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Anniversary Celebration for Liberty, Lyon and Northside

by ARLnow.com April 11, 2012 at 4:09 pm 4,785 44 Comments

Liberty Tavern, Lyon Hall and Northside Social will be each be celebrating their anniversary tomorrow.

The sister establishments will be holding a joint anniversary event at Liberty Tavern (3195 Wilson Blvd) tomorrow night (Thursday, April 12). From 4:00 p.m. until close, the restaurant will be offering two specialty cocktails from its opening menu — the “Pursuit of Happiness” and the “Industrial” — for $5. Starting at 9:00 p.m., at the bar and lounge, Liberty Tavern will also be offering complimentary Liberty pizza, Lyon Hall frankfurters and Northside Social confections.

There’s no cover charge for the event. All three eateries first opened their doors in April — Liberty Tavern in 2007 and Lyon Hall and Northside Social both in 2010.

  • nom de guerre

    And on another note, Liberty Tavern’s next door neighbor, the infamous Sam’s Corner, may or may not be open for this event.

    • wimmer201

      Save a seat for novasteve…he LOVES these kinds of places.

    • Krazy Karzai

      How rude! Does Sam know no shame! A pox on him and his corner!

      • Josh S

        Judging by the state of that block, I’d say there may already be a pox on it….

        • karzai

          Glad to see people are expanding the Karzai empire by using the name.

          Not to belabor the Sam’s debate…

          That block is expected to see better days soon. A USAA Real Estate representative told me that they are bidding out the job on the Waverly at Clarendon building, expected to rise on the vacant part of that block, and they expect to start construction some time this summer.

          • JBalls

            I am offended that they cannot provide a more exact construction start date.

          • nom de guerre

            Their lack of meaningful communication regarding this project is an offense to the community. I think this project should be closed down.

          • Josh S

            Ladies and gentlemen – a new ARLnow meme is born…..

  • Contrats!

    all 3 are welcome additions to my neighbourhood. May they long continue.

  • nunya

    i can’t wait for next week’s crime report for any shenanigans from this celebration.

    • nunya

      i do miss the queen bee tho.

      • Mary-Austin

        Me too! I also liked little Viet Garden a lot back in the day.
        I really wish we could replace the crappy new places like La Tasca and Cheesecake Factory with some authentic family owned restaurants like those.

        • WeiQiang


        • DCCHughes

          Just noticed this past weekend that the Little Viet Garden has a new space–in Georgetown! It looks like the same place, but I’m still looking for confirmation.

  • Louise

    Three great restaurants!

  • John Fontain

    This trio of restaurants are great neighbors to the surrounding communities.

    • Steamboat Willie

      I concur with John Fontain.

      On the day that we closed on our new house back in May 2007, I remember having celebratory drinks with my wife in the Liberty Tavern, which was only weeks old at the time. The bartender could not have been nicer.

      A month later we moved out of Clarendon, but stayed in Arlington, and Liberty Tavern still holds sentimental value for us. Great place – may it long prosper!

  • Laurie Rains


  • Tabs

    Some of the best employees around. Had my big bday celebration at Lyon Hall.

  • S Tee

    Congrats to Liberty – maybe now that they are older and wiser, they will focus on customer service.. Let’s hope so.

  • Mark Fedorchak

    Thanks for all of your positive comments… And moreover thanks for your support through the years! We are honored to operate our businesses in Arlington, and our local guests bring energy and community to our restaurants every day. We couldn’t (and wouldn’t want to) do it without you!

    Thanks, ARLnow, for the mention, and if you can make it out tomorrow night we would love to see you.

  • MC

    These are great additions to the neighborhood. They are local, they have personality and character, and they raise the bar on expectations for quality of food and conviviality. While I still don’t like Northside’s coffee, I nonetheless appreciate the ambiance it brings. Let these places prosper, and not the mega chains from out of town.

    • Yep Uhuh

      Hear hear

    • Josh S

      I feel that the only reason to patronize Northside is the coffee, especially the espresso. (Well, the pastries/cookies are pretty good, too.)
      But the Northside crowd rubs me the wrong way – too wankerish. The murky crowd was perhaps also a bit wankerish, but it was all soaked in grit and nerdiness, too, so I could relate.

