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Workers Report Ghost Sightings at Overlee

by Katie Pyzyk March 16, 2012 at 2:30 pm 16,484 146 Comments

(Updated at 3:15 p.m.) Something eerie is going on at the Overlee property, and it has nothing to do with logistics of the pool renovation project. Workers report seeing an extra person lingering at the construction site — a ghost.

The news isn’t entirely surprising to those who know the history of Overlee. The Victorian clubhouse, which was recently torn down, had been built in the 1890s and came to be known as the Febrey-Kincheloe House. Ernest Febrey built the house and later it was inhabited by the Kincheloe family. After her husband’s death, Mrs. Kincheloe turned the house into Crestwood Sanitarium, a home for elderly Washington dignitaries.

But the ghost isn’t believed to be one of the sanitarium inhabitants. Mike Maleski, who is on the Overlee Board of Directors, said that for decades people have reported seeing a girl in Victorian clothing. Researchers think the girl is Margaret Febrey who died in January 1913, and was said to be 14 years old. A family member reported that the Febrey family stopped using the house after Margaret’s death.

Over the years, some managers for the property had lived in the upper levels of the house and encountered the ghost. Managers and contractors have reported seeing a girl in odd clothing near the stairs of the basement. In January, some crew members demolishing the house admitted to talking to a girl who fit the description, and they believe it was the Febrey ghost.

The Febrey ghost isn’t the only unusual activity that’s been reported on the property.

“There were other ghost stories as well,” Maleski said. “Music and strange noises and things. I don’t know if that’s been idenfitied as one person. Most people believe it’s from the time when it was a sanitarium.”

The Febrey ghost appears to be friendly and has chatted with numerous people on the property throughout the years, we’re told. She also has been known to enjoy playing with children at the Overlee pool.

Nobody has reported any additional sightings since January.

  • Chris


    • Henry

      Yeah, seriously. This is news?

  • novasteve

    Twitter and facebook aren’t enough, people still need to make up this BS to get into the news for attention?

    Narcissistic personality disorder.

    • Chris

      Really Steve? just call it as you see it? Remember Absence of Evidence isn’t Evidence of Absence. Open your mind. anything is possible.

      • Balderdash Champion



      • novasteve

        Yes, because there are ghosts :rolleyes:

        Yes, the flying spaghetti monster could exist too, in imagination, just like ghosts.

        Say if there were a ghost in space, would microgravity affect it differently, would it be able to make spooky voices in the vacuum of space?

        Could a ghost be destroyed by radiation or being sucked into the sun or a black hole?

        • Quoth the Raven

          Destroying ghosts is easy. Just don’t cross the streams.

          • Egon


        • Eponymous Coward

          Hey – lay off. The Flying Spaghetti Monster *does* exist. It’s just that He all efforts to observe them with a wave of His Noodly Apendage. “Proof denied faith, and without faith I am fusilli.”

          As for this story, however — if they workers talked to a mysterious, strangely dressed girl, has anyone entertained the obscure possibility that they were *actually* talking to a mysterious, strangely dressed girl?

          Heed Mark Twain: superstition brings bad luck.

          • Eponymous Coward

            should be, “He *prevents* all efforts to observe Him”.


          • Richard Cranium

            RAmen, Brother.

          • drax

            I once saw the face of Jesus in a bowl of spaghetti. Then I saw the Flying Spaghetti Monster in a picture of Jesus (in his beard).

            I’m so confused.

        • Zazooo

          Maybe just by imagining something you make it real. Which means you could create the Smoldering Cig Monster – touching lives with his Smoky Whisps and burning for our sins.

      • bbmcrae

        Random capitalization to convey disorderly mind: check.

    • Bluemontsince1961
    • wimmer201

      Recognizing it is the first step….nice job.
      Yeah, kind of like the people that post 400 times a day about every article they read. And when that isn’t enough, they start their own ridiculous topics to promote more absurd debates.

