Election Year Theme for Rosslyn Outdoor Movies

by Katie Pyzyk May 10, 2012 at 2:00 pm 6,532 43 Comments

Rosslyn has picked a theme for its series of outdoor summer movies, and political buffs are going to love it. The movies will all relate to the theme “Friday Night is Election Night.”

All of the movies involve the American presidency or elections, featuring films like Wag the Dog, The American President and All the President’s Men. They will be shown at dusk every Friday night from June 8 through August 24 at Gateway Park (1300 Lee Highway).

The movies will play rain or shine, but may have to be cancelled in the event of storms.

Blankets, low chairs and picnics are welcome during the free showings, but alcohol is not, per local law. The full schedule is as follows:

  • Election — June 8
  • Primary Colors — June 15
  • My Fellow Americans — June 22
  • Dick — June 29
  • The American President — July 6
  • All the President’s Men — July 13
  • Dave — July 20
  • Swing Vote — July 27
  • Head of State — August 3
  • Man of the Year — August 10
  • Wag the Dog — August 17
  • Canadian Bacon — August 24

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  • thegreater

    Can’t wait to bring my kids on a family outing to…none of them

    • Wilbur

      Well last year they had R movies… outdoors….. They dont seem to get the idea of outdoor movies as a family event.

      • Corey

        Who said it’s supposed to be a family event? Looks like it’s supposed to be a Screen on the Green-like event, targeted at younger people.

        • Wilbur

          Because its on public property, in a public park, paid for by Arl tax dollars – it should be an event that all members of Arlington can attend. — and might I add should not offend those who might incidentally be going by. Or are these points just completely lost on you.

          • Corey

            Yes, they’re “completely lost on me” because they’re silly. There are plenty of public parks in Arlington that you can take your kids to. Not everything has to be tailored to your precious sensibilities.

          • R. Griffon

            R movies in a public space are completely inappropriate. I’m surprised the County ever allowed it.

          • chipotle_addict

            Did you know the public library has books with bad words in them?

            Public does not mean “for kids”. Get over it.

          • drax

            Like you don’t have R movies coming out of your TV all the time.

      • CrystalMikey

        Yeah, it doesn’t have to be a family event.

        • DCBuff

          Ah, so it is an anti-family event. My tax dollars supporting events that are against the family. Not even one film that is family friendly the entire summer.

          • Cry me a river

            Wah, the free outdoor movie festival that i’m in no way obligated to go to and that there are tons of in this area in different places isn’t meeting my standards and is “anti-family” (what?)

          • Corey

            +1. What is the deal with people here?

          • RosslynBob

            Having lived in Rosslyn for several years, I don’t think there is a sizable population of residents with children. We get some tourists families but that is about it. It sounds like they are attempting to target the demographic of what actually lives here. There are plenty of other places to take your kids.

          • NoHigh

            North Highlands is full of kids and a short walk to Gateway Park. The reason that you see no families in Rosslyn is because Rosslyn is not kid-friendly. I tried bringing my young son to Artisphere and the “Here” cafe for lunch last year, but there were no high chairs. Ditto for Chop’t. We keep ending up in Courthouse or Clarendon, which seem to have better dining options, more playgrounds, family-friendly events, etc.

            Evening movies are an inherently adult activity – who would watch Toy Story at 9pm? But it would be great to have some kid-friendly events in Gateway Park on weekend afternoons!

          • Corey

            So hilarious. How many public playgrounds are there in Arlington? Do you think I – a 27-year-old without kids – use them? No, they’re for kids. This event is for adults. Deal with it.

          • JackFan

            Not everything in the world is geared towards your precious children. Get over yourselves. I’m looking forward to it!

          • drax

            Not many young children can stay up for this anyway. The movies only start after sunset – 8:30 or 9 in the summer. Most would end somewhere between 10 and 11. They might also scream alot.

          • JackFan

            Good lord – in what way are these films “against the family”?

    • Right

      Yes, because Election, The American President, All the Presidents Men and Dave are all horrible movies.

      Sorry they aren’t playing Independence Day every week.

      • Hmmm

        Election is a classic.

  • nunya

    will there be a site visit to deep throat’s lair/parking garage in rosslyn to tie into ATPM?

    • Josh S

      Easy enough to arrange, right?

      This will be the most popular movie, don’t you think? Or maybe Head of State?

      • nunya

        yep. election too, perhaps.

  • Tabs

    Is that “alcohol is not allowed *winkwink*”?

    Election is a great movie, btw. Reese Witherspoon at her best.

    • Matthew Broderick

      Agreed! This movie also has one of the greatest one liners delivered by Mark Harelik about Reese Witherspoon’s character. Classic!

      • CourthouseChris

        Hah, yes I have to wonder if that one particular line will actually be played. Do they air the full theatrical versions, or perhaps the for TV or airplane versions?

        • Tabs

          In the context of the movie, it doesn’t sound that bad, but he’s referring to a teenaged girl. Gnarly.

      • Tabs

        Yeah, I know which one.

        Was his name really “Harelik”?!

      • Tabs

        And, by the way, that line definitely makes this NOT family-friendly.

  • Swag

    Why do they need a theme? Why can’t they just mix it up and show movies that people would want to watch?

    • nom de guerre

      It appears that the people who are responsible for these events/movies are the same people who are responsible for the events at the Artisphere. After all, both are located in Rosslyn and the theme is to deter attendance.

  • Jon

    Anyone who’s gone to these in the past, whats a good time to show up for them? I’ve heard stories getting there at showtime and not being able to find a good place to sit.

    • MovieGoer

      The movies don’t start till the sun actually sets, so we usually get there an hour or an hour & a half before then to get a good spot. Otherwise you end up sitting in the trees or somewhere not as good as the grassy area.

    • R. Griffon

      With a lineup like this? I’m guessing you can show up pretty much anytime.

      Seriously … it’s like a Netlfix streaming lineup. :-/

  • cranky crankypants

    Seriously, Canadian Bacon is a great movie. To this day, I crack up whenever someone says “Ottawa.”

  • arlingtonresident

    It starts June 1 – what’s playing on that day?

  • Dodge

    I think this is a good line up. I plan to attend. And I’m happy to not have everything in life revolve around those under 18.

    • Corey


  • Cyrus

    And….we’re walking….we’re walking….

  • Betsy

    To those with young kids, they should be in bed by the time these movies start and be sound asleep by the time they end. God forbid this is adult centered.

    And don’t complain about “your tax dollars” going towards this. My tax dollars pay for playgrounds, parks and public schools for your kids.


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