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Woman Wakes Up to Find Neighbor Having Sex with Her

by ARLnow.com May 14, 2012 at 2:45 pm 18,853 72 Comments

A woman says woke up after a day of drinking to find a neighbor having sex with her as her boyfriend slept on a couch nearby.

The alleged incident happened early Sunday morning on the 300 block of N. Oxford Street in Ashton Heights. Police say the female victim and her boyfriend had been drinking earlier in the day at a cookout attended by some residents of their apartment complex. The pair later returned to their apartment and fell asleep on the couch.

According to police, the woman reported that she woke up in the middle of the night to find herself lying on the floor with someone having sexual intercourse with her. In the dark, the woman initially thought the individual was her boyfriend, but then discovered that it was the resident of a neighboring apartment who was on top of her, according to Arlington County Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck.

The woman and the neighbor were acquainted and had met at the cookout earlier in the day, Sternbeck said. The woman’s boyfriend was reportedly sleeping on the couch next to her and only woke up after the alleged incident.

Arlington resident Federico Alfonso Umana Barrera, 35, was arrested and charged with sexual assault and forgery of a public document.

Update at 9:20 on 5/15/12 — Barrera has now been charged with rape, according to Sternbeck.

  • holy cow, some ridiculous horny weirdos in arlington!!! rich news day, LOL.

    • brian

      it was dark. he was probably drunk too and thought it was his girlfriend.oops!

    • Good Grief

      Is today creeper day?

      • JamesE

        That’s everyday in Arlington

    • Another Dude

      That certainly is a fine block. It’s the one with the illegal boarding house (8-10 tenants) in a single-family at the corner of Oxford and Pershing. The County’s known about it for years and has done nothing to break up that little operation. It’s also the block that had the apartment with the red panties in the window when the ladies were available for work. The County has created a cesspool of problems there with massing Section 8 tenants there and across Pershing. This is also a neighborhood where Ingrid and her staff will not enforce personal property tax registrations and collections. We should all feel sorry for the western Ashton Heights citizens that have to put up with that garbage and County negligence.

      • NAI

        Another Dude,
        Well that explains all the out of state cars (Maryland tags, mostly) with permits to park in Buckingham Village. How can you get a parking permit at BV for a car that’s not even registered in VA? I’ve been wondering about that one for a while.
        It also seems that BV doesn’t care who parks there even though they have signs all over the place threatening to tow. The County could make some quick money by ticketing all the cars that have Virginia plates but no County decals or inspection certificates.
        Thanks for clearing that up Dude.

  • not first

    Was Trevor at the cookout as well?

    • Louise


  • Ballston Resident

    “Forgery of a public document”. Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

    • Bender

      I’m guessing here is that the forgery is signing some arrest-related document with a false name.

      • SomeGuy

        Nah, it’s because he dipped his pen in the wrong ink well under false pretenses.

  • MC 703

    I’ll probably get killed for this but what if she was blacked out, it was consensual and she snapped out of it mid-incident? They WERE all drinking together.

    Speculationally speaking.

    • ballstoncmyk

      you mean, she consented, then passed out? pretty sure that’s not applicable here — it doesn’t say anything about the suspect coming home with them. just her and the boyfriend.

      • brian

        What really happened – she was having sex with the guy, her boyfriend woke up and busted them, so she had to come up with a good story.

        • honestly a possibility.

        • The Wolf

          I hope someone you love never has to go through this. I’m sure you would be equally as insensitive. So sad.

    • SomeGuy

      Usually on ArlNow, it’s convict first, consider evidence and reasonable doubt later.

      Are you new here.

      • MC 703

        I wanted to preface my speculation. That is all

      • Danton

        Nope, it’s actually

        Sentence First, Verdict Later, Evidence Last

    • Don

      If someone is blackout drunk they are not capable of giving consent. Not speculationally speaking.

      • SomeGuy

        If they were both blackout drunk and therefore unable to consent, who’s at fault? Could he not also press charges against her?

        • Tabs

          You can’t be serious.

          There was one successful prosecution of a woman raping a man. It was in Norway or Sweden. A guy woke up to find someone he didn’t care for “that way” trying to make a meal out of him.

          He had been asleep/passed out and thus was unable to consent to the act. She was charged and convicted.

          • SomeGuy

            Yes, Tabs, I’m serious. If being blackout drunk suffices for nullifying one’s consent (which Don asserted), why would the man’s consent not also be nullified by that logic?

