Introducing the ARLnow.com Real Estate Section

by ARLnow.com May 7, 2012 at 12:36 pm 2,230 14 Comments

You might have recently noticed the “Real Estate” item in the menu bar, or you might have noticed the listings widget on the side of the page, but today we’re officially announcing the launch of the ARLnow.com Real Estate section.

Unlike national real estate websites, our real estate section is focused exclusively on Arlington, and is searchable by more than three dozen popular local neighborhoods. You can can also search for sales or rentals by price, zip code, address, number of bedrooms, open houses, new construction, sale by owner, etc.

Currently, we have more than 700 house and condo sales listed and more than 200 house, condo and apartment rentals listed.

In addition to the standard listings, real estate agents are in the process of adding featured listings and open houses to an interactive map on the front real estate page.

We’re still working out some minor kinks and quirks with our technology partner, but please let us know what you think of the real estate section so far in the comments.

  • Arlington Sun Gazette

    Nothing to see here, folks–move along…

    • MB


      When we get one thin post in the AM, 14 stories about houses no one cares about for the rest of the day, and a brief update on high school sports in the PM, THEN we’ll start worrying.

  • SomeGuy

    Damn. Your partners have harnessed “quarks” for this technology? That’s the real story here!

  • ArlRenter

    This looks like it will be a great resource when I move this summer. Thank you!

  • WannabeBuyer

    It would be nice to see a “Map View” of your search results.

  • TuesdaysChild

    You should add comment section to each listing. So people could add comments as to what they think of the condo/house…..of course I expect the real estate agents would not like that……

    • R. Griffon

      Have you SEEN the comments in these forums? I wouldn’t wish that on any would-be seller…

  • Vinh An Nguyen

    Search function doesn’t work right:

    Search by Zip Code 22209: 86 results
    Sort by Low Price to High: So far so good
    Go to second page of results, goes back up to 461 results.

    • Schmeff

      Yeah, the search is broken.

  • CMG

    I love it! Now if only we could make them affordable…

  • Andrew

    Awesome how the cheapest house in the “featured” section is $2.5M.

    • R. Griffon

      And all more or less in the same place. Although it’s kinda cool to see the uber-expensive houses for sale for purely voyeuristic reasons, I’d much rather see the nicest picks of “median” homes from areas all over the County represented in the Featured section.

      My .02.


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