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Arlington Resident Named to British Olympic Team

by ARLnow.com April 24, 2012 at 10:10 am 4,801 17 Comments

Michael Wardian isn’t the only elite marathon runner in Arlington.

Arlington resident Claire Hallissey, a 29-year-old transplant from the UK, was the top British female finisher in the London Marathon over the weekend. So impressive was her time of 2:27:44 that it landed her the third and final spot on the British women’s marathon team at this summer’s Olympic Games in London.

“The crowd in London on Sunday was fantastic and the Olympics will be even bigger and better,” Hallissey told The Sun newspaper in the UK. “I’m still ecstatic over my run. I’d hoped I could run a time like that and that everything would fit into place on the day.”

Hallissey’s Olympic-caliber run has captured the attention of nearly every major British media outlet, including The Sun, BBC News, The Guardian, The Independent, the Press Association newswire, the Scotsman, and others.

“CLAIRE-PE DIEM,” blared The Sun’s headline. “Claire Hallissey saves her vest for last with Olympic spot.”

Hallissey was born in Watford, outside of London. After attending the University of Cambridge and then earning a doctorate at Bristol University, she moved to Arlington with her husband Matt, who had been offered a job as a transportation planner, according to various outlets.

Hallissey works as a grant writer for a Loudoun County-based nonprofit organization, according to her LinkedIn page. In her spare time she is an avid baker, according to her Twitter page.

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  • CrystalMikey

    Wow…awesome finish time! Congrats!

  • Tabs

    29? I thought it was a teenager.

    • tin foil hat

      it’s just you that’s getting old

    • Michael H.

      Exercise and good nutrition are good for the body, and soul.


    What kind of recipes does she prefer on her Pinterest page. FREDTERP

    • sunflower

      no attribution problems here

  • MC 703

    Bloody great!

  • Wow, Congratulations!!! So happy for her. Darn, she’s even got a Doctorate and can bake. I’m jealous 🙂

    I agree, she does not look 29- it’s partly the little pig tails.

  • Brian K

    Yea, happy news. Good luck in the Olympics! BRIANK

  • dey tuk er jobs

    With all the locals graduating with more-or-less legitimate public policy degrees who would love a job in transportation planning, is there really a need for anyone in the DC area to recruit foreigners? What’s next, importing cupcake shop owners?

    • novasteve

      It’s interesting how it’s virtually impossible for americans to go overseas and get jobs unless it’s for an American company.

      • Considerably richer than you!

        It’s no more difficult than a foreigner getting work here.

        Do you know how the process works to get a LEGAL foreigner a job in the US? I’m not talking about the service industry type jobs that non-english speaking people get, but relevant and worthwhile employement. I was born in the UK and do you know how long it will take my sister to emigrate here…….ten years. She is a Senior Research Fellow at a cardiac teaching hospital.

    • not reading between the lines

      While I understand your point, there is nothing in this article that states or even implies that her husband is a foreigner.

  • Ty

    I’d take her out for a nice steak dinner, and never call her again.

    • Mr T.

      I’d offer her a smoke. You can’t trust someone with lungs that clean!

  • PL25rd

    Congrats, Claire!

  • Michael H.

    Congratulations, Claire! It’s great to hear about local runners doing well in major events. I only wish that I had some of that speed too.


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