.

    • John

      Only Maywood and Fairlington have restrictions.

  • Eclipse Resident

    Since you’re reporting business openings, Hee Been in Potomac Yard is now open. Food looked good! The businesses in that building need all the help they can get.

    • Tre

      I’ve always wondered if the Eclipse suffered from DCA noise pollution… is this the case?

      • Aaron

        Airport noise seems like it would be much less of a problem than being downwind of 4 Mile Run and the water treatment plant.

  • soarlslacker

    If you run an organization that is not competent enough to get you on the ballot, then perhaps the job which you seek is beyond your capabilities. Perhaps some candidates were in touch with the righteous right 20 years ago, but as is often asked…what have you done lately?
    Most folks announce their candidacy and then do NOT take a 2 week vacation outside of the country. Despite the utter ill-informed CRAP I read here about Obama, at least he vacations in the US.
    Many would find it hard to support a person who is on their 3rd spouse. It appears that this type of person makes commitments and does not keep them. They lie and they cheat too? Those are not characteristics that many admire.

    • Bill Clinton

      I did NOT have – wait – yes, I did. Guilty on both counts. But liars and cheaters can make great leaders. . .

      • charlie

        yeah but you did that AFTER you were elected.
        Don’t expect us to forgive if it is BEFORE you are elected President.

        • Ha ha…. so it is ok to lie and cheat when you are President? (eyes roll back into head).

          If you are a politician, you are a liar and cheater. Find one of them that has told everyone the truth all the time, or not tried to weasel their way into or through something to their benefit.

          • AllenB

            It’s interesting how some do not want to go back just 3 years to the failed policies of Bush that have caused the mess we’re in but are more than eager to go back 15 years to Clinton’s transgressions. A bit hypocritical.

          • I’m responding to a comment about Clinton, and questioning whether the commenter thinks it is ok to to lie and cheat when a person is President. So, if the comment was about Clinton, WHY would I bring up anybody else (i.e. Bush) unless I had an agenda? Oh, wait, that’s what you did…..

          • AllenB

            Sorry, used your specific post to make a general point. The righties still use Clinton as their boogie man yet get up in arms when anyone points out the problems Bush the Ignorant caused. {Pats OB on head and says “Good Boy”}

          • Judge Knot

            AllenB, you have to be the most condescending regular poster on here. Why are so bitter AllenB?

          • Judge Knot: He’s a full-of-himself left-wing extremist who has to make his point when he can and belittle those who don’t agree with his agenda fully.

            I have problems with Clinton, but not for getting a Lewinsky. I do have a problem with any President, regardless of political color, talking to the people and not telling the truth intentionaly. I wasn’t even trying to defend Bush, and he wasn’t even in the converstation until AllenB brought him up. There realy wasn’t any reason to bring him up other than to defend the left by attacking the right. What about those in the middle? They get patted on the head and told they are a good boy.

          • AllenB

            JK – It’s easy to be condescending when some of the views expressed here are based on nothing but someone’s imagination.

            And please don’t mistake my condescension with bitterness. I am quite happy in the knowledge that many of the views here are far outside the mainstream and of no value whatsoever.

            {Gives JK a cookie}

          • Judge Knot

            AllenB, I doubt you are really happy that many people around do not always agree with you and tell you that you are right. Otherwise you would not feel so compelled to be condescending towards them.

            It’s actually a classic case study.

          • AllenB

            Actually, what’s really interesting (and by interesting I mean pathetic) is that you think you can tell from someone’s online postings what they are like in real life.

            Now that is a case study – self important man/woman, reads some postings and is confident they can read that person like a book. But really, go on, tell me more about me. {looks mockingly at JK with a smirk of satisfaction}.

          • Judge Knot

            It’s not about me AllenB. I have nothing to tell you about yourself.

          • AllenB

            That’s interesting JK, because in the post right above this you were trying to tell me things about myself. I’ll accept your last post as representative of your utter failure on this topic. Next.

