Suspicious Package Found in Ft. Myer Heights

by Katie Pyzyk March 5, 2012 at 3:15 pm 2,077 5 Comments

Updated at 3:25 p.m. — The bomb squad has cleared the package and all units are leaving the scene.

Earlier: Authorities are on the scene of a suspicious package in Ft. Myer Heights.

Arlington County police and firefighters are at the scene in the 1600 block of Ft. Myer Drive.

Police say an abandoned backpack was found leaning on a natural gas service box. The bomb squad is heading to the scene to investigate.

  • nunya

    nothing to see here. move along.

  • yo yo ma

    my bad

  • wat

    so update, not a bomb?

    I’m not sure if i should be scared or not.

  • kc

    Everything is long done but not sure that’s Ft Myer Heights. 1600 block is over on the other side of Route 50 which I don’t think is Ft. Myer Heights.

    • ArlForester

      Listen, they make a concerted effort to over-name every area in the county and they don’t need you nitpicking it. You’re probably one of those people who grew up here who think you know the county better than the interlopers in charge. Know your place, native.


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