‘DARNA’ Restaurant Wants Live Entertainment

by Katie Pyzyk April 19, 2012 at 10:45 am 9,492 46 Comments

The Costa Verde restaurant near Clarendon is no more, and another tenant has quietly taken over the space. A restaurant called DARNA (946 N. Jackson Street) has apparently moved in, and it’s seeking a live entertainment permit from the county.

This location has had live entertainment permits dating back to 1994. According to the county staff report, when Costa Verde’s permit came up for review in February, it was discovered that the restaurant no longer existed. At that time, staff members learned that DARNA was looking at continuing the permit. The county zoning office confirmed that the new restaurant is not currently providing live entertainment.

DARNA requested to have entertainment and dancing from 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m., Wednesday through Sunday. But reviewers raised concerns about the hours, and the owner has agreed to modify the times to 8:00 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. Thursday through Saturday, and 8:00 p.m. to midnight on Wednesdays and Sundays.

The owner also has to agree not to play music outside, and to keep windows and doors shut to soundproof the structure. Security must be provided on nights when there is music and dancing.

Because police and neighbors haven’t expressed concern, county staff doesn’t anticipate trouble with the request. Reviewers recommend the County Board approves the permit request at its meeting on Saturday.

We have been unable to get in contact with the owner to get more details about the restaurant.

  • Steven

    Can’t wait to see what late-night specials they might have, hoping I can get a free lube job at closing time.

    • Paul Plooser

      HA HA

  • novasteve

    Curious, why the need for security when there’s music/dancing?

    Something tells me that a place that had Viennese Walzing wouldn’t need security. What’s going on?

    • LP

      Completely agree. Something must be up with the owners or there have been issues with patrons to the previous restaurant.

      Can’t think of other restaurants/bars in Arlington that require security for live music/dancing. However, if they consider security a (and by “a” I mean 1) bouncer, then I guess pretty much every bar in Arlington has “security”.

    • JohnB

      Most live music and dancing permits require security, but that just means a bouncer or two.

      • novasteve

        Even for Swing Night at some bar for pensioners?

        • Hell’s Swinging Grannies

          Especially at Swing Night for swinging pensioners!

  • BC

    A quick check of “Darna” yields two jewels of trivia. It is both the name of a Filipino comic superhero and a restaurant in the West Bank.

    • Paul Plooser

      I ” Toured ” the venue….kinda unofficially, yea, I snuck in whilst no one was looking….SWANKY is all I can say…… extremely upscale…… Bar, couches, lounge…NOTHING else like it this side of the Potomac. If you thought they were ” swinging ” here before, I can’t wait to see what happens whenever they open 🙂

  • Ballstoni

    I wonder if its going to be in a similar flavor as costa verde.

  • Costa Verde

    Damn there goes my spot for Pisco Sours

  • Becoming indifferent

    Jeez, with all these live music permits, you’d think think Arlington was the new Nashville or Austin, or New Orleans.

    • OldTimer

      or Branson, MO

      • CW

        Or just a place with too many regulations.

        • Aaron

          Are you starting to see a consistent pattern in these approvals? Music ends by 1:30am on weekends, doors and windows must be closed, security must be provided. You’d think the Board would find it more efficient to simply write this ruleset into an ordinance instead of doing this on a case-by-case basis for each venue, opening themselves to the potential for a discrimination complaint or worse.

  • bobco85

    What’s with the name DARNA? It sounds like a governmental agency (no surprise in this area, but government and entertainment/dancing don’t normally mix).

    • j

      you’re trolling for a GSA joke, aren’t you?

      • bobco85

        (groans) I didn’t mean for it to be associated with the GSA scandal! I was also hoping to make some witty name from the DARNA anagram, like Dry Arlington Restaurant Needs Alcohol (okay, that wasn’t witty at all).

    • Becoming indifferent

      Dancing/entertainment are closely associated with the federal government–just look at GSA.

