Man Found Guilty of Raping Arlington Woman While She Slept

by ARLnow.com February 7, 2012 at 4:10 pm 7,037 23 Comments

A man is facing a possible 93-year prison sentence after being found guilty of raping an Arlington woman while she slept.

D.C. resident Ronald P. Berton, 37, was accused of crimes against two young Arlington women in 2008 and 2010. On Sept. 26, 2010, prosecutors say Berton entered unlocked first-floor apartment on the 2500 block of 20th Street N., where he found a woman sleeping. Berton raped the woman then stole items from the apartment and fled the scene. The woman, who had been drinking that night, did not wake up during the rape, but later woke up and found a condom next to her.

Arlington County Police used DNA to link Berton to a previous crime. According to prosecutors, Berton entered a Colonial Village apartment on the morning of Sept. 10, 2008. He took a meat cleaver from the kitchen, then went to the bedroom where a woman was sleeping. Berton forced the woman to remain in the bed while he exposed himself and masturbated, prosecutors said. He then stole items from the apartment and fled.

Police were able to link Berton to the 2008 crime via DNA left on the knife.

Yesterday a jury found Berton guilty on charges of rape, forcible sodomy, burglary and abduction with the intent to defile. Today the jury recommended a sentence of 93 years. His formal sentencing before an Arlington County Circuit Court judge is scheduled for April 6.

“We believe this was a dangerous predator who came to Arlington to prey on the young women of our community,” said Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Jennifer Clarke, who prosecuted the case along with fellow Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Cari Steel. “The police did a great job of linking these two cases, so we were successful in getting these convictions.”

  • OMG

    YIKES!! I hope and pray that my daughters never get that drunk! Good job ACPD.

  • Arlingtonian

    I hope he gets the full 93 years.

    • GP is a perp


  • Michael H.

    What a freak. Glad they caught him.

  • awh hells bells

    This scumbag will definitely receive a punishment that fits the crime. I doubt he’ll be asleep when he receives his ‘back-door’ welcome to The Big House.

  • Weird

    Anyone else find it odd that he breaks and enters, and rapes the woman – using a condom? A safe-sex rapist? Does (did) he just wander the streets with condoms?

    And no, I am most definitely NOT implying in any way, shape or form that the victim assented, or even woke up. I just find it odd.

    • KalashniKEV

      I don’t think it’s odd at all that he used a condom. That protects him from disease and retains evidence.

      The truly ODD parts are:
      1) That he left it behind, full of his DNA
      2) That she found it, scratched her head and said… where did this come from? Did I get raped last night?

      What if he took it with him?

      • Arlingtonian

        Classic stupid criminal … but in regards to 2) she probably woke up and could physically tell she had been raped or that something was not right before she even saw the condom. (I know the article makes it sound like you said though) God, how horrifying.

        • KalashniKEV

          I’m sure she felt like she got raped, but without the evidence and having slept through the whole ordeal, what do you say to the police?

          I woke up sore and must have been raped by a very quiet, sneaky guy?

          • Quoth the Raven

            I think that’s exactly what she told the cops. Then you add in used condom and its DNA, results of a rape kit (perhaps), as well as maybe his possession of whatever he stole from her adds up to a long time behind bars for this guy. What a scumbag.

  • Buckingham Bandit

    He’s probably a good kid who just got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    • donnie

      yes he is a great man nd father at that so if wanted to do something to someone dont yu think he would have tried this before but he maybe cause we black thats my uncle nd he never ever did anything like that maybe theft but not rape i guess cause he is a black man they want to keep us locked away but yu know god do things for a reason nd this too shall pass

  • GP

    [Post removed per out comment policy]

    • You are an idiiot

      You pay no attention to what’s written.

    • Just the Facts

      I get that this board attracts all kinds of trolls, but did you even read the article? The same guy broke into another apt, threatened a woman there with a meat cleaver, and masturbated in front of her. I don’t think the other case was a “date rape” situation.

      • GP is a perp

        GP is projecting.

    • Zoning Victim

      This is probably the worst comment I’ve ever read on here; it’s quite possibly the worst I’ve ever read on the entire internet.

      This creep has been convicted of raping/sodomizing two women in two years, one who he held captive with a meat cleaver; he most likely had other victims during that period who didn’t come forward. I hope he gets the recommended sentence.

      • Arlingtonian

        Unfortunately any time there’s an article or post on any web site at least one creep, usually many creeps, have to come online and carefully pick apart the circumstances to make sure it was really a rape and the woman isn’t crazy or lying. Every time. It gets very tiresome. And helps demonstrate why most rapes go unreported.

        Strangely most of these trolls don’t have much to say whenever there’s an article about a mugging or robbery; so so sad since I’m sure we all benefit greatly from their careful analysis of just the few facts listed in a brief blog post or news article. Maybe people like GP should call the ACPD and ask to be given a detective job? Get out of the way ACPD, Detective Douche is hot on the trail!

    • Lee-n-Glebe

      GP – I would like to think that if that were the fact pattern, it would have come up in his defense and that after seeing all of the evidence and hearing all of the testimony the verdict by a jury wouldn’t have been “guilty.”

      Remember, he went through a full trial – he didn’t plead guilty.

      • Arlingtonian

        I think it was just easier for him to put the blame on the victim. After all, we all know we women cannot handle our mistakes in a rational fashion and a typical reaction would be to freak out and call the police and have our consensual hook-up locked up.

  • Gene Pool

    So he likes to rape women, huh?? Hope he enjoys his 93 year sentence while realizing you reap what you sow. Bubba awaits him and cute boyish figure!!!

    • donnie

      well if the shoe was on the other foot nd people didnt judge yu by yur cover ummm maybe you would under stand nd not he never raped anyone but its fine because gods the only one who can jugde him nd i hope yu understand what yu sayin because god does nd like yu said yu reap what yu sow so with that being said mindful wat yu say please thank yu

      • chris

        Don’t judge a book by its cover? Unless the book is about raping woman in their sleep. The fact that you are defending your rapist relative tells me that the apple doesnt fall far from the tree.


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