Shuttleworth Campaign Fights to Get on Ballot

by ARLnow.com April 3, 2012 at 9:38 am 6,088 37 Comments

The campaign of Bruce Shuttleworth, would-be Democratic primary challenger to Rep. Jim Moran, is vowing to press on after election officials determined that it came up 18 signatures short of the 1,000 needed to get on the June 12 primary ballot.

“After careful examination and confirmation of our petition against voter rolls, we are supremely confident that this is nothing more than a minor clerical error,” Shuttleworth for Congress spokeswoman Talisha Hill told ARLnow.com. “We intend to work closely with the staff at the Board of Elections to resolve this clerical issue.”

Should Shuttleworth not be able to get on the ballot, Moran will be able to save his $462,964 campaign war chest for the November general election, where he will face Republican Patrick Murray. Murray, who unsuccessfully challenged Moran in 2010, has raised $21,872 as of the latest reporting date.

  • Captain Obvious

    So, Editor, what exactly was the clerical error? Surely the campaign was happy to discuss it.

    • Jackson

      I think that question needs to be put to Shuttleworth for Congress spokeswoman Talisha Hill. I imagine she didn’t exactly say “the county counted wrong.” It’s probably code for “We want to be on the ballot anyway.”

      • Aaron

        If you can’t get your stuff together enough to meet a relatively simple requirement like 1,000 signatures from a 400,000-resident congressional district, then how do you expect to actually function if sworn in as a real life congresscritter?

        This seems like a fairly simple way of weeding out those who aren’t legitimate options for federal office from gumming up the system (and I’ll say this as a person who has precious few nice things to say about Moran and would love to see a nasty partisan fight put a dent in his campaign chest).

    • drax

      It’s likely the campaign doesn’t know yet, but simply suspects that it is an error. It’s own count and inspection has a different tally, but it wasn’t there when the county counted.

  • Quoth the Raven

    Look into my eyes….you WILL vote for me!!!

    • Tabs


      Bald guys don’t win elections anyway. (He is nice-looking, but bald guys don’t.win.elections.)

  • nunya

    supremely confident?

  • Arlington, Northside

    Another four years of Jim Moran, oh brother, God help us all!

    • Wilburg

      Yes, God please help us… from this candidate…. that the *majority* of people in the district keep voting for. Obviously he is out of touch. So out of touch with the majority that time and time and time again have voted him back into office.

      I just dont understand NOVA politics. The people keep voting for the democrats over and over and over again who clearly they dont want to be voting for and clearly dont represent their views and clearly have been doing a lousy job (best schools, best parks, healthiest county, high employment, successful businesses, smart growth).

      Damn this democracy.

      • Curious George

        Well I would say not the best schools as re-electing Moran would be for 2 years and not 4.

        • Arlington, Northside

          No one is going to waste their efforts in an off year election on unseating him unfortunately.

          • Car-Free Diet

            Really? You actually think a Republican has a better chance of getting elected in a Presidential election year that drives the highest turnout, when Arlington County is so predominantly Democratic?

            Who are you?

            The Arlington Republican Party’s political consultant? I. Noel Poop?

          • Arlington, Northside

            I was talking another D in a primary as well as an R.

      • Zoning Victim

        You don’t seem to have very good grasp of either Moran’s effect on government or how Moran keeps getting re-elected.

        For starters, he’s a US Representative, not on the County Board; he has nothing to do with any of the niceties you stated about living in Arlington County. Even when he was a Virginia politician, he was on the City Council of Alexandria and then served as Deputy Mayor and then Mayor; so no credit for the quality of life in Arlington there, either.

        Moran is a classic entrenched politician. He’s in a heavily Democratic district where he rarely faces serious primary challenges, despite not being well liked by his constituency. His last serious challenge was all the way back in 2004. Not having to face primary challengers all that often allows him to preserve his war chest during elections; not that many Republicans would have much of a chance of winning this district.

        • drax

          To say that a congressman has no effect on his district is a stretch.

          He gets elected because he gets the most votes. If you don’t like him, run against him.

          • Zoning Victim

            Moran has very little to do with how Arlington County spends their money. It doesn’t seem to me that arguing over debt ceilings, calling everybody racist, protecting circus animals and not showing up to vote about twice as often as the median Congressman has a lot to do with the number of parks, quality of schools, being the healthiest county (whatever that means) or smart growth. I suppose you could make the argument that he has some impact on the business landscape since he helps form monetary policy at the federal level and that’s over 20% of Arlington’s economy.

            He gets re-elected because the Democratic Party never supports strong primary candidates against him. To do so would be self-defeating since they would lose all of his committee appointments if a freshman Congressman took his place, but you already know that.

            “If you don’t like him, run against him.”

            This is a stupid statement.

          • drax

            Moran has alot to do with how the federal government spends its money in Arlington though.

            And since the federal government is a huge employer and landowner and all that around here, he has even more impact than the average congressman in that area. Like you said, 20%.

