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by ARLnow.com February 6, 2012 at 7:00 am 2,719 20 Comments

Soccer Field to Close for Summer — The synthetic turf field at Virginia Highlands Park, used extensively for soccer games, is expected to be closed for much of the spring and summer so that the turf can be replaced. [Sun Gazette]

Church to Celebrate 50th Anniversary — St. Peter’s Episcopal Church (4250 N. Glebe Road) will be holding a concert next weekend to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The concert, which is free and open to the public, will be held at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 12. [Falls Church News-Press]

Arlington Man Killed by Dump Truck — Prince George’s County Police are investigating the death of an Arlington County man who was hit by a dump truck in Capitol Heights on Wednesday evening. [Gazette.net]

  • Frivolous

    P.G. !

  • CrystalMikey

    It’s almost like “extensively” isn’t a strong enough word. That field at Highlands seems to be in use 24/7/365.

    • charlie

      24/7/366 this year.

  • Mark

    I don’t understand why more fields are aren’t converted over to synthetic. Take for example the park at the end of Fern and 26th. Its always torn up by the Frisbee Football players.

  • JimPB

    When (date) was the pix taken?

  • bobco85

    The photo is awesome! I must admit that at first glance, I thought the truck was real until I saw the texture of the brick showing through. Great decision to get the shadows to sync with the mural!

    • mickey644

      Drink another beer and the driver will start looking like he is starting the truck!

  • Pentagonian

    I wish we had more murals around Arlington. The single rose across the street from Northside Social is another great example. We have a plethora of drab office buildings in crystal city – why not a few murals?

    • Mr T
      • Pentagonian

        Thanks. But what about murals that don’t advertise anything? Like the rose across from Northside Social?

        • What if that was a flower shop across the street from Northside? Worse yet, what if the rose existed and then a flower shop tenant moved in?…Paint over the rose?

          Personally, I fully support the murals, including the Wag More Dogs mural. I dislike the County’s arbitrary enforcement of the legislation.

          • JimPB

            Right on, Todd Todd.

            The county’s mural legislation has nothing to do with government’s proper concern with public health and public safety.

            Get government out of visual taste.

          • Thes

            I trust you will feel the same way when many full-building murals around Arlington consist of the words “CA$H FOR YOUR GOLD” or “Ask how to lose 30 lbs INSTANTLY!”

    • DarkHeart

      The Kangal Mourning Rose. I wonder if it’s ever going back to the version pre 9-11.

  • nunya

    cool shadows.

  • Rick

    Everyone knows the best time to replace a soccer field is the spring.

    • Michael H.

      There are multiple fields available nearby at Long Bridge Park. Even with Virginia Highlands being unavailable, there will still be more soccer fields available this summer than last year, in the Pentagon City/Crystal City area.

      • Rick

        Doesn’t change the fact it’s probably the worst time to undertake such a project.

  • E-Ross

    Love Rocklands… best BBQ around!! Their mac & cheese is ridiculously awesome, too!

  • Novanglus

    That’s St Peter’s Church, not St. Paul’s.


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