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Man Struck By Van on I-66

by ARLnow.com April 9, 2012 at 10:45 am 5,606 72 Comments

(Updated at 1:30 p.m.) A pedestrian was struck by a van on I-66 Saturday morning.

The incident started around 5:30 a.m., when police were called for a man spotted banging on a vehicle in a parking garage on the 1900 block of N. Lynn Street, in Rosslyn. The man fled on foot before police arrived, and building security witnessed him heading in the direction of I-66, according to Arlington County Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck.

Minutes later, police received a call for a pedestrian struck on I-66 near Route 110.

“A male subject was in the eastbound I-66 travel lane when he was struck by an eastbound van,” Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller told ARLnow.com. “The van was coming through the curve and was unable to avoid striking the pedestrian in the lane.”

“The driver of the van, 68-yr-old Linden, Va. male, was not charged in this incident,” Geller said. “The pedestrian, Nicholas F. Brizzi, 26, of Arlington, remains in the hospital with life-threatening injuries.”

Arlington County police helped to direct traffic on I-66 for an hour while Virginia State Police investigated the accident, according to Sternbeck.

  • og

    is banging on cars the new planking?

    hopefully he pulls through

    • Fred Jr

      [This post has been removed per comment policy]

      • Quoth the Raven

        I don’t think “common criminals” typically run onto highways or bang on cars.

        • Thes

          Looks like this guy may have had a few brushes with the law in the past, as someone by that name has convictions in Arlington for drunk in public an pot possession. However, he doesn’t appear to have committed any serious crimes. From those limited details, sounds more like a troubled person who could use a good social worker to get on the right track in life. Hope he lives.

          • Alexandra Brizzi

            you need to remove your comment as well who the h are you to look up his record and put it on here. shame on you have some respect

      • SouthArlJD

        Actually, I think this young man might be a neighbor. Something’s amiss here, but he’s no common criminal. Maybe you should get off the computer and go find your compassion. You seem to have misplaced it.

        • Good Grief


          • Fred Jr

            And I agree. My sincere apologizes to his family, I posted without thinking first. The story just sounded strange, but I truly wish Nick a speedy, fast and healthy recovery

      • Zee

        Really? You guys don’t even know his family to say such a comment. Ignorance kills…

        • ArlRat


  • CW

    Whoa, read that wrong at first. Missed the “on”. Naughty.

    • .T-G.E.O.A

      Your not the only one

  • nunya

    WTF happened this weekend. bunch of craziness.

    • Jack

      Agreed, some weird things are driving people to go nuts. Hmm, its best to put on my tinfoil hat now. 🙂

  • DP

    It was a full moon. Mystery solved.

    • Not a fan

      I can only hope that law enforcement personnel do not adopt this simplistic approach. Ordinary people find themselves in unusual circumstances every day. I am no detective – nor do I play one on TV. But if I were investigating a situation in which an individual was seen pounding on car windows in a garage and shortly thereafter ran onto a major highway, one avenue I would wish to explore was whether that individual was trying to escape from someone in pursuit. Perhaps there was a crime in progress. A hold-up? Threatening thuggery? Collection of gambling debts after a night of card playing? A romantic liaison interrupted by a jealous boyfriend? It doesn’t take much imagination at all to find many plausible explanations of this unusual behavior. And many of them do not involve a tin-foil hat.

      • Maria

        Out of curiosity, are you genuinely concerned that the police might adopt the “it’s a full moon” approach? If so, Jack has a hat for you.

        • Not a fan

          Of course not. I had merely wished to point out, courteously, that there exists the possibility that there extenuating circumstances that led to the incident. As opposed to instantly attributing a mental defect to an individual with whom I am not acquainted, which comes across as impolite in a public forum.

          • speonjosh


        • brian

          is march madness over yet?

          a lot of B.P. illness acts up this time of year.

  • DB

    I would have to make the assumption that the driver is from Linden, Virginia—not “Lyndon, Va.”

    • That’s correct, we have changed the reference.

      • Dina

        This article has to come down now! Worse things happen out there but to put someones personal business out there is none of ANYONE’s business out here. Justice will be served.

        • speonjosh

          Err, what does THAT mean, Dina?