    • M

      Arabic for “our house”or” our home”

  • Tabs

    Darna! I forgot to check out Costa Verde.

  • ArlRes

    The website is registered to a Mohammed Abu-El-Hawa, manager at Mama Ayeshas. Site is not live though.

    • George

      sounds fishy

    • novasteve

      Wow I suppose it would be unwise to enter that place wearing a yarmulke, tallit and an Israeli flag shirt, eh?

      • Mama Ayesha Rocks

        er why not? Not everyone is belligerent and intolerant of others.

        • Tabs


        • novasteve

          Let’s put it to a test? Go to Gaza, and let everyone know you are a gay Jew, and let me know how that works out for you.

          • Mama Ayesha Rocks:

            Last time I checked Virginia Suqare was not in a war zone

  • Clarendon

    I hadn’t been to Costa Verde in over six months, but I thought it had really good Peruvian food. Sad to see it go. I’d almost always get some Saltado dish.

    • Rich

      Me too. It was always empty but the food was really good. Bummed about the closure.

  • nom de guerre

    Today’s special at Sam’s Corner is a Cuban sandwich featuring thinly sliced roast pork with Serrano and Iberico hams, melted Swiss cheese and dill pickles on a grilled pan de agua.

    • JBalls

      Sounds delicious/rude

    • karzai

      Some friends and I were speculating about opening a bagel place there when Sam’s closes – along the lines of Brooklyn Bagel in Courthouse. There definitely seems to be need for a good bagel place in Clarendon.

  • JamesE

    It’s suppose to be DARPA restuarant

    • Ren

      You are clearly right, a l’il bit of cloak and dagger…clearly a cipher. You need to know the intricate code – Four out of five letters in the clear and the last, 2 letters removed from the real one – very tricky, but I’m on to ’em!!

      • Stimpy

        Happy-happy, joy-joy.

  • j

    ArlNow commenters Happy Hour = Island of Misfit Toys

    • Tabs

      Ever notice how they throw the bird out who can’t fly?

  • CW

    Too bad I missed Costa Verde. Walking home real late at night on weekends, like 1 AM or, they would always seem to be throwing absolute ragers with crazy disco lights going full blast.

  • karzai

    Is that picture of the actual storefront, or a rendering of the planned renovation of it? Whatever the case (and I don’t remember seeing that frontage when I drove by last week) – it is a heck of a lot prettier than the Costa Verde frontage that is there now/or was there. A definite improvement to the aesthetics of the neighborhood.

    And there does seem to be some movement on Bronx Pizza. Papers are fully up covering the windows and some ceiling tiles have been taken down. Definite stirrings of interior construction there.

  • Jeremy

    Funny thing is… the upstairs actually WAS sub-leased by a local swingers club for awhile. Yes, THOSE kind of swingers. Doing on-premise swinging, I believe. They owners, I think, did not really understand who they were doing business with, and put an end to it when they did find out. This was probably 4 years ago or so.

    • nom de guerre

      Jeremy-please share with us how you came across this information.

      • Jeremy

        From a girl I briefly dated in 2007 or 2008. No, I never went, and neither did she. I just spent a minute or 2 searching for a link about it, but couldn’t find it. Will try again later. The club or group was a one word name, but I can’t remember off the top of my head.

  • YTK

    Well, according to the weekly Arlington Police Crime Reports, there already seems to be plenty of “dancing” on the streets of Clarendon after dark.

  • karzai’s friend

    “We have been unable to get in contact with the owner to get more details about the restaurant.” And the website is not live. The owners of this establishment have rudely and deliberately not informed the community as to it’s opening date, hours of operation, or what type of food, drink and entertainment they will feature. This is very inconsiderate of them-they should be closed before they open.

  • Me

    The restaurant is a very upscale hookah bar with alcohol and middle eastern great food, and a stage for live music once they have approval. The staff was extremely nice, and it opened just this last week. Go check it out yourself instead of this ridiculous speculation.


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