Arlington, VA

Democratic officials say about 200 supporters showed up on Sunday afternoon for the opening of a new, local Obama presidential campaign office at 2408 Columbia Pike.

Among the bold-faced names who spoke at the event were former Democratic National Committee chair and likely 2013 Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, Rep. Jim Moran, and Obama campaign deputy political director Yohannes Abraham. Getting out the vote in heavily Democratic Northern Virginia is an important goal for the Obama campaign, which is trying to repeat the president’s 2008 victory in Virginia, a key swing state.

“We know we have to deliver the vote here in Virginia,” Rep. Moran said on Sunday. “The stakes are high this year, but as we can see today, the Obama campaign has an army of grassroots supporters who are ready to go to battle.”

Video of several of the speeches at the Arlington Obama headquarters opening is available on the Democratic blog Blue Virginia.

Photo courtesy Obama campaign


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