Window Broken During Fight at Bob & Edith’s Diner

by ARLnow.com January 4, 2012 at 11:30 am 6,412 42 Comments

An early morning fight resulted in a broken door, a broken window and two arrests at Bob & Edith’s Diner on Columbia Pike over the weekend.

Police say Zachary Szabo, 23, assaulted Jamel Toms, 26, inside the restaurant around 3:30 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 31. Toms then “became disorderly, broke the restaurant door, and threw a glass sugar container at a plate glass window, shattering it,” according to the daily Arlington County police report.

Toms, of Alexandria, was charged with “Releasing a Missile Into an Occupied Dwelling” and two felony counts of Destruction of Property. He was held on a $10,000 bond.

Szabo, of Woodbridge, was charged with Assault and Battery. He was held without bond.

The damage to the restaurant was still visible as of yesterday evening.

  • Plunkitt of Claendon Blvd

    Alcohol ………

    • Tabs

      You think?

    • Grateful


      • Tabs

        It’s unreasonably large at B&E’s.

        • Dwigt

          Yeah, it is not served exactly the way I prefer it, but at least it is there.

          • Tabs

            As my grandma used to say, it’s whatever’s left of the pig. What’s not to love?

          • Nooner

            Everything but the oink!

          • J. Stock

            I had my fill of scrapple by the time I was 7 years old in Allentown, PA.

      • Dwigt

        I am glad they are one of the few places around here that serves it.

      • Plunkitt of Claendon Blvd

        Fermented scrapple…..makes you meaner than a junkyard dog.

  • charlie

    historic glass. impossible to replace.

  • Richard Cranium

    A lot of the words in the phrase “Releasing a missile into an occupied dwelling” don’t seem to fit this situation . . .

    • Dwigt

      Who lives there?

      • CrystalMikey

        Bob & Edith

    • bobco85

      Those words make it seem like an enemy combatant did it.

      • CW

        Can that get your locked up indefinitely?

      • OX4

        Bob and Edith now get federal subsidized loans to purchase their own drone.

    • Good Grief

      If you throw/launch anything in Arlington (or VA for that matter), you’ll prob get that charge. Same with snow balls at cars – just an FYI

      • CW

        Maybe a good way to deal with the crossfitters and their wall balls on the sidewalk out front?

        • Steamboat Willie


      • Richard Cranium

        If you throw snowballs at cars you’ll get charged with releasing a missile into an occupied dwelling? Good lord, man – where do you like to drive???

  • ArLater

    So if someone were to actually fire a missle into the building they would get the same charge as a guy who threw a sugar container through a window? Amazing….

    • yards555

      This made me laugh so hard…

  • DarkHeart

    Just blocks from where that BMW blowed up real good.

  • Rob G

    @Cranium If your faux last name was supposed to indicate your intellectual capacity, your comment certainly contradicts it. A missile is standard legal language for any object that is used as a projectile during a criminal act.

    @Plunkitt Alcohol is a poor excuse. I’m sure Jamel is probably as much of a jerkoff sober as he is drunk. Sounds like Zachary just wasn’t up to the task of teaching this kid a lesson.

    • Tabs

      “Sounds like Zachary just wasn’t up to the task of teaching this kid a lesson.”


    • bobco85

      I think Mr. Cranium was just joking at the fact that the words “Releasing a missile into an occupied dwelling” could easily be understood for a militant “firing a rocket into a building” as in this case of a drunk guy “throwing a glass sugar container at a window of a restaurant with people in it.” I mean this in a colloquial sense, not a legal sense.

      • Richard Cranium

        Only waiters and arresting officers call me Mr. Cranium. You may feel free to refer to me as Mr. D*** Head.

        • HughJassPhD

          It’s a shame you have to spell these things out for some people.

          • OMG OMG OMG

            true dat.

    • Richard Cranium

      @Rob – Your challenging my intellectual capacity while simultaneously failing to grasp the significance (albeit sophomoric) of my ‘nym is, um, ironic to say the least. Just sayin’.

      Also, “into” usually means from the outside – did this guy carry the sugar outside and throw it back in?

      “Occupied dwelling” usually means a structure occupied by people who live there; that is (colloquially), a residential structure. Do B&E actually live there?

      It just seemed to me that something like “intentional destruction of private property” would have fit the situation better. That’s all.

      • Tabs

        Maybe it just means occupied by people at the time.

      • Zoning Victim

        “It just seemed to me that something like “intentional destruction of private property” would have fit the situation better.”

        Oh, but they did charge him with that and the missile thing, too. You see, this is the new age of “lockem-up,” where you charge people with everything under the sun when they’re really only guilty of going berserk after being assaulted and destroying some property in a rage. That way, they’re looking at doing so much time they’ll accept nearly any plea deal you throw their way instead of facing multiple years of incarceration if they are convicted on all of the counts you’ve thrown at them. And that, folks, is how you end up being the nation with the largest prison population despite being far from the largest country and having 44% more people in our the prison population than China does despite having one fourth of China’s population. USA – land of the free, eh?

        • Marc

          China would have a larger prison population if they didn’t kill off so many of their prisoners.

          • Lee-n-Glebe

            Or if you didn’t believe a single number published by the Chinese Government. Which I don’t. On anything. Population, economics, employment, incarceration.

  • JohnB

    What’s up with the people from hoodbridge causing trouble?

    • Josh S

      Yeah, time to set up a check-point on the Glebe Rd north exit from 395N. We can check for Woodbridge residents and send em back where they came from…..

  • charles

    B&E’s food is not worth fighting over, really.

    • Josh S

      And I always feel like I need to scrub like a surgeon after sitting at one of their booths. I really don’t see how this is such a popular spot…..

  • Max

    Anyone know their legal status? They’re probably here legally, but since it was asked about the fight in the post yesterday, I assume it would make sense to ask it here.

    • Tabs

      Bob and Edith?

    • SS3345

      You beat me to it!


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