Pershing Drive Shut Down Due to Gas Leak

by ARLnow.com March 21, 2012 at 11:34 am 3,584 16 Comments


(Updated at 1:35 p.m.) Pershing Drive has been closed at N. Cleveland Street, between N. Barton Street and N. Danville Street in the Lyon Park neighborhood, due to a reported gas leak.

So far crews aren’t sure how big the ruptured gas line is, but there are concerns that it may be a larger distribution line.

Police are redirecting traffic around the leak until the gas company can patch up the line. The leak is three blocks from Fort Myer and one block from an apartment construction site.

Update at 12:50 p.m. — We hear that Pershing Drive will remain closed for “a couple of hours” while gas company crews dig up the street to reach the leak.

  • Marc

    Weren’t there recently a number of suspicious packages left near natural gas metering and control equipment in this area?

  • Josh S

    Are we getting any explanation from the utility as to why we are having so many leaks recently? Two on Glebe Rd, not far from here a few weeks back. Any connection? Do we just have old pipes at this point? Would be a shame to have situation like San Francisco did last year with the gas main explosion…..

    • The Glebe Road gas leaks were both the result of construction crews rupturing the line. Not sure about this one.

      • Josh S

        OK. I remembered that one had been construction crews, but I didn’t realize the other was, too. In that case, never mind. Coincidence, I guess.

  • CW

    Early lunch at El Charrito…

  • Hope

    There is so much construction on that section of Pershing that it might be an error by a construction crew. I doubt there is a connection. My poor auto is tired of the bumpy roads around the whole section from 10th to Arlington Blvd to Pershing.

  • Swag

    Hopefully they’ll tear up the entire street to fix the leak. Maybe then we can actually get that sh*t paved.

  • sarah

    There has been on-going utility work on N Cleveland near N Pershing for the last week. The leak might be a product of this utility work (unrelated to the new apartments being built).

  • novasteve

    What’s with gas leaks in this area? They constantly happen. I was a couple years ago walking down 10th Street N and smelled gas, and flagged down a police offer to report it.

    • nom de guerre

      Was it natural gas or flatus? Was the smell preceded by a sound?

    • Swag

      By 11th St.? Washington Gas was out there several times but it was a couple months before they actually found/fixed the problem.

      Was it you that got the entire street shutdown because of it?

      • novasteve

        It was 10th and about Daniel (or is it Danville)? This was about 4-5 years ago.

  • novasteve

    Fortunately if there’s a gas shortage, chipotle_addict can help out the neighborhood.

  • ducttape411

    This is kind of ridiculous, the construction workers should really PAY MORE ATTENTION to what they’re doing. On Glebe road, they broke the water line, and the gas line twice. I’m wondering if they used the same people who fixed Glebe road to fix Pershing, I think it’s time to find someone new if so. . . It’s bad enough we have to breathe in exhaust fumes, great, let’s break all the gas lines in Arlington, and breathe all that too!

    • Josh S

      Well, as long as the construction company was penalized in some way.

  • JSF

    Sagres Construction company was contracted by Arlington County to replace a main sewer line on N Cleveland St & Pershing Dr. They ruptured an old gas line that was not on any city drawings. Even the Gas company had no record of where it came from or went. Feel free to contact them with questions at 703-924-7220.


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