Plea Expected in County Fair Embezzlement Case

by ARLnow.com January 24, 2012 at 9:30 am 4,196 17 Comments

A plea is expected in the case of a former county employee accused of embezzling thousands of dollars from the Arlington County Fair.

Denise Marshall Roller, 48, is facing 11 felony charges including embezzlement, forgery and conducting unlawful financial transactions. The Fredericksburg, Va. resident worked as the fair’s event manager between 2005 and 2011, under a Memorandum of Understanding between Arlington County (her employer) and the nonprofit that runs the fair.

According to court records, Marshall Roller is expected to enter a plea in Arlington County Circuit Court on Tuesday, Jan. 31. She was indicted by a grand jury in September and was originally slated to stand trial on Monday, Jan. 23.

Photo courtesy Arlington County Sheriff’s Office

  • WinMan

    Is that my old P.E. teacher?

  • TG3oA


  • E

    i would not hit that..

  • Tabs

    I guess she didn’t spend it on plastic surgery.

  • Butler amusements

    All in funnel cakes.

  • bender

    May she rot…

  • Clarenhood


  • bender


  • thecharlesriver

    See what happens when Arlington County hires people from Fredericksburg? Hire your own!

  • thecharlesriver

    Typical phony Northern Virginian. She even has a phony half-ass smile on her face while she’s being booked!

  • Renee Sullivan

    Glad I am not from Arlington County or Northern Virginia. All of you who are commenting seem like a very nasty bunch and of course you must all be perfect.

    • thecharlesriver

      But of course you’re just a peach!

    • thecharlesriver

      There are plenty of innocent victims out there who need defending. No need to feign your concern by coming here and trying to defend someone who embezzled money from a county fair for 6 years.

    • Crystal M.

      I agree Renee; I’m amazed at how nasty people can be. What’s with the hatred of Northern Virginians? Some of you have some issues….

      I happen to know who this person is, and I believe that the crime for which she is being tried was recently committed (not for the whole time she was doing the job) and most likely coincided with recent serious health and family issues. Who knows what drove her to do this? Whatever it was does not excuse her crime and I she must be responsible for her actions, but I think the lack of compassion for a troubled soul is disturbing and the disregard of “innocent until proven guilty” is alarming.

  • Renee Sullivan

    Oh, I am not a peach but I am not mean. Thank you, Crystal for your kindness. This individual has had serious health concerns and serious issues in her recent past. Though we may not condone her actions we can try to have compassion for her during this time.

  • thecharlesriver

    This is an online commentary board. It’s expected that there will be certain comments (ie about a person’s physical appearance etc) that will be in bad taste. But your outrage is really over the top. People generally don’t have compassion for thieves, that’s just reality. And the article doesn’t say anything about personal problems….although people are also pretty tired of excuses for bad behavior. Do I like the comments like “may she rot” and comments about her physical appearance? No…..but that’s the nature of an online news commentary. By the way, all criminals have some kind of personal issues.


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