  • Jim

    I see something I can’t explain. Must be supernatural.

    • D'oh!

      and that’s how we got religion

  • why demolish it? From the photo it seemed to be in good shape. Never heard of this house or the ghost. EEK

    • Lee-n-Glebe

      In order to build a new one perhaps?

    • MIke

      I don’t think they are demolishing the house. They are renovating the pool.

      • hmm the second paragraph confuses me a little. Then again, it’s 3 PM on a cloudy Friday and I’m still not accustomed to daylight savings so it could just be me. 🙂

        • Balderdash Champion

          its probably the green beer

        • MIke

          Yeah, I reread the paragraph. It sounds like the house has been demolished. Apparently my reading comprehension needs some work. I would never blame beer, even of the green variety. Mmmmm, beer.

      • cheeseater

        The house was demolished according to the photo caption.

      • Burger

        Then they better tell the the Harry Braswell to rebuild that house because all that is there is a huge hole and no building.

        • drax

          Wonder if ghosts can haunt huge holes. Or new homes. Or pools. Or infill McMansions.

          • novasteve

            They say that there’s a ghost that haunts one of the swimming pools on the RMS Queen Mary. When I spent the night there in the 1980s I tried to find it, but that area was open to hotel guests.

          • Tabs

            I took photos there. Orbs!

      • Lisa

        Oh yes, the house is gone. So sad.

      • ArlGal

        They have already demolished the house. Did so a couple weeks ago.

      • Punxy

        You don’t THINK they are demolishing the house? It’s gone, dude. It’s been demolished. Drive down Lee Hwy. Like a month ago.

        • thecharlesriver

          wow….lots of angst here. “You don’t THINK blah blah blah…..” Lmao.

          You’d think the guy just insulted your mother. All he said was he doesn’t think they are demolishing the house. He left room for possibility that he’s wrong and he was. So what?

  • Tabs

    Man, imagine dying at 14 and then hanging around the house for centuries.

    • drax

      Bet a few readers of ArlNow have lives that ended at 22 when they moved in their parents’ basements forever.

      • thecharlesriver

        and i can also bet how most of their parents vote.

        • drax

          No you can’t.

  • nunya

    wait til tomorrow afternoon. lots of drunks will be seeing ghosts.

  • Rebecca

    Pics or it didn’t happen.

  • Really

    1913? She should be getting toward the front of the wait list.

    • Louise



    Heeeeeeeeeere’s Johnny!

  • joblo

    who you gonna call?

  • Clarendon Cruiser

    Was she selling girl scout cookies way beyond there expiration date?

    • Really

      Grammar geeks! Attack!!

    • Clarendon Cruiser

      a) There
      b) They’re
      c) Their

      • nom de guerre

        I’ll take c with a lowercase t

  • novasteve

    Question for you ghost believers: If ghosts can pass through solid objects, how can they stand on the ground?

    • CrystalMikey

      Because they choose not to

      • novasteve

        So why can’t they choose to leave their haunting place? In the movies it seems ghosts aspire to want to have a corporeal body, so why would they not be able to pick up solid objects but can choose to not fall through the earth?

        • casper

          I can pick up solid objets. In fact I’m comingover to your apartment tonight to steal your cigs.

        • Morpheus

          How do you know that ghosts aren’t just glitches in the Matrix? Like your cigs – they don’t exist. When you put one in your mouth, the Matrix is telling your brain that it is smoky and delicious.

          • Tabs

            Post of the year.

            *takes long drag*

          • novasteve

            If my cigs don’t exist, then whomever came up with smoking bans is even more stupid than I thought.

          • drax

            Unless the smoking ban doesn’t exist along with your non-existent cigs.


          • Punxy

            there is no spoon.

    • CourthouseChris

      SO CUTE

  • Happy

    This is awesome. Reading this makes me so happy.

  • Don’t call me

    Hope her evil friends haunt the people who decided to take the building down.