          • Judge Knot

            I was merely commenting on the way you portray yourself on this forum. Maybe you are a great guy in “real life”, but you certainly act differently on this forum. That in and of itself would be something you should ponder.

          • charlie

            No, of course it isn’t.
            the difference is that one of them wants to be President and has no morals, other than those he wants to impose on others. the other was already President and there was little we could do about it at that point.

          • Charlie, I’d agree. Why elect a demonstrated liar and cheater? I wouldn’t and don’t plan to cast my vote there. But, I would disagree that it is ok to lie and cheat once in office. There is something that can be done. It was done to Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, and Nixon would have been had he not resigned. Unfortunately, the political extremists and the political system get in the way of really bringing some morality to politicians.

    • Arlwhenver

      Like him or not, by most objective measures, Rick Perry has managed the State of Texas well for a decade. Yet he too failed to navigate the byzantine rules and the double standard counting procedures.

      Romney’s petition signatures were never reviewed of validated, whlie Gingrich and Perry’s petitions were challenged and in many cases, disqualified, line by line. If the Gingrich/Perry process that was applied by Bill Bolling’s RPV had been applied to all, likely no one would have qualified for the ballot.

      • As a former Texan I can say that Gov. Good Hair had almost nothing to do with the health of his state’s economy. The Texas governor is one of the weakest in the country – it’s actually better to be lieutenant governor and president of the state senate because he controls the legislative agenda. Also, he has no control over the state’s two most powerful economic factors: the price of oil and its military installations.

        Perry runs a pay-to-play administration and is generally considered dumber than a box of hammers.

        • Arlwhenver

          As a former resident of Texas I guess you didn’t know (as reported by the Dallas Fed) that

          “the high-tech, oil and gas, and air transportation industries are the largest employers in Texas, confirming their importance to the state’s economic base.”


          “Computers, telecommunication services, semiconductors and air transportation firms now have a larger presence in Texas than in the nation.”

          I guess one out of four ain’t so bad for a fellow who relies on prior resident status rather than actual data to make a point.

          • Aaron

            You could also remind him that Rick Perry WAS the lieutenant governor, back when liberals whined that Bush didn’t deserve any credit for the Texas economy because the Texas governorship is one of the weakest in the country and all the power rests with the lieutenant governor.

      • annie

        If you reach the magic number of 15,000 signatures, then it is presumed that 10,000 of them will be valid. Nobody would have reviewed? Newt’s signatures if he had managed to read the rules book and collected an additional 4’0000 or so

  • Vik

    Gingrich is an ego-maniac. He gets what he deserves for being complacent and unwilling to be more humble and hands-on w/ respect to campaigning. I don’t even know if I’m convinced he wants to be the president. It’s a shame that all of the current GOP establishment frontrunners are among the most slimy and dishonest policians that I’ve seen.

    • jan

      I think he entered the campaign as a publicity move to add to his net worth by generating sales and speeches. Until very recently, while he gave campaign speeches, his wife had a table off to the side where she sold his products.

      Now, I don’t know. His ego may have been boosted to the extent that he is now actually entertaining the idea of President.

      • Vik

        It wouldn’t surprise me if that’s the case, but I still lean towards thinking that at the end of the day, he doesn’t really want to be the president day in and day out for four years with all that pressure, attention, and scrutiny. I think w/ a good performance in these primaries, he can raise his rates for the speeches he’s been doing where he just presents various ideas to different problems we have.

        I think what some hope for is that Gingrich completes his little press tour while keeping Romney away from the spotlight for awhile so Romney can skate into the nomination relatively easy.

    • charlie

      running for office is a business. Gingrich is doing it to stay relevant — either as a president or as an insider. look at Sarah-what’s-her-face she is totally doing it for the money. Her net worth is probably 10x what it was from when she started. sigh.

      • jan

        We have a new expression, thanks to Charlie: pulling a Sarah Palin.

        I like it

  • CrystalMikey

    LOL @ the GOP.

  • Eclipse Resident

    Since you’re reporting business openings, Hee Been in the Eclipse in Potomac Yard is now open. Businesses in that area need all the help they can get!


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