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BRAC Traffic Issues Improve in Barcroft Neighborhood

by Katie Pyzyk February 1, 2012 at 3:45 pm 2,604 18 Comments

Efforts by residents to reduce traffic headaches in the Barcroft neighborhood appear to have paid off. Residents report that the increase in shuttle buses for government workers affected by BRAC has diminished the number of cars clogging the neighborhood.

In July, we reported about resident concerns over an additional 1,200 workers flooding the Barcroft neighborhood due to the Base Realignment and Closure Act. People living in the area were concerned about workers parking on the streets and dangerous traffic congestion on George Mason Drive. They appealed to Rep. Jim Moran for help.

Moran asked that the plan for shuttle buses between Arlington Hall and the Pentagon Center be expedited to ease the traffic burden, and shuttles started running on September 6. Now, residents report this action has helped improve traffic conditions and safety over the past few months.

“I believe the diligent work by Congressman Moran’s office and the determination of our neighbors to make clear boundaries really paid off,” said Barcroft School and Civic League President Pat Williamson.

Williamson says although there’s still some congestion along George Mason during the morning rush, the situation is much improved and she hasn’t received any new complaints from neighbors.

“The new Arlington Hall shuttle bus service is a testament to the impact of an engaged, active community,” Moran said. “I look forward to continuing to work with the Barcroft residents, Arlington Hall employees and the Defense Department to smooth out any wrinkles caused by BRAC.”

Also being credited is the increase in Metrobus service along the route. WMATA had previously promised to increase the frequency of 22A buses, and as of this week, added additional stops to the route.

  • DarkHeart

    Who pays for the traffic cops at Arlington Hall and are they there every day? Didn’t see them this morning.

    • AHallFSI

      Who pays for the cops? I don’t see how this is relevant. The cops are there daily, but I don’t think they have a consistent time schedule. I do thank God they are there because people blow past the crosswalk as if people cannot be hit.

  • R. Griffon

    And that, folks, is the power of mass transit.

    • drax

      Nah, we need a massive new highway spur, ripping up lots of the homes in Barcroft and costing millions! There’s no other way!

  • Jus’ saying

    So was this bit of public service before, during, after or in between the congressman’s insider stock trading?

    • drax

      Are you going to follow him around and drop that everywhere he goes?

  • J.R.

    I think the traffic cops are military police supporting the National Guard facility.

    I’ve driven by there every day in morning and evening rush hour for the past six years. I haven’t noticed traffic getting better since September. It’s just as backed up as ever.

    • Skyliner

      About the same timeframe as me, only I’ve never noticed there being hardly anything I’d call “traffic”. Maybe I’m at a different time around 8 AM southbounnd and 630 northbound.

  • amb007

    I’ve never noticed traffic either. Once in a while there are a few cars in front of me by the time I get up to Route 50, but usually there isn’t much right by the facility. I go by at 6:40 am and 4:45 pm, so I’m a bit on the early side.

    • larry beeman

      the tax payers dollar is hard at work… the underground passage isn’t used but we can employ two cops to help adult cross the street. Why is this?

  • 22a rider

    I’ve been riding northbound on the 22A around 8am through this stretch of George Mason since summer 2011 and it has NOT noticeably improved. It still takes 10 minutes to go from Columbia Pike to Rte 50, with plenty of stop and go. Maybe it would be worse without the shuttles, but it is still worse than pre-BRAC.

    • AHallFSI

      Im a 22A rider too and it has improved but not as drastically as the article suggests. It is true that it is not at Pre-BRAC levels yet though

  • Jax S

    Why don’t all these employees move into the neighborhood to be close to their job? I am sick of subsidizing people’s decisions to live far away from where they work and the traffic nightmares caused by such.

    • ArlingtonWay

      Brilliant. You should run for office. We desperately need your kind of insightful approach.

  • Jessica

    I have to agree with the folks who have found no improvement. I’m usually on Mason around 8:15am, and often find it backed up from 50 to just before 8th Street (and occasionally beyond Columbia Pike). I appreciate how tricky it is for the cops directing traffic at Arlington Hall, but I feel like I actually find less traffic on the days they are not there.

    • Josh S

      Isn’t that because all they ever do is stop traffic to allow pedestrians to cross?

      • charlie

        they are not permitted to stop traffic to let cars out. they do on occassion.

  • Arlingtonian

    Here is a typical Arlington solution to this problem. Relocate everyone in Arlington Hall to workplaces near Metro stations. Convert Arlington Hall to a homeless shelter. Solves at lot of problems. Creates more.


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