  • stevis23

    I see it’s time to increase the science education budget again.

    • science

      I think it would be unscientific to ignore the apparent fact that “for decades people have reported seeing a girl in Victorian clothing”

      • Tabs

        It’s Melissa Bondi

        • Skeptic

          Yes, and she’s looking for years of unfiled tax returns.

  • Arlington, Northside

    All the News That’s Fit To Print, and some that is not.

  • thecharlesriver

    This is AWESOME. I would LOVE to see a ghost.

  • Arlingtonian

    Call in the Ghostbusters before its too late.

  • Tabs

    If she’s really as friendly as reported, we could use her help part-time checking people in at the pool. $10/hour, no benes.

    • Marc

      What benefits would a ghost want anyway? Health insurance? Life insurance?

      • Brownflipflops

        Home (demolition) insurance?

  • Mary Queen of Scots

    I’d love to see a ghost as well.

    Overlee will learn that karma’s a b$tch. Tearing that cool old house down just to appease type-A Swim Team Parents is so wrong.

    • thecharlesriver

      Hear hear!

    • Seriously? Swim Team Parents had nothing to do with the tearing down. The building was a menace to society and falling down under members’ feet. Sad, but true; it needed replacing.

      • Punxy

        Monica is right — the tear down was the choice not to decide — the house wasn’t maintained properly for too long because that’s what the members voted on — it was cheaper to tear it down and build an amazing house with handicap access and better spaces for rentals and pool manager living quarters (they couldn’t even live in there for the last couple years as the ceiling was falling in) that to fix the place and have and old historic, but pretty inappropriate to the needs space. Nothing to do with swim team.

        • drax

          Actual true facts are irrelevant here. Someone must be bashed for being stupid or selfish!

  • novasteve

    Yeah, why do ghosts always wear victorian clothes? In Italy do they ahve any Roman ghosts from the ancient roman empire? Are there Etruscan ghosts walking around dressed in etruscan clothes?

    And why would clothing appear as an apparition? You’d think they’d be naked, as clothes really were never alive, never had a soul, etc. Unless I’m mistaken about wool or cotton, and with the new synthetics…..

    • immature boy ghost

      I want to see a nekkid lady ghost.

    • Calling you on it

      I know you only used Etruscans as an example because you played Age of Empires.

      gamer fail.

      • Tabs


        Present tense, I reckon.

        • Josh S

          Imagine my shock when my son comes home from school one day telling about how he learned about Mansa Musa. I had no idea the guy was real!

  • South Awwwlington

    That’s what happens when you tear down a truly historical property…

    • South Awwwlington

      *truly historic*

      ARLnow – please give us editing rights… 🙂

      • drax

        It is “truly historic.”

        ARLnow, please give us editing rights.

  • Yup

    Arlington needs a visit from the Ghostfacers.

  • SamsontheCat

    Does anyone know what she talks about? Do ghosts keep up on current affairs or does she just keep commenting on how sad it is the Titanic sank last year and asking what’s the news from the Ottoman Empire?

    • Clarendon Cruiser

      She is still probably celebrating the Cubs’ recent World Series Win in 1908

    • Eponymous Coward

      She complains how much Arlington spends on streetcars.

      • True

        Ha. Comment of the year!

  • esmith69

    I never thought I’d live to see the day when I’d say this…but…I have to agree with Novasteve on this one. I really find it hard to believe anything related to ghosts.

    Feel free to believe anything you want, but also please try to understand why it might be hard for most people to believe these kind of claims…

    • drax

      Wow, it took the existence of ghosts for steve to hit the mainstream.

      • Tabs

        Or non-existence! Gotcha!

        • drax

          The issue of the existence of ghosts, I meant.

  • JimPB

    The date for this story should have been 4.01.

  • Helen

    “I believe, I believe, I believe!”

  • geezer

    our house is haunted by the spectre of the lobsters that I brutally murdered in our kitchen….please make them go away!