      Either way, much rather have this than any of the chain coffee places.

      • Justin Russo

        I like the coffee too, but why does it take so long to make an expresso beverage there?

        • drax

          They’re busy looking up how to spell “espresso” correctly.

        • Josh S

          Cause they do it right. Definitely worth the wait.

          A Northside mocha compares to a Starbucks mocha like a Ray’s Hellburger compares to McDonalds burger.

          • Juanita de Talmas

            Mocha? Anybody who claims to know how an espresso is rightly done would never defile their drink with chocolate syrup.

  • Brian PCF

    Hard to top these spots. Definitly three of my favs.

  • Doug

    All three of these places are consistently good, that’s not something I can say about most of the eateries in Arlington.

  • IMO, probably the top 3 best places to eat in all of Arlington, not just Clarendon. I wish there were more establishments like Liberty Tavern, Lyon Hall and Northside Social in Arlington.

    • G Clifford Prout

      Little noisy but good.

    • JamesE

      Lyon Hall is quite good, never eaten at Liberty Tavern. My only experience there is being dragged in by some bros and they ordered me a PBR, I was magically transported back to my college days, for the worst. Northside Social is alright, I mistakenly ordered the pressed coffee thinking I was going to get a single serving instead of the entire press, I had to drink it all as I wanted none to go to waste.

  • PearDPea

    I think the opening of Liberty Tavern was the biggest move towards good places in the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor. It is amazing that they are still bringing delicious food and drinks. Hope they keep it up for a long time!

  • Meh

    I wanted to like Liberty Tavern when it opened and it’s ok for drinks but the one time I went to eat we left to go somewhere else b/c the menu just seems like a Paula Dean fantasy. Everytime I look it’s full of keywords that turn me off, such as: ham hock (no thanks), foie gras butter (blech), duck fat fried (you lost me at fat fried), goat milk yogurt (gross), buttermilk brown butter (didn’t realize butter could be made even heavier), onion gravy, butchers sauce (which of those two is least likely to make you feel bloated?), crispy scrapple (b/c scrapple isn’t bad enough without being extra fried), and the fact that the words buttermilk, creamed, crisp, and bacon appear within the description of just about everything. If you’re not full after that you can gobble down some cheese for dessert. If I’m in the mood to give myself a stomach ache I’d rather wash down a Texas chili-mac with a $2 Budweiser across the street.

    • Steamboat Willie


      You’re cherrypicking a few items in order to overstate your point. Why is goat milk yogurt gross? By implication, do you also think that goat cheese is gross?

      Onions in gravy? Oh the horror.

      Scrapple, by definition, is fried. Would you prefer it raw?

      Sometimes people seem to complain for the sake of being negative.

      • Meh

        B/c I don’t like goats milk and I don’t like yogurt, so putting them together…shudder…

        It’s the gravy I was pointing out, not the onions…

        Of course scrapple is fried. But when a restaurant makes the point of describing something as “crispy” that normally would already be fried and crispy, that often means they do a little something extra to achieve it (oil? fat/lard? deep frying?) than just slapping it in a pan and searing it.

        And actually it’s not cherry picking – look at the menu and and there are far more than just a couple of dishes that fit my description.

        At any rate – these are reasons *I* don’t like the menu and don’t give this place much love – I never said it’s why you shouldn’t like it, so bon apetit!

        • Bon Appetit

          Why go there if you are not able to appreciate or enjoyed what is offered. Don’t go and you won’t have to complain. Bon Appetit elsewhere.

    • Bluemontsince1961

      Ham hock, duck fat fried, onion gravy, scrapple……works just fine for me.

      • JamesE

        Everything is better fried in duck fat

        • PETA

          Except the duck

    • drax

      Then go get a chili mac and $2 Bud across the street.

  • Vinh An Nguyen

    I guess I’m the only one who thinks Lyon Hall’s food is kinda nasty.

    Good beer selection though.

    • Jenn

      you are.


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