          • Tabs

            If you’re talking about two men, OK. If you’re talking about a woman and a man, having intercourse, I think you haven’t ever had sex.

          • SomeGuy

            How do rules of consent change depending on the heterosexuality or homosexuality of the participants? You must have a level of sexual expertise well beyond mine.

          • jackson

            She means a man has to be at least “physically willing” for sex to occur. And yes, I think she does have a level of sexual expertise well beyond yours. I think most of us do, if you need that explained to you.

          • SomeGuy

            jackson, I can tell you’re really smart. Maybe that’s why I still don’t understand your logic.

            Don stated that a woman’s consent is nullified if she’s blackout drunk. In other words, she could revoke consent ex post facto despite having consented and been totally into it while blackout drunk. I said that if that’s plausible, a blackout drunk man should also be able to revoke consent ex post facto despite being totally into it at the time as well.

            I won’t claim to know anything about your or Tabs’ promiscuity (what you know about her sexual history is another discussion), but I am very curious to know how your condescending genius reached a different conclusion than what I arrived at.

            Why would one’s ability to revoke consent AFTER consenting and engaging in sex depend on his or her gender or sexual preference? Enlighten me.

          • jackson

            Okay, I was snarky in my previous comment. I apologize. Also, I’m not a lawyer and the hypothetical situation you are describing here doesn’t pertain to the case on which we’re commenting (doubtful they were both blackout drunk), but as far as withdrawing consent:




            If rape charges do come up, his lawyer is going to have to do some fancy talking to explain why his client was in HER apartment having sex in front of her boyfriend in the middle of the night.

          • SomeGuy

            jackson, I enjoyed that Washington Post article, mainly for the direct quote about the defendant asking if he could “hit that too” (she said yes). And I don’t dispute that consent should be revocable during the act. It’s the “I was drunk, therefore my ‘yes’ before, during, and immediately after didn’t count as consent” argument that I was objecting to.

          • Dee

            Exactly. If you can be charged with murder by driving why in a blackout drunk state, you can be responsible for your (most likely) giving consent and not remembering. She said she thought it was her boyfriend at first. If that doesn’t give a great case to the defense should she press charges…

          • The Wolf

            Thank you, Tabs, for having some common sense.
            No woman would go through the humiliation of a rape exam and prosecuting someone, having their panties paraded around a courtroom, and having to recount this horrible experience on the stand for fun or their own personal gain.

      • Danton

        Then everytime I was blacked out and had s*x I was raped?

        God I didn’t know I was a victim. Maybe those 1 in 4 people were right.

        • The Wolf

          See my post for clarification. He was not immediately charged with rape because it happened on a weekend. They updated the article after he was formally arraigned.

  • ballstoncmyk

    really sad that the first few comments here are jokes.

    i’m really trying to understand why the suspect was *not* charged with rape in this situation. even if it were the boyfriend, she was asleep. asleep = not consensual.

    and what’s this “forgery of a public document”? did he have a fake ID or something? what does that have to do with the incident?

    • NPGMBR

      Well I’d say he was not charged because it is not clear that he raped her. We know with certainty that the woman and her boyfriend were drunk. Drunk people often do silly things! We don’t know what happened between the neighbor and the couple and to assume that the neighbor was a predator would not be good investigative work.

      I think its best to let the Police do their jobs and let them determine if charges should be applied.

      • ballstoncmyk

        i didn’t suggest that the Police weren’t doing their jobs, and i wouldn’t presume to understand all particulars of a case with which i am not directly involved.

        i was just trying to find out why, if they went so far as to charge him with sexual assault, then why not rape? especially when the article here states “Woman Wakes Up to Find Neighbor Having Sex With Her,” not “…Groping Her.”

        • drax

          Perhaps the headline was presumptuous too….

          • ballstoncmyk

            entirely possible, i concede.

    • Truthi

      Wait a minute some dude is porking you and you don’t notice that? Either you are drunk on your butt or you are one very heavy sleeper OR as was noted earlier your boyfriend caught you having sex with some dude you just met and you needed a good story.

      • Tabs

        Cops are probably still trying to figure out the he said/she said issue, before charging him.

        • The Wolf

          For the record he admitted it to the cops when he was arrested.

      • Arlingtoon

        Maybe his unit is so small that she simply didn’t notice it. You know, the teeny-weeny defense.

        • Tabs

          It could easily be the case, especially if you passed out, that someone’s penetrated you and THEN you wake up. Even if he’s not teeny-weeny.

