Major Track Work Planned on Blue, Orange Lines

by ARLnow.com January 31, 2012 at 10:00 am 4,435 20 Comments

The Rosslyn and Arlington Cemetery Metro stations will be completely closed this weekend for major track work on the Blue and Orange Lines.

From 10:00 p.m. Friday to the end of the day on Sunday, the Blue and Orange Lines will be effectively split in two segments. No trains will run between Foggy Bottom and Arlington to “allow for rail fastener renewal, insulator replacement and sludge removal from the tunnel beneath the Potomac River.”

Shuttle buses will run between the Foggy Bottom, Rosslyn and Courthouse stations and from the Foggy Bottom, Rosslyn, Arlington Cemetery and Pentagon stations.

“Customers traveling through the work zone should allow 20-30 minutes of additional travel time,” Metro said in a press release.

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  • Floater

    When something becomes the norm it’s not news anymore. Metro should start making announcements about which lines track work is NOT happening on, and which escalators ARE working – that’s news you can use.

    • Richard Cranium

      Ha – absolutely right!

      • Bart

        They made an announcement once that there were “no elevator outages throughout the Metro system”. I literally laughed out loud.

  • Tabs

    Ok, sooo, may as well go away this weekend.

  • charlie

    i feel sorry for the people who HAVE to use METRO on the weekend.
    Maybe Walter Tejada will make a statement about his people.

    • It sucks

      I moved out of Arlington and near Vienna/Fairfax station because I couldn’t afford a car so I still wanted to be near transit but didn’t need to be right in the middle of Arlington knowing I couldn’t afford it (though I grew up here and went to college and still can’t afford my own hometown, different soap box). When they started all this Silver Line stuff the metro was shut down in some capacity almost every late night and weekend and I worked 2 jobs one normal 8-5 and one in the evenings and on the weekends… I was off before the last trains ran and yet, I could rarely get myself home without having to pay for a cab (which often negated a couple of hours working depending how busy our restaurant was). In the end… I gave up… I moved into Arlington and almost doubled my rent because I couldn’t get to and from work and I was going to lose a job and income, or pay triple to get around than what I had when I planned to move out there, then I might as well up my rent and at least be able to walk around and be closer to my jobs because the transport system was totally unreliable. I don’t have a solution to the track problems or the fact that I’m constantly paycheck to paycheck, but they could at least make some effort to have a system here that works for people that actually work hard and still struggle. Cutting off the one major form of transportation it brags about being so convenient really makes the whole NoVa area look terrible.

      • bob
        • It sucks

          Hahaha… ok that’s funny 😉

      • sports_tenderbro_sports

        get a real job, you hippie

        • It sucks

          I guess you missed the whole regular 8-5 thing? Haha I have a “real” job where I work at a desk, in an office… I also have a part time job (that seems very real when I’m running around serving people with attitudes like yours for $2.13 an hr + tips). Thanks though… didn’t blame anyone else for my situation, just agreeing that when you actually NEED to use the metro on the weekends (not just to play tourist) it’s a huge pain and not a reliable system.

  • novasteve

    Nice to have the Metro Free Diet here in Arlington.

  • cyclist

    In other news, there were no backups on the bike lanes today.

  • ArlingtonNative

    I follow @drgridlock, and a number of other local Twitter accounts for timely daily updates on traffic issues. Every day I just shake my head at the number of tweets related to one Metro F’up or another.
    Heck, a week or two back they managed to scew the AM commute for most of upper NW when one of their buses broke down in Ward Circle and turned the area into gridlock. Yep, that’s our Metro system. Can F-up a commute even when you’re not in the system!
    They should rip up the tracks, pave the tunnels and rail lines and turn them into bike commuter paths!
    And no, I’m not a fanatical “bikes only advocate” … but it couldn’t be any less “efficient” than the current system!

    • OX4

      I don’t know how you follow those unsuckmetro-like twitter feeds. They drive me nuts with the silly minutia that people obsess with complaining about.

      “bus driver turned left instead of right on wilson OMG!!1!!11 #wmatafail #fail #metrosucks #ihatedc #whydoesntanyoneloveme”

      • Suzie


  • ArlingtonNative

    OX4 – I agree with you and that’s why I don’t follow the unsuckmetro account. I’m more interested in useful information that can help my commute. I follow; Gridlock, wmata and DC Police. Those 3 give me most of what I need to know in terms of daily commute.
    If I need a daily dose of people complaining about minutia I just click over to ArlingtonNow!

    • OX4

      I got ya. thanks, I’ll check those out.

    • Sam

      It’s a shame that Gridlock is a shill for Metro and basically just parrots what Stessel says. And WMATA is pretty useless if you’re looking for useful information for your commute. They are getting better with providing reactive explanations after things go wrong, but if you’re looking for proactive alerts, you’re better off just following the #wmata hashtag on Twitter. Most commuters will keep you in the loop using that hashtag more than WMATA itself will keep you in the loop.

      I agree about Unsuck though. It’s one thing to be out there and exposing issues that occur. But Unsuck is becoming too much of a snarky blog that will find fault in anything. Just wait, I’m sure this fall they’ll post an article about how Sarles wore white after Labor Day and thus, Metro is incompetent.

  • Hank Hill

    I follow people like Dr. Gridlock. However, i am tried of them excusing every single Metro breakdown, weekend work, etc..It is never Metro’s fault. Some refuse to ever acknowledge that is actually for efficent to drive. I am tired of the propaganda that we should be riding our bikes, taking the buses, waiting 20 mins for a train, etc..

  • John Andre

    Sure wish Metro would quit messing up our weekends with all this continual trackwork. Gee I wonder how the New York subway system handles its track maintenance…they probably do a far better job than Metro!


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