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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com February 29, 2012 at 8:38 am 5,029 76 Comments

Wienermobile Spotted in Arlington — The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was spotted yesterday afternoon at the entrance to Bluemont Park (above). No word yet on what it was doing there.

Vornado Hurt By BRAC — Vornado Realty Trust, one of the primary commercial landlords in the Crystal City area, is hurting due to the Base Realignment and Closure Act. The company is currently “staring down the barrel of nearly 2.4 million square feet of vacant space” as the U.S. military continues to move offices and departments from leased buildings to forts and other owned properties.. [Washington Business Journal]

One Handgun a Month Law Repealed — Yesterday Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) made it official and signed a bill that repeals the state’s 19-year-old “One Handgun a Month” law. In response, Rep. Jim Moran (D) said in a statement: “Today Virginia retreated from sensible gun control policy… The repeal of this law will return Virginia to being the nation’s number one gun-running state, putting more guns into the hands of criminals and traffickers.”

Hotels Gouging For Inauguration? — Booking a room in Arlington for Inauguration Day 2013 is going to cost you. Hotels have already jacked up prices in anticipation of the crush of visitors to the D.C. area for the inauguration. TBD.com compiled a list of notable examples, and found $479 per night rooms at the Rosslyn Hyatt, $399 per night rooms at the Ballston Comfort Inn, and $299 per night rooms at the Lee Highway EconoLodge.

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  • Andy

    Shouldn’t the mustard be on the top of the wiener?

    • nunya

      depends on how you eat your wiener

    • Wayne Kubicki

      Fess up – how many of you here would like to actually drive it?

      • MC 703

        Frankly, I would

      • Josh S

        Heck yeah.

    • Pop

      Isn’t that supposed to be a bun?

    • Arlingtonian

      I never sausage a thing.

  • NoVapologist

    Why is it “gouging?”

    • OralePues

      cause that econolodge is a @[email protected] of a place and eyesore that needs to be plowed down. I should get paid $300 a night for having to look at that thing.

    • It is supply and demand. You don’t have to pay the price to come to the inauguration. A price point exists where the rooms won’t book up.

    • JamesE

      Good time to rent out the condo and disappear for the weekend.

      • Arlwhenver

        Exactly. You can make a mortage payment or two out from a short term rental come the inauguration.

    • DSS10

      Collusion and price signaling. If all hotels price their rooms like this prior to the market being established then it is price fixing. I bet if you tried to book a room for the inauguration a month ago they would have refused to give you a reservation until this week.

      Non market pricing is the reason why gas is about $.30 cheaper out side the beltway and why you pay 25% more for a lot of basic groceries here.

      Prior to Ronald Reagan’s election, when the FTC was effectively dismantled, state and federal agencies would monitor local prices to assure that there were no antitrust activities going on.

      • drax

        Big talk.

      • Burger

        Or, you could live in the world of reality and understand how silly your post sounds..

        Prices are more expensive inside the Beltway, for, I don’t know, maybe it is more expensive. i.e. land is more expensive which raises your taxes. Labor is more expensive because Arlington has a living wage requirement for people doing work for the county. That raises everyone’s wages because it is just as easy to train a person to take money at a parking lot as it is a grocery store.

        • DSS10

          I bet (actually I know) if you did a wage survey in a radius of 50 miles around Arlington you would find the variance in labor rates to be less than 10%. I have a PhD in economics and worked for 15 years for private companies analyzing demographic data to support pricing levels (aka zone pricing). See the link below for an example from Michigan and possible price fixing for whole sale gasoline. I am not for government price fixing but I am also not for anti-competitive activities from private companies.


          • NoVapologist

            Q: What’s an economist?

            A: It’s like an accountant without the charisma.

      • Autoexec.bat

        Price signaling is 100% legal and there is no collusion if they aren’t actively conspiring (meeting in a smoke-filled room) to fix prices.

        Airlines do the exact same thing. People who are so concerned about getting a flight 10 months in advance will pay more because it’s that important. If the prices stay to high for too long, hotels risk sitting on empty rooms. If the prices stay artificially low for too long, people will book hotel rooms at low prices, deplete demand, only to realize they can transfer those rooms to others at artificially high prices. How’s that any better?

        As my 10th grade economics teacher used to say, price discrimination is a wonderful tool.

        • DSS10

          It’s a real fine line as to the legality of price signaling which over the last 30 years has gotten pretty broad and hazy. It’s safe to say what would have raised a lot of red flags 25 years ago now is accepted as the norm from a regulatory perspective.

          As to your 10th grade teacher, its when price discrimination can not be used that market position and pricing inelastity leads to manipulation.

        • drax
      • Arlwhenver

        I’ve found rather consistently the lowest gas price in the region, inside or outside the Beltway is at the Liberty Gas outlet on Leesburg Pike in the Falls Church section of Fairfax County — big competition along that inside the Beltway stretch,showing the price leavening effect of the demand curve in action. That sure looks like market pricing to me, though when I went to school the existence of demand curves and their role in efficient pricing was still acknowledgec.