          • SomeGuy

            Tabs, I find your purported familiarity and comfort level with these unusual scenarios very… intoxicating. Would you want to go out sometime?

  • craig

    man, they must have been waaaaasted! haha. sucks for her and for him. If you are getting that drunk, then you are doing it wrong.

  • Southeast Ben

    “With all due respect and I do mean all do respect…”

    Maybe the previous ARLNOW article was onto something… http://www.arlnow.com/2012/05/11/arlington-pastor-local-couples-arent-having-enough-sex/

  • South Awwlington

    That’s a whole lotta W – O – W!

  • eric


  • B-Rad

    She at first thought it was her boyfriend doing that? As if THAT’s OK??!!

    • The Wolf

      Please. I doubt there is any woman on earth that has been in a relationship that hasn’t been woke up in the middle of the night at least once by her man wanting some action. Why do you make that sound impossible?

  • DSS10

    Another argument for drinking in moderation…….

    • KalashniKEV

      Speaking of moderation… where are all my brilliant comments?

      • The Wolf

        I would like to know what those brilliant comments are…

  • novasteve

    What is forgery of a public document referring to?

    Did the boyfriend wake up during this and see it?

    What is the difference in VA between sexual assault and rape?

    • Tumblebum

      Federico presented an “E” ticket for that apt to the responding cops. Turns out it was a forgery. Bummer.

  • The Dope of South Arlington

    “Forgery of a public document” means Federico Alfonso Umana Barrera is probably an illegal alien.

    • novasteve

      I doubt that given this is a “sanctuary city”

      He gave them a fake ID, but his immigration status will not be something they bring up.

      So if it was a fake ID, how did they determine his real name to give to the media?

      • Danton

        ‘So if it was a fake ID, how did they determine his real name to give to the media?’


    • Mary-Austin

      Excuse me but the correct term we use here in Arlington is undocumented person.

      • KalashniKEV

        The correct term is Criminal Alien.

        • Dude Where’s My Car

          Ridley Scott decided to go with “Prometheus” instead.

        • Truthi


    • South Awwlington

      This mess just took a whole new twist.

  • Dave

    I’m sorry, this doesn’t pass the giggle test. I swear honey, I just woke up and he was doing that….

    If they knew each other and interacted earlier in the day while drinking heavily, there is a lot more to this story. Not saying anyone is justified to do something like this – just saying there is more to the story.

    • novasteve

      That’s going to be the legal defense.

      • novasteve

        Meaning he’s going to say it was consentual, drunken sex, then boyfriend woke up, saw it, and she then claims rape.

        • drax

          Which is plausible.

  • jigga

    that is one sexy mexican

    • jigga please

      To each his/her own.

  • drax


    • Tabs

      Please, FREDTERP is like the awkward uncle I never had. Do not sully his name!

  • The Wolf

    This is unbelievably sad. In case you have not followed the story, allow me to give you all some of the facts. This man was charged with rape. The forging Of apublic document was his waiver of rights. He signed the name of the STOLEN identity he was using, therefore making it forgery. He was using a false ID because he is an illegal alien dodging a domestic charge in Manassas and has also failed to appear for a deportation hearing.
    As for the sexual assault…the woman was awoken on the floor in the dark with someone on top of her. The assailant had broken into the home, ripped her clothing off and forced himself on her. Since he burglarized the home and did these things to her, he clearly wasn’t blackout drunk. Last I knew it was ok to catch a buzz and retire to the safety of home without having to feel endangered.
    It is upsetting to know that citizens read something like this and think it’s funny. I’m sure if it was your spouse or loved one seeing her bruised up from fighting off and attacker wouldn’t be so hilarious. Or having your girlfriend unable to sleep at night for fear of closing her eyes. Or having to seek counseling because she had trouble having sex with you. Or the fact that now she sleeps with a 9mm by her bedside. Or that every day she goes about her business pretending everything is ok so her small children don’t ever have to know what happened to her. I hope those of you that made such insensitive comments rethink how you jump to conclusions. What may be amusing to you has turned an honest, hard working young woman’s life upside down. Where is your compassion? An illegal alien did this to a woman that is a vet and so is her boyfriend. Doesn’t that strike a chord with anyone? Or should we just go ahead and give up all hope for humanity? Haha. Let’s laugh at the emotionally scarred lady with all the bruises. She was raped. How can we make it a joke? That’s disgusting.
    By the way: mr. Barrera plead guilty to the forgery charge, and no contest to the rape. A man that would not rape a woman would never go to prison willingly without trying to clear his name.


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