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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com January 16, 2012 at 9:00 am 3,076 45 Comments

MLK Day in Arlington — Arlington County government offices, libraries, and schools will be closed today in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. See the full list of closures here. ARLnow.com will return for a full day of news coverage on Tuesday.

GGW Endorses Bondi — The influential local blog Greater Greater Washington has endorsed Melissa Bondi in the upcoming Democratic caucus for Arlington County Board. GGW said Bondi’s “experience, openness to citizen input and dedication to smart urban development” outweighs her recent “tax controversies.” [Greater Greater Washington]

Wardian Runs Two Marathons in Two Days — Local marathoner Michael Wardian didn’t qualify for the 2012 London Olympics, but he did manage to run two marathons in two days, attracting some media attention in the process. [Houston Chronicle]

Tattoo Convention Comes to Crystal City — The Crystal Gateway Marriott in Crystal City hosted the second annual D.C. Tattoo Expo over the weekend. Organizers expected the event to attract about 10,000 tattoo aficionados. [Washington Post]

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  • TGEoA

    GGW might be preachy and outspoken, but influential? The majority of the candidates they endorse lose in dramatic fashion.

    • GT

      Or in the case of the woman who wanted to challenge Jack Evans, they pull out of the campaign because politics are too hard.

      But he did endorse the current DC mayor. But look how that is turning out though!

    • FedUp

      You’ve convinced me TGEoA. Bondi it is!

  • truth be told

    I wonder how many more tramp stamps were issued over the weekend?

  • Valerie

    No controversy, Bondi did not pay her taxes.

    • FedUp


    • Abe Froman

      I wonder if Gary Hart would have gotten away with his Donna Rice dalliance in this day and age. Zoe Baird anyone?

    • Laverie

      Wow, how do you know that? Could it be possible that there is a mistake?

      • Laverie

        Meaning how do you know that the IRS hasn’t made an error?

        • jack

          Sure, that’s it.

          • drax

            The government never makes mistakes and should never be questioned!

            (Not that I support Bondi).

          • jack

            I’m just saying (as others have said below) that a she had to have received multiple notices about this. A lien is not the first move of the IRS. By all means, question the IRS all you want, but Bondi has three separate incidents of being delinquent on taxes. I doubt the government is targeting her unfairly.

    • FedUp

      Thanks Valrie. If you’re not for Bondi, then she gets my vote!

  • TGEoA

    John Lennon on the left, Paul McCartney on the right.

    Willie Nelson in the middle!

  • charlie

    does anyone actually read GGW? I read it on occassion and ask others and they are like, “uh, what?”

    • Statsmon

      It has traffic comparable to this site, according to web stats.

      • charlie

        ok. but it is GGW, not just little Arlington.
        So proportionately, um, that sucks. Or ARLNOW is just amazing.
        but both are probably true.

        • CW

          I used to read GGW but then it starting boring me to tears. The content is split between quasi-relevant news (metro bought some new buses), urban planning fantasies (what if we redid all the streets in rosslyn with a focus on bike traffic?!!!), and trivialities (man upset over misuse of the term “curb cut” at recent planning board meeting). It just got to be too much. It also bothered me that so much of it was speculation and planning and proposals that I could hardly discern the real news and facts from all the commentary (Is the H street streetcar ever going to run? Or was that just someone’s urban planning class project?).

  • Paco Wellington III

    Job Announcement: Run a $1 Billion Operation

    Qualifications: College flunk-out, personal finances disaster, tax cheat, extended periods of unemployment.

    Others with real qualifications will be considered.

  • Carly

    Can someone please gentrify Crystal City and get rid of the tattoo/rap/motorcycle conventions.

    • TGEoA

      What about the nerds?

    • charlie

      Surely you don’t Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend?

      • Cold Buns

        It was a blast this year. Tho the freezing temps wreaked havoc with my metal nipple clamps.

      • Westover Leftover

        Can’t get to the link at work, something about the link they don’t like?

  • Michael H.

    GGW has interesting posts about local transportation issues. But I think they should avoid the political endorsements. That doesn’t really fit with the rest of the website.

  • novasteve

    What is wrong with this country? Influentual and blog are used in the same sentence now? Might as well care about what the people on Jersey shore think should be endorsed. My lor.d

  • novasteve

    if I wanted to do a study on STDs, I would certainly do research on the attendees of the tattoo convention.

    • charlie

      personal knowledge i assume.

    • hmm…

      gee, steve, what happened to that tolerance you’re always preaching about?

    • Stick me

      Sterile Tattoo Devices?

    • drax

      They all drive automatics too!

  • Real Arlingtonian

    It is most generous of GGW to state that Bondi’s tax issues do not negate her qualifications or experience. What is at question to the voters is her judgement and her character. The IRS and courts do not issue liens without due process. Failure to open dozens of IRS warning letters over a six year period is not grounds for claiming to be unaware of an issue.

    • FedUp

      “The IRS and courts do not issue liens without due process.” Awesome critical thinking Real Arlingtonian (I kid of course). As apparnetly a “fake Arlingtonin” I think I’ll go with Bondi.

  • Smells Funny

    Anyone else notice that GGW also endorsed Chris Zimmerman in 2010? They did not endorse Mary Hynes or Walter Tejada in 2011. Now they endorse Melissa Bondi in a party caucus? They even make an excuse o overlook the current allegations against her. They need to stick to smart growth reporting and leave the political endorsements to those qualified to do so.

    • charlie

      Bondi is in cahoots with the supposed smart-growth crowd that is really anti-growth. They have an obligation to support one another even when they know the person is a crook. don’t want no chinks in that armor of their little club, y’know.

      • drax

        So the smart growth crowd has stopped growth in Arlington? Yeah, that’s about the dumbest comment in a long time.

      • FedUp

        Thanks Charlie! Now I know I need to vote for Bondi.

        • GT

          You sound like the type who already had their mind made up. Why do I think you might just be trolling?

          • FedUp

            I don’t know. Why do you think that. Actually, my reasoning is that I really do not respect the opinuion of many of the sanrky people on this site. They generally seem to dislke everything about Arlington and the direction it’s moving. AnNd little other than moan, compIain and deride. I happen to love Arlington and the majority of changes and developments (and yes I have been here for 15 years so I have seen them with own 2 eyes). Plus I happpen to think Zimmy (as everyone likes to refer to him as) is doing an exemplary job. Ergo if the snarks hate Bondi so much then she muct be in favor of the direction that Arlington is moving in and so I will liekly want to vote for her.

  • MC

    I did like how the GGW article quoted Garvey as being against “runaway development.” The field of Democratic candidates has become indistinguishable from the Green Party now, with a clear anti-development, anti-renewal emphasis.

  • Joe hoya

    Is it wrong that every time I see GGW, I think it’s referring to Girls Gone Wild? (And, if they endorsed Bondi, I’d have to give serious consideration to voting for her.)

    • ArlingtonNative

      Joe – Seriously!?
      “Bondi Gone Wild”
      The thought of those images turns my stomach!

  • FedUp

    If this many ARLnow snarks dislike Bondi, that’s enough for me to give her my vote!

    • jack

      You’ve said that five times in this thread, but unfortunately you only get to vote once.

      • FedUp

        Darn. Now that is unfair! ;)-


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