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Photos: The Dog Days of Winter

by ARLnow.com February 23, 2012 at 1:32 pm 2,888 25 Comments

With temperatures climbing into the mid-to-upper 60s today and tomorrow, Arlingtonians are getting outside for some rare fun in the February sun.

We snapped these photos in Ballston, Clarendon and Pentagon City around lunchtime today.



  • DarkHeart


    • nunya


      • R0bespierre


      • Superman

        Ha! I’ve got you now!

    • CW

      ARLnow should sell “Who is Pyzyk?” t-shirts.

  • ReverseCommute

    Who are all these people doing nothing on a work day? How do they do that? I am Jack’s jealous envy.

    • Maria

      Some people don’t work 9 – 5?

  • rosslyn

    what’s with the random photos?

    • FrenchyB

      Um, people out enjoying the warm weather.

      • Richard Cranium


  • Ellen

    A great day to enjoy on the patio of your favorite Arlington Bar, while having Virginia Tech Grads serve us up some great cocktails!

    • Ty


    • CW

      And while having out-of-state-school grads lecture you on proper versus common nouns!

      • Maria


  • OldTimer

    Dat’s my caregiver sittin’ in one of dem chairs. Damn girl called in sick this morning. She thinks I am grumpy already? Hope she gets a racoon tan from dem sunglasses.

  • JamesE

    I’m looking out my office window in Tysons and crying.

    • j

      Yeah, Tyson’s sux.

      • JamesE

        yeah that isn’t helping either.

        • E

          Tysons is a sad place, so depressing. Non stop traffic and no people walking. It’s just a crappy place.

  • Tabs

    Lower Left: La-la-la, don’t mind me, I’m just planting my child.

  • novasteve

    I know virtually none of you are from here, but it was at least similar along the east coast, but in February of 1990 there was a week were it was 80+ every single day. This is not without precedent. In fact it was so much warmer than this they considered closing schools it was so hot.

    • Glebe Roader

      Not to confuse the issue with facts, but these are the record high temps for Arlington in February from weather.com. I see nothing from 1990 and only twice was the record high over 80 (1985 and 2000).

      Day Record High
      1 77°F (2002)
      2 71°F (1967)
      3 68°F (1967)
      4 70°F (1991)
      5 74°F (1991)
      6 69°F (2008)
      7 74°F (2008)
      8 65°F (1965)
      9 73°F (1949)
      10 68°F (1959)
      11 66°F (1959)
      12 75°F (1999)
      13 72°F (1951)
      14 75°F (1949)
      15 77°F (1949)
      16 77°F (1949)
      17 77°F (1976)
      18 76°F (1976)
      19 74°F (1997)
      20 72°F (1971)
      21 75°F (1953)
      22 73°F (1974)
      23 76°F (1985)
      24 81°F (1985)
      25 81°F (2000)
      26 74°F (2000)
      27 76°F (1997)
      28 75°F (1997)
      29 77°F (1976)

  • Ty

    We did the poll last month, and living here my entire life, about half the people living in Arlington are from a half hour radius of here. People in DC, who actually live IN THE DISTRICT, are not from here usually (the young professionals that is). This is why people in DC out at bars are cooler and laid back,they are from around the nation/world, but the people in Arlington are usually clique, clinging to friends they had in high school, staying in the comfort zone.

    Anyways, it is a nice day out!

  • TGE.0.A

    Surprised no one hassled you for taking a photo of a mom and her kid.

  • Plunkitt of Clarendon Blvd

    And here I thought that these were going to be pictures of dogs……


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