Kal Penn Coming to Arlington, For Obama

by ARLnow.com June 8, 2012 at 3:55 pm 3,702 41 Comments

Actor Kal Penn will be making two appearances in Arlington on Monday night, June 11, as part of his work on President Obama’s re-election campaign.

Penn — famous for roles in movies like Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle and National Lampoon’s Van Wilder, and TV shows like House and How I Met Your Mother — will first drop by a young professionals event at Café Asia (1550 Wilson Blvd) in Rosslyn at 6:00 p.m. He’s expected to talk about why he supports President Obama and why Virginia is an especially important state in the re-election effort.

At 7:30 p.m., Penn will greet phone bank volunteers at the Obama campaign’s Arlington office (2408 Columbia Pike).

Following President Obama’s election, Penn left acting for two years to go to work in the White House Office of Public Engagement. He’s currently taking another break from acting in order to work as a co-chair — or surrogate — for the president’s re-election campaign.

Photo via the White House

  • Who?


  • FrenchyB

    Meh. Wake me up when Jay Chandrasekhar rolls back into town.

    • Ha!

      +1 – Club Dredd was on last night!!!!

    • SpanishG

      Meh. Wake me up when Danny Pudi rolls back into town.

  • Becoming indifferent

    This news?

    • Neutrino

      It’s meant to distract us from the later posting of Arlington’s absurd housing prices.

      • Al Gore

        ARL real estate = bubble

  • Prefontaine

    I saw him at starbucks, He is skinny as hell

  • Becoming indifferent

    Oh boy, I’ll be sure to vote for Obama now!

    • NAI

      Yeah me too. “The economy is doing fine”.

      • Tumblebum

        Exactly. After that proclamation he’ll need William Penn for damage control.

      • Spectator

        The economy is doing better, and it would do better if the republicans weren’t so into cutting.

        If congress would only have the guts to say no to the lobbyists and the the 1%ers, the common folk would be better off.

        If this congress would push for manufacturing in this country, we would be better off. Why let corporations like the one that was run by Romney fire Americans, and then transfer the work overseas, all for reason to make even more profit?

        Why is it allowed for the 1%ers like Romney allowed to keep money out of country, just so he doesn’t have to pay taxes on it??? Why aren’t the laws set up to take care of such a loop hole… well, most of us know the reasons why….

        • @Spectator

          It’s funny how the Occupiers and Democrat politicians starting using the 99/1% terminology, and people like you just followed in lock-step.

          Did you know that the top 1% of wage earners in this country pay 37% of all federal income tax? The top 10% pay 71%. The bottom half pay 2%. Romney doesn’t earn “income,” his money now comes from capital gains. In the ’80s, Congress lowered the tax *RATE* on cap gains to encourage people to invest in the stock market (because it involved some risk, unlike income). People like Romney still pay millions in federal taxes, even if their effective rate is lower than some wage earners.

          Here’s the graphic, based on IRS data. Since I doubt you’ll trust this conservative source, feel free to Google it – numerous news sites from both sides of the aisle confirm the numbers.


          • bc

            Yes, but the top 10% control 93% of the financial wealth in this country… so I would say they’re being under taxed. I like how you assert he is following democrats in lock-step and then in the next paragraph do the exact same thing with your own affiliate. Quit quoting heritage propaganda and do some thinking on your own. That “bottom 50%” includes the elderly, college students, the disabled, and other individuals whom probably shouldn’t be asked to pay more in taxes. Besides, if the bottom 80% of this country control just 7% of the financial wealth, how much do you expect to get from them?


          • Douglas Parker

            Oh the Heritage Foundation. Now that’s a nice group of unbiased fella’s without an agenda. puke

          • Quoth the Raven

            That’s why he said “Since I doubt you’ll trust this conservative source, feel free to Google it – numerous news sites from both sides of the aisle confirm the numbers.”

          • bc

            I don’t doubt the numbers, I doubt the context. What’s the story behind them? The figures should say something like “they pay x% in taxes and account for x% of wealth/income.” That is the only way you can see if the numbers are skewed favorably or unfavorably toward that group. Simply saying 10% of tax payers account for 71% of all tax revenue doesn’t tell the whole story.

        • Andrew


  • Elmer

    He worked in the “White House Office of Public Engagement”?
    Hum, is that anything like our own county board’s beloved PLACE initiative?
    Truely puzzeled as to how our country/county survived all those years without such innovative thinking.

    • Elmer

      I stand admonished: “truely” should be truly and “puzzeled” should be puzzled.
      My own innovative spelling!

  • Dave in SA

    And we should care…why ?????????????????

  • ArlForester

    The Hollywood president can’t do better than this guy?

  • Funny Bone

    I luv Penn and Teller. When will Teller be joining Penn on this trip?

    • tabby

      *mimes reply*

  • Elmer

    In comedians, I prefer Soupy Sales. Seriously.

  • TJLinBallston

    Don’t we deserve at least some “A” list Hollywood glamor from this star-chasing White House. Who is this back-bencher? Why can’t George Clooney come to Cafe Asia?! Or Brad Pitt? This guy is not even a real TV star! He’s nobody.

    • tabby

      Mmmm. Brad at Bayou Bakery with beignet powder on his lips, just inviting me to

      • A Dude, but still

        Mmmmm. Thanks for the semi.

        • tabby

          …lick it off.

          • A Dude, but still

            Cigarette and hot towel, please!!

    • Spectator

      Perhaps, if he didn’t give his acting up, he might be a contender…. :0)

  • Sticky Wicket

    Whoever runs against Obama should so hire John Cho

  • brian

    Hopefully arlnow will post when someone comes to stump for Romney.

  • j

    Is this the guy that does the funny Arlington raps about flip-flops and the green line?

    • WeiQiang

      Yeah .. .um, no.

  • Green Gnome

    I think he is bringing weed and White Castle burgers for everyone.

  • a sylvester stallone impersonator is also here for romney’s campaign, FYI. little reported fact.


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