        As for the inauguration there are still plenty of rooms availabe at motels along Route 1 South of the Betway for $100 a night, event less. You can even walk to the Huntington Metro station. Sorry, but no one really needs your foolish regulation and its destuctive effects on allocative efficiency.

  • If you see that weiner a rockin, don’t go a knockin.

    • Bluemontsince1961


  • DarkHeart

    It seems to have been on its way from Raleigh to Annapolis. Seems an odd place to take a break for that route.

    • JamesE

      Hopefully it did not get lost and crash into Donaldson Run

      • Arlingtonian

        I heard it’s not raining over there today.

    • drax

      On it’s way to a sausage fest?

    • Clarendon Cruiser

      Perhaps former President Bill Clinton was in town?

      • Michael H.

        He actually is in the area this week. He’s a keynote speaker at a conference over at National Harbor.

    • SouthPikeGuy

      Bluemont and hot dogs have a long history together.

    • Dum Dum Guy at the Gates of Dawn

      I agree. Shouldn’t it be parked in a tunnel somewhere?

    • Arlwhenver

      Looks like they were checking out the Reevesland house, perhaps a sponsorship in the offing for preservation and operation of the farm property.

  • T.G.E.0.A….

    Glenn Brenner lives!

  • Ashton Height Bob

    The County Board is exploring two options for the wienermobile: (1) for use in lieu of a trolley on Columbia Pike, or (2) for use by the police for their excellent undercover DUI check points.

  • DSS10

    I saw a whole bunch of Wieners this morning on the GW parkway but they were all driving BMW’s.

    • abc

      hahaaha and each with their brown flops in the trunk too

    • Clarendon Cruiser

      I preferred to be called a Bratwurst…thank you very much

  • Patrick

    I do not understand how Rep. Moran can determine that allowing law abiding citizens, who must undergo a background check, the ability to purchase more then one firearm a month will result in “more guns in the hands of criminals and traffickers.” Where in the repeal does it state that “criminals and traffickers” are now allowed to purchase guns?

  • Clarendon Cruiser
    • Josh S

      I love the drag coefficient.

    • JamesE

      Nice 1/4 time

    • Beavis

      heheheheh. You said ‘beat it off.’ Weiner. heheheheh.

  • CW

    What, no sympathy for poor Vornado?

    • Dorothy

      with a name like that, they should relocate to kansas. market to homeless witches

    • Clarendon Cruiser

      I have no sympathy for Defense Contractors, live by the sword, die by the sword 🙂

  • Rick

    Vornado is also the company that brings you Manassas Mall. If that building is an accurate example of how they handle tenants leaving, Crystal City is in trouble

    • SouthPikeGuy

      Oh wow, I had to go there once to pick up a tux rental. Scariest. Mall. Trip. Ever.

      • Ali

        Scarier than Landmark?

        • CrystalMikey

          Which I think is also a Vornado? Or is it Springfield?

          • Keith

            Vornado is also the main antagonist in the Georgetown Park mall fiasco. They suck at malls.

          • Rick

            Springfield Mall is Vornado, yes.

    • Arlingtonian

      Vornado also has a lot of space over at Skyline I believe which is also being all BRAC’ed out

    • JamesE

      I enjoy their fans

  • Mark P.

    So I may be a n00b, but why would there be an inauguration day in 2013? If Obama wins re-election, they don’t re-inaugurate him, do they?

    • Ballston


    • drax

      Yes. He is sworn in again and everything. Same with Congress.

    • yequalsy

      Yes. He’ll get inaugurated again with the oath (hopefully done correctly this time) and everything.

    • drax

      I do like how you assume Obama will win re-election though, Mark!

    • JamesE

      Ron Paul will be elected and cancel the inauguration because it is a waste of money.

      • Pawn Raul

        It would almost be worth having Paul elected just to hear the crazy ranting inaugural address. Maybe he could be the opening act or something. The warmup guy.

  • ML

    2/28/2012 http://www.kraftbrands.com/oscarmayer/

    Heritage Harbor – We will be in Annapolis for the next week. Ketchup with us later to see where we will be heading!

  • drax

    Ketchup on a hot dog? Blasphemy.

    • BlueLoom


    • I only put ketchup on scrambled eggs.

    • John K.

      +100. An example of correct thinking.

    • Lee-n-Glebe

      Bingo. Ketchup? No. Chili? Possibly.

    • JamesE

      I prefer Foie Gras on mine.

  • ArlingtonNative

    Lived on Manchester Street right next to Bluemont for 9-years.
    I used to spot the WienerMobile in the parking lot by the tennis courts at least 1-2 x’s a year.
    My guess is, the Wiener pilot knows someone who lives in the neighborhood and parks it nearby.

    • DarkHeart

      Charles Kuralt situation?

    • drax

      It’s a new dog park!

      (Get it?)

  • Nostradamus

    Vornado only had 7 years notice on this BRAC.

  • Civic Activist

    The vehicle was here as a prop for yet another diatribe by Sen. Janet Howell on invasive sonograms.


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