          • Worse things happen…. there are other criminals out there that should be put on BLAST! He works hard and supports his family. S–t from the past shouldn’t and will not make him who he is today, you guys disgust me. Acting like you’ve never done any wrong is your life…then you would be named god! but your not and won’t.


          • Frank

            Public. Record. Fact.

          • Tseug

            Remember that your past can come back to haunt you in the most inappropriate situations. If it is, it is.

  • family member

    I am a family member this article is a violation of his hippa rights I want this article altered right now

    • ArlRat

      By not obtaining family consent his name should have been kept off of this article. If the family requests that the article be taken down it needs to come down!!

      The HIPAA Privacy Rule requires appropriate safeguards to protect the privacy of personal health information, and sets limits and conditions on the uses and disclosures that may be made of such information without patient authorization.

      • some gump

        Wait, if I was in the hospital, my family could consent to having my information released without my knowledge? Dang.

        • ArlRat

          Yes. Your family could release your information on your behalf, however, in this case, the family DID NOT consent.

          • some gump

            So then it is the hospital’s fault for releasing the name?

          • ArlRat

            Maybe, but whomever obtained the story should have verified that the hospital was also complying with the law.

          • some gump

            The name was released by State Police. Go take it up with them.

          • brian

            the state police?

          • ArlRat

            Law Makers = Law Breakers….wouldn’t be the first or last time. Sad…

          • some gump

            You clearly know very little about HIPAA. Guess Google and Wikipedia let you down again. [sad trombone]

      • brian


        sounds more like the police report released his name, NO?

        • Brian K

          Not the police report, but the police spokeswoman. His name is used in quote marks, from the spokeswoman

  • family member

    This article should be removed asap this is against his rights he never gave consent to have this published to out for the world to read… This is really uncalled for

    • Stan

      Why do you think so?

    • knowitall

      Public record = public knowledge = no lawsuit

  • Mary-Austin

    I went to middle/high school with Nick he was a good kid.
    Hope he makes it.

  • ses

    Nick is a Man with a kind heart and he is not a criminal nor a bad person. Everyone that is here posting negative things just remember that he is someones son, someones brother, someones love one and don’t do to others what you would never want done to you! What he needs now is positive energy, prayers and the people that care for him and love him to surpass this difficult time. God Bless you Nick!!

    • CF

      I agree with you. All the speculation and random comments should not be tolerated. At the end of the day, we are all humans and should show some empathy towards others misfortune/pain. Good or bad, rich or poor we are all susceptible to accidents and life altering events. All this negativity just goes to show you how ignorant and ill-hearted people are. May they never have to face anything like this because they would probably be the first ones to break!…I hope things work out for the best for Nick. I have never meet him but I do hope the best outcome for him, his family and loved ones.

  • ArlRat

    Public knowledge or not, some of these comments are uncalled for. At the end of the day, the commenter’s on here were not present when this incident took place; your criticism is all based on speculation over what could have happened. Let’s be mindful of Nick and his loved ones during these difficult times. M

    • arlntv

      Agreed ArlRat. Rather than fixating on what no one knows, why doesn’t everyone use there energy in wishing this young man a speedy recovery?

      • ArlRat

        Agreed +1!!

  • Jason S.

    I think we need to put up about 14 stop lights through there.

    • In the know

      And apparently some crosswalks as well

  • Alexandra Brizzi

    I am his sister and I tried to contact the writer of this article he ignored my phone call as well as my parents attempts to contact him. We want this article off the web now. If this is not down in a day we are going to take legal action. The hospital did not release any information they are taking care of him and trying to save his life. We ask you all to respect his privacy . Thank you

    • Lee-n-Glebe

      I hope your brother fully recovers.

      You are making yourself look silly with the “we’ll sue / call the police” whatever stuff. Just so you know.

      • arlntv

        Is that really necessary Lee-n-Glebe? If that was your loved one you would probably say/do the same thing, just so you know.

        • In the know

          If it were my loved one, I would hope they would not be messing around on a website while I was in the hospital. Its not like arlnow.com is part of the guys recovery, nor is it required in their daily life, so why be on here at such a crucial part of their life?

