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Crime Report: Cash Briefcase Edition

by ARLnow.com April 4, 2012 at 1:30 pm 4,146 43 Comments

A would-be crime victim said “no deal” to a criminal who tried to steal his briefcase full of cash.

The attempted robbery took place in a Crystal City parking garage. According to this week’s Arlington County crime report, the victim was able to hang on to his briefcase even after the suspect struck him in the back of the head.

ATTEMPTED ROBBERY, 04/02/12, 2400 block of S. Crystal Drive. At 5 am on April 2, a victim was walking from his car to his place of work, when he was struck in the back of the head by an unknown object by a subject. The suspect attempted to steal the victim’s briefcase, which was carrying approximately $1,000 cash, but was unable to get the victim to release his grip. The suspect fled the scene on foot and the victim alerted a building security guard. The suspect is described as a black male, approximately 5’9″ tall and 250 lbs. At the time of the attempted robbery, the suspect was wearing all black, with a black ski mask covering his face.

The rest of this week’s crime report, after the jump.

ARMED ROBBERY, 04/01/12, 2100 block of S. 6thStreet. On April 1 at 9 pm, an unknown suspect approached two men changing a flat tire on a taxi cab and brandished a handgun in an attempt to rob them for money. The victims did not have any cash in their possession and handed their cell phones over instead. The suspect fled the scene on foot and is described as a black male, approximately 5’6″ tall, with a skinny build. The suspect was wearing a black jacket and yellow pants at the time of the robbery.

INDECENT EXPOSURE, 03/29/12, W & OD Trail at N. Ohio Street. On March 29, at 11 am, a male subject exposed himself to two women on the W & OD Trail. The victims reported that the subject was masturbating while using one hand to cover his face. The suspect is described as a white male, approximately 5’8″-5’10” tall, with a chubby build. The suspect was wearing jeans, a black sweatshirt and black sunglasses at the time of the incident.

INDECENT EXPOSURE, 03/31/12, 3500 block of N. Wilson Boulevard. At approximately 4:42 am on March 31, an officer observed a male subject masturbating while standing on the sidewalk in front of a convenience store. Nathanael Lovett, 28, of no fixed address, was charged with indecent exposure and held without bail.

BURGLARY, 03/30/12, 4400 block of N. 25thStreet. Between 8:20 am and 4:30 pm, on March 30, an unknown subject(s) entered a residence and stole various items to include jewelry and sterling silver flatware. There is no suspect(s) description.

BURGLARY, 03/31/12, 1100 block of N. Stuart Street. On March 31, between 2:30 and 8 pm, an unknown subject(s) entered a residence through a side door and stole a television. There is no suspect(s) description.

BURGLARY, 04/03/12, 1000 block of N. Kensington Street. Between 11 am and 5 pm, on April 2, an unknown subject(s) entered a residence through the unlocked front door and stole a television and Playstation 3. There is no suspect(s) description.


04/03/12, VA JKN6541, 2005 Honda Accord, Light Blue, 600 block of N. Glebe Road

  • DarkHeart

    Has ACPD solved the case of the Stolen Ashlawn iPads?

  • Good Grief

    Why would anyone carry around a briefcase full of cash?

    • SomeGuy

      Carrying cash is handy for when you want to spend it or deposit it at a bank. That’s probably why the victim was carrying it.

      How would you propose he transport cash?

      • Geezer

        at 5AM? sounds more like a drug deal gone awry to me.

        • Lou

          Planning to go to the bank during lunch.

        • awh hells bells

          Speculative, but highly probable. If only the victim only vaguely revealed that the contents of the brief case contained priceless information, that’d be a better crime caper heist story. Like Ronin, except without Bobby De Niro or that English guy from the Taster’s Choice commercial.

        • drax

          The real question is how a guy knows to put a ski mask and sneak up behind a guy at 5 am and try to steal something that most people only carry worthless papers in.

          Seems the perp knew there was cash in the case and where the case was going to be at 5 am. Not a random mugging.

  • Hokies300

    Who carries a briefcase full of cash? How did this robber know the briefcase contained cash?

    I need a good laugh, please tell me it was just like the movies– a silver, metal briefcase that was handcuffed around the owner’s wrist.

    • nunya

      i was thinking the same thing.

      like a crook robbing another crook.

      either that or that was a case full of ones and he was going to Crystal City Restaurant for some adult entertainment.

      • CCR Dancer

        Hey baby, hey baby, hey baby, hey…

  • MyGuess

    A manager for a bar, restaurant, or hotel could have been carrying that much on his way to or from the bank if they don’t use an armored car service.

