Crime Report: Adding Insult to Injury Edition

by ARLnow.com May 24, 2012 at 9:50 am 4,174 16 Comments

Arlington police are investigating an incident in which goods purchased with a stolen credit card were mailed to the victim of the credit card fraud, then stolen from the victim’s home.

“There were at least ten pairs of women’s shoes and several purses mailed to [the victim’s] residence several days after his credit card was stolen,” said Arlington County police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck. “A day later the package he received was stolen, along with jewelry from the house.”

BURGLARY/CREDIT CARD FRAUD, 05/18/12, 3000 block of N. Lee Highway. On May 18 at 4:50 pm, a victim reported a burglary at his residence of various items. One day prior, the victim received numerous packages in the mail that were purchased with his stolen credit card, which were stolen during the burglary along with additional items. There is no suspect description.

The rest of this week’s Arlington County crime report, after the jump.

INDECENT EXPOSURE, 05/19/12, 1000 block of N. Filmore Street. At 1:15 pm on May 19, a male subject was seen masturbating in public as he watched children in the patio area of a restaurant from across the street. Police did not locate the suspect, described as a white male, approximately 60 years old, with medium length gray hair and was wearing a dark colored hat, black shirt and navy shorts at the time of the incident.

BURGLARY, 05/22/12, 800 block of S. 18th Street. On May 22, between 7 and 8:30 am, an unknown suspect(s) entered a residence and stole an iPad. There is no suspect description.

ATTEMPTED MALICIOUS WOUNDING, 05/22/12, 1500 block of S. George Mason Drive. At 8 pm on May 22, a female subject attempted to stab her boyfriend with a kitchen knife during an argument. Ledys Paola Garces Perez, 23, of Arlington, VA, was arrested and charged with attempted malicious wounding. She was held on bond.


05/17/12, VA, 2006 Volvo V60R, Gray (Dealership), 1100 block of S. Glebe Road
05/20/12, VA XCV2276, 2003 BMW 325i, Grey, 800 block of N. Lexington Street
05/22/12, 2005 Yamaha Zuma Scooter, Black, 1700 block of S. Hayes Street

  • JohnB2

    He was just trying to cover up his womens’ shoe fetish.

  • Southeast Ben

    You referring to Trev?

    • JohnB2

      If Trev lives in the 3000 block of N. Lee Highway…

      Maybe he made some friends in his overnighter in the lockup?

  • arl2012

    Is it me or does crime seem to be spiking like crazy in this area of late?

    We had a break-in in Lyon village, all of these sex perverts and now this credit card theft.

    Or- maybe it’s just that I am reading about it now???

    • CW

      Prior to this, what blog did you read that took specific crime reports and made front-page stories out of them?

  • soarlslacker

    This is not uncommon. Something similar happened to me. I received a couple of packages of things I did NOT order: some Shamwows and a colonic. I called both companies and told them I did not order these items. I got a big dose on BS from the idiots I spoke to. I also spoke to supervisors and asked to speak to their fraud departments. I got no help from these companies. I was told they don’t have a fraud dept. I called by credit union and had my card cancelled and refuted the charges on both items and got a new card issued. I stopped by the post office and our local manager told me that frequently, card numbers are stolen, small ticket items are ordered from low security companies that do not do all the possible steps to verify credit cards and then the residence is watched and if no one is home, they pick up (steal) the packages. The resident/card holder has no idea this is going on because they did not place the orders and they do not see the packages. This gives the card thieves the length of a billing cycle to continue to order and steal. My experience leads me to think that my credit union is great, many firms who sell things over the phone and the internet are scum-sucking slime, make sure that you never order anything using a non-secure Internet connection.

    • BoredHouseWife

      sounds like your thieves were planning a good time. Shamwows and a colonic.

    • drax

      Shamwows and a colonic? Sounds like a prank.

      Call your credit card company, ASAP, when something like this happens. Don’t call the retailers, let the credit card deal with them.

      • KalashniKEV


        Someone hacked my iTunes last week and I was on it in <30min…

  • PikerGirl

    A few years back, some fraudulent online purchases were made on one of my credit cards. All small amounts under $20 each. I was alerted to it by phone calls from some of the companies selling the products that my order for X was being shipped. I told them I did not order the items, but they said they was nothing they could do since the orders were already processed and that I should contact my credit card company.

    Some items were pills (colonic cleanser and acai berrry pills), but the charge was the first payment on further charges that would have been made to pay for more shipments of the pills. One charge was a trial subscription to a children’s book club in the name of a fictional child with my last name (I don’t have a child). Another was a subscription to some pet supply club. And then I got two hair flat irons in the mail and would have been charged more if I did not return them within a certain time period. I had to get all the fraudulent charges reversed and cancel the card. Also cancelled the book subscription, they would have sent me more books. I did sent my “gift” books back to them at no charge to me once they sent me a shipping label.

    The lady at the book club was very nice and told me sometimes Internet thieves make small online purchases to test out the card. Once the fraudster gets an email back that the order is processed, they know the card is “good.” Then they use the card for larger purchases, which did not happen in my case since I was able to cancel the card quickly enough.

    I did not return the hair irons because I would have had to pay for return shipping for something I did not order. Never heard from the company after six months, so I eventually sold them on Ebay. So I got a little money for all my trouble.

  • PikerGirl

    So what was scary about my experience was that the fraudster had my card number, name, address and phone number. I checked back with all the companies and the fraudster email address used to order everything was the same email address- a hotmail address not belonging to me, of course. I reported this fact to the credit card company and also on the police report I filed, but don’t know if this was followed up on.

    Arlington County makes it very easy to file police report online for credit card theft.

  • Joe Dow

    Can you say cross dresser?

    All this guy needs is some sudafed, condoms and organge juice and his party will be complete.


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