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Light Pole Falls on ART Bus in Penrose

by ARLnow.com February 17, 2012 at 11:50 am 3,136 17 Comments

An ART bus reportedly clipped a light pole this morning, causing the pole to fall onto the roof of the bus.

The incident happened at 11:00 a.m., near the intersection of Washington Boulevard and S. Uhle Street in the Penrose neighborhood.

“There were no injuries reported and ACPD remain on scene conducting an investigation,” said Arlington County Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck.

Although the area is not a main thoroughfare, police are re-routing traffic as necessary.

  • CW

    Ruh roh…

    • Ben

      It’s ok – the bus driver confused the light pole for a cyclist.

  • drax

    Scab driver.

  • novasteve

    Remember when I said this would happen when they decided to purchase very expensive LED lightbulbs for street lights and people laughed when I said they would get knocked down?

    • Done and Done

      It’s okay – Josh S said that the person or company responsible for hitting the pole would pay for it. Oh, wait. . .

      • drax

        So you two have established a factual basis for the proposition that street lights with LEDs get knocked down at a disproportionate rate and damages are not paid by those responsible, huh?

      • novasteve


      • Yourpantiesareinabunch

        I assume the contractor who operates ART, not Arlington County, would be on the hook for this. This is why there are insurance companies. Stop the overreaction.

    • Josh S

      Way to seize on the outliers….

      Sorta like the Ridge Rd group that howled about the loss of the slip lane and how it was going to make turns so difficult. Boy were they happy when that huge truck had to make several passes in order to make a turn nearby. Everyone rushed out and got their photos….(by the way, how are things going up there? I’m sure pedestrian deaths have skyrocketed, the traffic jams probably extend into Alexandria, at least 5 or 6 top-heavy cars/trucks have tipped over by now? Let’s go to the live feed — *chirp* *chirp* —- huh. Where is everybody?)

      In any case, I never said that light poles NEVER get knocked down. I just pointed out that worries about that are hardly a basis for deciding whether to install LED-lightbulb street lights.

  • Sully

    If a bus does not hit a pole, does it fall at all?

    • Dan

      Only if there is no one there to hear it……

  • rick

    One less street light to fix by Arlington County, even if they were being taking care of by changing the light bulbs. Just take a drive around Arlington and see how many street lights are out — driving on George Mason from Lee Highway to Yorktown Blvd and there has to be at least 10 street light not working in a 5 block drive.

  • Cool
    • HighViewPunk

      So in this case would you check off ‘other’ for the street light problem?

  • Arl2

    Some of the ART busses drive in the middle of S. Courthouse Road!

    • Arlingtoon

      All the better to avoid hitting the light poles…

  • Charles



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