    • Josh S

      That would suck. They’re creepy looking enough when they’re alive. I still don’t understand how anyone ever decided that eating a lobster was the thing to do…..but thankful that they did, of course.

  • CSEM

    Don’t we all have a camera on our phones now?

    If I can snap a great sunset while driving (not advocating, not advocating), then someone who is chatting it up with a ghost can certainly take a moment to get the little lady to smile for the camera as well…

    It’s called MULTI-TASKING.


      People who “chat it up” with ghosts don’t know at the time that there talking to ghosts, they think they’re talking to living person.

  • Clarendon Cruiser

    Can ghosts swim? Do they displace water? Can they get sunburned? I won’t sleep until we get to the bottom of this!

    • casper

      yes, no. no

    • BalancedOpinion

      Ghosts can swim but do not displace water. They will take up residence in the brand new unheated Social Pool because they like freezing cold places and they like to be around others who are ignored. The swim team will practice unobstructed in heated lanes.

  • Brownflipflops

    Here’s the real question, what are a bunch of construction workers doing talking to a 14 year old girl? (Be it a ghost…). They didn’t advocate the “stranger danger” rule in 1913?

    • Tabs

      Come drink your meeelk!

      • Lizzie Borden

        Is that an ax I see in your toolkit, Mr. Construction Worker?

  • OralePues

    HDM!!! (OMG in spanish), es el chupacabra!!!

    • Chupacabra

      No. Estoy seguro de que no me resulta.

  • Spooky Ghost!

  • drax

    Can a ghost make a rock so big even he can’t lift it?

    Oh, wait, wrong debate.

  • Jim

    I lived there for 12 years. I was not a believer but I did experience a lot during my stay. Not really scary but not easily explained. By the time I left the pool I guess you could say I had more of an open mind on the subject of ghosts. The house was falling apart due to years of patchwork repairs, sadly it was the only solution. The house was a Victorian house sooo Victorian clothes might make sense.

    • Tabs

      Such as…?

    • Just the Facts

      “The house was falling apart” = explanation for “not easily explained” spooky noises and/or things falling off the walls/mantles.

      What else ya got?

      • Jim

        Music and humming in the middle of the night, Lights on that I turned off, a basketball that rolled out of a room and took a 90 degree turn and stopped at the doorway of a room I was in. My dog laying next to a door that went to the clubhouse wagging her tail, sniffing the bottom of the door and whining (a door that we never took her down by the way). On several occasions I heard whispering (bestway to describe it) coming over our baby monitor. Like I said alot might be able to be explained but when I heard stories of others who have lived in the house over the years there are som similarities. I have been sitting on these stories until recently. I have only told a couple of others.

        • Just the Facts


        • Tabs

          Although I’m enjoying the jokey banter in this thread, I don’t doubt your story.

          There are things that defy easy or logical explanation–at least as far as our understanding is concerned.

        • drax

          Leaky windows letting music from cars inside, old shorted wiring, sagging floors that cause balls to roll in strange directions, mice in the walls attracting the attention of dogs. And anyone who has ever had a baby monitor knows that it picks up both background radiation and bits of conversations from wireless phones and other baby monitors nearby.


  • Zelora

    That house in Arlington was not the residence of Margaret Amelia Fabrey at the time of her death.
    Her death notice, Washington Post, Jan. 16, 1913:
    On Wednesday, January 15, 1913, at 12:30 p.m., Margaret A., only child of Ernest J. and Grace W. Febrey.
    Funeral from parents’ residence, 3547 Thirteenth street northwest, Friday, January 17 at 1 p.m. Interment at Oakwood Cemetery, Falls Church, Va.
    I suppose she could have decided to haunt her OLD house instead of her NEW one. . . .

    • Tabs

      Only child. Wow, that’s pretty sad.

      • Josh S


    • kcb203

      Are you sure that’s not the house? At some point in the 30s or 40s, all the streets in Arlington were renamed and renumbered.