          • Alexandra Brizzi

            this was brought to my attention by a friend you insensitive piece of….you know the rest.. get a life

        • Lee-n-Glebe

          All I’m saying is that Arlnow is a news source that, for all I can tell, is simply reporting publicly-available facts. Threatening legal action over something that is, as horrible as it is, newsworthy makes one look silly.

          I want her brother to be OK. My only point is that threatening unsustainable legal action over a news source reporting facts isn’t helping anyone.

          And for what it’s worth, no, I wouldn’t be doing the same thing.

          • Alexandra Brizzi

            i want to protect his privacythat is all you are the one who sounds silly let it have been your family member.it could have happend to you if you want to continue to say ridiculous uncessary comments thats fine but just keep it mind that what goes around comes around!

    • juju

      Seriously these people have nothin better to do but to talk sad to say they r all government workers

    • SouthArlJD

      As an attorney I have to say you probably do not have a leg to stand on with regard to making ArlNow take down this post. However, my heart goes out to your family at this difficult time. I will ask, but suspect that at least one of my children was in school with Nick, and something about his name seems very familiar from either Little League or Boy Scouts or both. In other words, he is a contemporary of my children and it could very well be one of them instead of him in the hospital after what sounds like an uncharacteristic and unforeseen incident in the life of an essentially decent young man. Please convey to your family my hope that Nick has a full recovery and soon.

  • Melissa I am so Smart

    It’s curious that a few months ago a truck hit a person crossing Rt. 50 in the middle of the night and most posters were ready to hang the driver even though it was the middle of the night and someone was walking on Rt. 50. Today, it appears that the person that is walking on a highway gets the blame.

    • In the know

      The driver on 50 left the scene, aka hit and run, aka a crime. The driver here stayed on scene and did nothing wrong. Also, no reports about the dead guy on 50 banging on cars prior to being killed.

  • CW

    Independently, is ARLnow not going to respond to the concerns about privacy, etc., at least for the sake of clarification for the record? I am not an expert on the release of public information or medical privacy laws and it appears that a news source was simply relaying information provided to it on the record by a police spokesperson, however I would feel that clarification would be in order.

    • dirty biker

      ARL Now is a news source, a news source that was informed by “Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller” that Mr Brizzi was involved in this accident. I don’t know what more clarification is necessary…

      • CW

        Well, I wasn’t looking for an argument, I was just curious as to if this really was information that should not have been released (I know nothing of these sorts of matters). If so, then a news source could still make the decision in good faith not to report it.

        If the police should not have released the information, then that should be made known as well.

        If the information is within the public domain then there is no issue.

  • Judy

    You know its really sad to see that such people now in days have nothing better to do but talk alot. They dont know what happened that night no one does and yet some one is in critical condition and yet people still find the nerve to bad mouth others thats very sad to see.. People seriously need to grow up and leave there negativity to them selves if you have nothing nice to say then keep your mouth shut… I pray that my nick gets better as soon as possible so he can come home to his loved ones all you other people need to grow up and just leave the situation alone and stop making it worse!!!

    • Gilmer

      You’re not helping.

      • Judy

        im sorry im not here to argue with anyone i just wish people would have a little more compassion on the whole situation!!

        • Gilmer

          You certainly projected a lot of negativity in your comments. Are you sure complaining on a website is the best thing you can be doing right now?

        • Thes

          Also, perhaps you should be sure your posting that someone in “critical condition” is not a HIPAA violation…

          It is true that some of the people who comment on this blog are insensitive, ill-informed jerks and bullies. In fact, as you can see above, one of the worst comments posted was deleted by ArlNow because it a was an unwarranted personal attack on Mr. Brizzi.

          However, it is perfectly reasonable for a news organization like ArlNow to let the community know that, according to the police, a particular person ran onto an interstate highway and was struck by a vehicle, were injured and were taken to the hospital.

          I hope Mr. Brizzi makes a full recovery.

  • redneck 88

    the dumbass sould not have been running across 66 simple as that

    • James

      said the dumbass redneck……smh. go cook a squirrel or something.

  • ses

    redneck God forbid that you or one of your love ones is ever in a situation like this. God bless you and may you never receive the ignorance that you spit out.

    Nick will get pass this he is a strong man full of life and he is surrounded by love ones.


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