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Neighborhood Projects Approved — The Arlington County Board unanimously approved $3.4 million in funding for six neighborhood improvement projects. “This is the third round in funding for key recommended Neighborhood Conservation projects from the 2010 voter-approved $9 million Community Conservation Bond,” the county noted in a press release. [Arlington County]

County Looking for Partner to Spruce Up Farmhouse — The Arlington Department of Parks and Recreation is looking for a charitable individual or organization interested in restoring the historic, county-owned Reevesland farmhouse and estate. The restoration is expected to cost upwards of $1 million. [Sun Gazette]

DESIGNArlington Awards Announced — Arlington County is recognizing outstanding architectural or landscape design through its second-annual DESIGNArlington awards. Among five recipients of the highest “Award of Excellence” this year, three are county-owned buildings and two are private residences. [Arlington County]

John Glenn, Astronaut and Arlingtonian — Astronaut (and U.S. Senator) John Glenn lived in Arlington for about five years around the time he was becoming a celebrity space pioneer. Glenn lived in a single-story home near Williamsburg Junior High School (now Williamsburg Middle School) between 1958 and 1963. [Arlington Public Library]

  • DarkHeart

    I thought that garden was on the property of the in-home day care provider.

  • I would say we could reduce the cost of one bus stop by $600K and assist in preserving a little history.

  • John Fontain

    Regarding the design awards, I think the Harmon residence is beautifully done. A very well thought out design with lots of attention to detail that keeps with the character of the homes in Arlington. Kudos to the owner, arch, and builder.

    • DarkHeart

      +1 Stop fake rock siding!

    • Archerrules

      Yes nice but where is the representation of the real Arlington? None of this shows what Arlington is. Only what the Arlington County Board wants to showboat on. Boo Arl design Boo.

  • LisaM

    While l like seeing the winners of the design awards, I’d also like to see the winning designs! A Google maps street view check only shows a tree & shrubs at one of the locations. Congrats to the winners – I admire many of the winners almost daily.

    • bobco85

      There’s a .pdf with photos of the winning designs on the page linked from this article. It’s at the end of the paragraph that starts with “Thirty-eight projects were submitted…”

      • Clarendon

        Thanks. I’d never seen the Central Place park design (first slide). While fun and “playful” I think this is quite unfortunate. You don’t see stuff like this in real cities with real squares surrounded by nice buildings. It looks like a giant shrooming clown threw up in the park.

  • Vicente Fox

    I don’t get why “The Jordan” won. There must be half-a-dozen buildings recently built that look just like that.

    • charlie

      especially since a perfectly good building was torn down.
      a building that if it had been owned by anyone else would have been declared HISTORIC!!!

    • South Awwwlington

      Because it’s Affordable. The County was petting one of their pet developers on the back for the doing the right thing.

      I read today that they are offering ESL classes there too. Now I have a trip to Russia coming up and I need to learn Russian. Will the County subsidize that for me? Or do I not fit some requirement??

      • CW

        I get what you’re saying, sort of, except that I don’t think the County would benefit from teaching its citizens Russian.

        Whereas learning English, the predominent language here, would help those living in the County to be more productive, personally and professionally.

        • CW

          (which in turn helps the County, in case I need to connect those dots)

        • South Awwwlington

          No, you need no connect the dots.

          At one time someone asked me about Affordable Housing. the question was – Will immigration status be checked? I laughed and thought of course it would be.

          Now I read we are offering ESL classes at Affordable Housing buildings. For what Origin Language are these classes aimed?

          Now I too, wonder – just what is the process to qualify. I am not being a smart ass here. I want to know what kind of forms and documentation is required to qualify to live in County, State and Federal Affordable Housing.

        • South Awwwlington

          Wouldn’t you attempt to learn the language of the country to which you were moving before you got there?

          Will the County be wiping their ass and reminding them to breathe too?

          When and where will it end?

          • CW

            “For what Origin Language are these classes aimed?” I would imagine the most predominant non-English language spoken in the area, Spanish, just as how our government operates in English, which the the predominant language here in the U.S. even thought it is not official. Although who knows, maybe they could have Korean, some African languages, whatever else.

            “I want to know what kind of forms and documentation is required to qualify to live in County, State and Federal Affordable Housing.” That is a very, very fair question. I think I agree with you here.

            “Wouldn’t you attempt to learn the language of the country to which you were moving before you got there?” Me? Probably, yeah. But for a lot of people, if they know they can get along fine without it, well, why would they?

            “Will the County be wiping their ass and reminding them to breathe too?” I don’t think ESL classes go quite this far. Are you outraged at the county offering youth athletic activities? Youth athletes don’t add anything to the county. These folks taking the ESL classes are doing a lot of the hard work that keeps our businesses running (like it or not, people hire them!).

          • South Awwwlington

            CW – I agree with most of your counterpoints as well. I will also let you know that I work a full-time, professional, white-collar job at non-profit in DC. To supplement my income and to own housing which is affordable to me, in South Arlington on Columbia Pike, I work a part-time job some evenings and weekends at a restaurant in Arlington. The cost of this time-wise is great. Time spent away from friends and family and pets is not recoverable. However it is what I must do in order to live in my house.

            The kitchen of restaurant in which I work is staffed by mostly Latin Americans, native Spanish speaking people. The staff is bi-linugal and speaks English (90% of the time) when communicating with someone other than a native Spanish speaker.

            I bring this up because I don’t want to give the wrong impression by my post. There are VERY hard working people in the County and this Country of international origins. They immigrated to this Country and followed the legalized path to citizenship. They learned to speak English so they could easily meld with and become part of the American fabric.

            By local officials allowing for safe harbors of housing (dependent upon what standards the county enforces) and accommodations (ESL courses) for example, we as Arlingtonians are tromping on the hard work those who are here legally put into their citizenship. How is that fair?

          • CW

            I appreciate your perspective and viewpoint.

            What I will say is that we are confounding a couple issues here. You are assuming that the housing and ESL course are pretty much going only to those here illegally. If that’s the case, I have issues too. But the problem is we don’t have the data. So I’m not going to come out and wholesale slam the programs without the data, that’s all. Maybe some of your co-workers could have benefited from an ESL course were it available to them. Maybe not. I don’t know.

          • The Dope of South Arlington

            I’d argue that teaching English is one accommodation we should make to immigrants.

  • DesignarlSucks

    What a bunch of BS. Design Arl. Awards the majority of awards to… County buildings. No credibility what-so-ever.

    • John12

      Agreed. Nice designs but shouldn’t it be more about Arlington and not a cheerleading committe for Arlington County?

      • charlie

        in case you haven’t noticed, Arlington is in love with awards.


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