  • Ytown91

    I worked there in the 80s/90s with Jim. The house was in bad shape then. I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did. The place was definitely creepy.

  • John Andre

    This was the place which was supposed to have been torn down…how can the ghost hang around if the house was torn down? I thought that “haunting” ceases if the object of the “haunting” is removed.

    • Tabs

      In Poltergeist I, the ghosts were acting out because the houses were built on top of a cemetery. In Amitville Horror, the land on which the house was built was apparently an Indian burial ground.

  • DarkHeart

    Was that ghost responsible for my FIOS Internet going down last night? At least she left the TV part working is I could see Duke lose.

  • Punxy

    also please note that while the house, which was not a registered historic home was torn down great efforts have been made to preserve the award winning Wye Oak (former tree of the year or something).

  • thecharlesriver

    I dont understand why they would destroy this nice old home unless it’s been deemed structurally unsafe. It seems like a waste. I’m sure there are plenty of uses for that building.

    • Josh


  • Arlingtonian

    I think stories like this are fun. Please do more like this.

  • Dan

    Are people having hallucinations on a property? Before considering it haunted check for a radon leak.

    • thecharlesriver

      I assure you, the universe is not limited to only that which a pea-brained MAN has proven. There’s a whole lot more.

      • drax

        Prove it.

    • Tabs

      Radon can cause cancer, not hallucinations.

    • Jim

      I had the association install radon detectors in the basement soon after I moved in. Like I said weird stuff but I can’t say that I had a Catholic priest on speed dial.


    I don’t get why people who don’t believe in ghosts are always trying to disprove there existence. People who haven’t seen ghosts have no evidence to anything! Maybe there scared…who knows.

    I’ve been in the house and this isn’t the first I’ve heard of it being haunted. I heard about the ghost of the girl before reading this too.

    Another haunted house in the area is the Reevesland farmhouse in Bluemont park. I’ve only ever seen one ghost in my life and it was an old woman in the top level of the Reevesland farmhouse. For the skeptics, there is no possible way into the farmhouse, everything is boarded up and I’ve talked to the property manager to make sure of this.


    umm excuse me….all you guys dont know what your talking about. this IS real i know this because i swim for overlee and have spent my WHOLE childhood there. for those of you who dont belive it….well get a life. She is part of our history, and we have accepted her. I know people who have seen her and other ghosts as well. and shes not going to hurt you, nor are any of them…so the house was not haunted it was just lived in.

    • Overlee Ghost Girl

      Thanks for sticking up for me.

      So I like to swim and haunt people. Get over it, people. I’ve just been evicted, you know, so I’m looking for a new place. Don’t dis me or maybe I’ll come haunt your McMansion. Though I’m thinking about a nice condo in the Clarendon area.

  • ef yourself

    wtf, when did arlington turn into a place of full ghost-believing idiots?

  • Beezlbub


    • Tabs

      She’s in the TV!!

  • Tabs

    Hey, arlnow, this story was picked up by the local news.


    Y’all who don’t believe this need to get a life at OVERLEE
    Because y’all aint fast enough to swim for OVERLEE
    And I was born there so it’s said for me to see my home
    be recked and I’m glad that ghost is out because she can help all them believers about this and if you don’t think this is true…
    Well then Y’all c—- are scared


      Ya listen to this guy or gal their the spirte is in the ghost

  • Ali

    so scary!!!

    • James

      But… WHO WAS PHONE?

  • Cindy

    The ghost may have been the mice that had infested the house last summer and ate all the popsicles

  • Chapin

    lol. I go to Overlee pool. I’ll make sure to look out for the ghost!

  • QualityCare Water Delivery

    We just filled the swiming pool the other night 6/12/12 ??????
    I have a photo of something that looks like a ghost .

  • lisaf

    Would love to know Margaret’s DOB and why do the graves of her and her parents look somewhat new?


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