            He gets re-elected because he gets his party’s nomination, and then gets the most votes. Like every candidate.

            “This is a stupid statement.”

            This is a stupid statement.

          • Car-Free Diet

            Moran has alot to do with how the federal government spends its money in Arlington though? Really?

            I thought Moran didn’t support that colossal new DoD office building complex right off 395 near Seminary Road. You know, the gigantic F Up that is so bad Moran lead the fight to prevent Dod from fully utilizing it.

            But know that you explain how crucially involved and consulted Moran is in regards to federal spending in his district, I can only conclude that Moran was consulted and did give the go ahead to build the monstrosity.

            In either case, Moran is a fouled mouth, egotistical, fool.

            He is good at irrational attacks against political opponents; and protecting federal employees.

  • Chris

    Cannot unsee…

  • j

    settle down Beavis

  • Audrey

    From what I understand, they had WELL over 1000 signatures – the majority of which were validated before submission. Makes one wonder why the Board of Elections could only validate 982.

    • Arlington, Northside

      Moran supporters….

      • Car-Free Diet

        Ya think?

    • OccasionallyAFact

      The Arlington registrar’s office is well known for high-quality, dispassionate work. The staff reviews petition signatures carefully in order to accept as many as can be identified as currently registered voters. The campaign might have been able to pre-check a majority of “well over 1000” — for instance, 60% of 1400 would be 840 — but it’s the registrar’s count that counts.

      • Suburban Not Urban

        Yes – but the rules are pretty picking and sometimes they disqualify for things that are pretty marginal – and just honest user error(I think things like your signature diff than the voter role can disqualify). I think if a real voter intented to sign and really lives in the district then it should count. With an 18 count margin – I hope there’s an appeals process that lets the real voter come in person and overturn the signature disqualification.

  • Garden City

    I hope Mr. Bigglesworth doesn’t get upset.

    • Tabs

      See? What did I say.

  • Alexandria Dem

    Shuttleworth has not really run a campaign, because he isn’t really a candidate. Shuttleworth is being funded by a Republican PAC in Texas (the Wall Street Journal covered this on March 29) and by his wife, a DC lawyer/lobbyist for the soft drink and consumer-service finance industries who represents the “Thank You for Smoking” clientele. Shuttleworth was endorsed by former Democratic candidate Radle, a convict who used to run as a Republican. Shuttleworth had previously advertised that he was endorsed by Maryland Democratic Attorney General Gansler, who denied making the endorsement (Shuttleworth had to withdraw the claim from his web site). Shuttleworth hasn’t disclosed the circumstances of Navy his pre-obligation release during wartime (he’s a Naval Academy alum and a fighter pilot, normally a ten-year obligation, of which he served barely half) — how did he get out of his service obligations? Shuttleworth needs to come clean, and he hasn’t; now, having lost, he won’t have to.

    • Arlington, Northside

      Jim, is that you spreading such lies and deceit? There has never been a ten year obligation after the naval academy! Even for pilots. Pathetic that you would question the honorable service of a patriot who served over Somalia and the Balkins during the ’90s when you balked at serving in the ’60s because you were afraid to serve in Vietnam. Tell us again how you avoided the draft?

      • Alex Dem 2

        I called the Navy and asked about the service obligation. They said that there’s a document called “Op Nav Inst 1420, Chapter 3” that imposes a total eight year minimum service obligation on Academy graduates. They also said that there’s a law, 10 US Code, 653, that also puts at least six but usually eight years on the tally for flight training. So it sure looks like there really is a service obligation that Shuttleworth got out of.

  • Arlingtonian

    Moran supports the widening of I-66. He did nothing to stop Frank Wolf’s legislation to transfer control of tthe freeway to the Commonwealth of Virginia (which loves to widen highways) He does nothing to discourage Frank Wolf’s continuing efforts to appropriate funds to widen I-66 and the G.W. Parkway, even though he is a member of the House Committee on Appropriations.

    Maybe he thinks that most Arlingtonians would like to see I-66 and other local highways widened. Maybe he disagrees with the County Board’s efforts to stop this. Maybe he is correct. Nobody knows, because no opposing candidates ever question his position.

    Interesting, isn’t it?

    • Car-Free Diet

      Not really, if you look at Moran’s congressional district.

      It cannot be said enough, Arlington is not the center of Virginia, let alone the USA, let alone the Universe.

      Get out of your bubble, Arlingtonian.

    • Arlington, Northside

      I have no problem with widening I-66, and I live two houses away from it. I would rather have cars moving than idleing on the road.

  • AlexinArl

    Moran is well known for getting his would be opponents out before they can get on the ballot. I know the campaign had nearly 2000 signatures verified from looking up the voter lists prior to the count. This reeks of corruption.

    • Arlington, Northside

      Reeks of the Boston Democratic Machine, typical Moran buddies. One day his true nature will go too far, and he will have no choice but to step down.

  • Jugufly

    Sounds like there are a lot of disgruntled peeps with Moran out there. No?


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