  • Not a Criminal

    $1,000 is hardly a “briefcase full of cash”. Seriously, that’s like 10 bills.

    • Good Grief

      Or 1,000 bills..

    • JamesE

      Hell yeah breh, I carry at least $10k in bills with me when I go to Spider K’s.

    • 22207

      Seriously. I’m usually out on the weekends with 10 or 12 Benjamins tucked in my front pocket. You never know where the night might go.

  • Masterbating in front of a convenience store….? Oh…. those Half Smokes look fantastic….think I need to pull it out. WTF?

    • Mac

      I’ll give you a half smoke!

  • HighViewPunk

    Why would anyone put on yellow pants for an armed robbery?

  • MC 703

    $1000 cash sounds like a lot but think about all the girls walking around with $7500 engagement rings. I’m surprised more women don’t get jumped for them.

    • Joey Bag-o-Donuts

      Rings are too tough to fence.

    • GC2

      Likewise, many watches are worth many times that, and I often carry at least $500 in my wallet, depending on how long since I last visited an ATM or traveled. $1000 seems a little laughable to be carrying around in a briefcase, unless the briefcase had other items in it.

  • Richard Cranium

    Stupid Robber. Everyone knows the easy targets in Arlington are the banks.

  • JohnB

    He was probably planning on making it rain in Donaldson Run.

    • drax


    • CrystalMikey

      I LOL’ed

    • Mr T

      Prime example of an excellent D.R. quip…well done!

  • nunya

    oh. and the dude was 5’9″ 250lbs.

    not the most in shape of hoodlums.

    and who happens to have a ski mask handy at 5AM on a Monday.

    mustabeen casing the guy for a time…or an inside job.

    • WeiQiang

      5am? A particular guy in a particular garage with a particular brief case with cash? Yeah, inside job.

  • Marco

    So if after getting struck in the back to the head with an unknown object, if I decided to put a few hollow points in the guy’s chest, I must first take the time to verify whether or not my assailant’s skin color is white. If white, I suppose I can simply defend myself. If not, I, my family, and friends will likely be excoriated by the media, the president, and feckless rubes like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

    In reality, I always carry, and won’t take time to consider whether or not affirmative action is a greater cause than my own life. Glad to hear the victim held on and kept the money. Things don’t always turn out so great.

    • WeiQiang

      wow. Project much?

    • KalashniKEV

      No, but if you are not a peace officer and happen to be conducting an armed pursuit, make sure you follow good escalation of force criteria before you attempt to stop and question, or detain.

      Or… just don’t do any of that.

    • SouthArlJD

      Or maybe you could avoid any such encounter at all by NOT chasing an unknown person whom you have not witnessed committing any crime until he feels compelled to confront you because all he knows is some lunatic is chasing him at night for no reason he can think of other than that the other person intends to do him some harm. It would be especially helpful if you deliberately ignored a police dispatcher’s request that you NOT chase said unknown person who might decide to turn and confront you out of fear for his own life and unaware that you’re feeling really cocky because you’re packing and eager to “put a few hollow points in the guy’s chest.” Yeah, man, that sure makes you sound like a tough guy. Bet you have some real swagger in your walk. Too bad an innocent 17 year old boy had to die because the man chasing him had the same self-assuredness in the awareness that he was packing and that solved any potential problems.

      • KalashniKEV

        We’re in basic agreement, but WOW… I hope you don’t place emotion over facts in the performance of your job. (If you’ve got one involving lawyering)

    • drax

      Let’s assume we know all the facts just like the people we’re criticizing!

  • grood

    This didnt make the Arlington crime list because it didnt happen in Arlington, however, the crime was committed by an Arlington resident and is pretty despicable. What kind of 40-yr old man does this? – http://www.wjla.com/articles/2012/03/couple-attacked-by-four-men-over-a-taxi-after-van-halen-concert-74410.html

    • KalashniKEV

      I guess he was “Runnin’ with the Dev-illlllllll”

      • awh hells bells

        So much for dancing the night away.

        • You’d have thought this would have been in the crime report after the jump.

          • Quoth the Raven

            OB, you really got me with that one.

          • OldTimer

            Because that’s what Dreams are made of…

    • drax

      A 40-year-old Van Halen fan, that’s who.

  • Dezlboy

    Quote, “the subject was masturbating while using one hand to cover his face.”

    Heck, if I had it out on public display and could hold it with one hand, I’d cover my face also. 🙂

  • roquer

    1) wonder how the bad guy knew to try to steal that briefcase.Out of all the briefcases carried here, he gets the one that has cash? Hard to believe that’s a coincidence.
    2) what nitwit burglar steals TVs? They went out when we got laptops…a long, long time ago


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