(Updated at 4:10 p.m.) County election officials are anticipating an average, uneventful primary voting day in Arlington.

Local polling stations will remain open until 7:00 tonight for the Democratic U.S. House of Representatives primary between Rep. Jim Moran and Bruce Shuttleworth, and the Republican U.S. Senate primary between Jamie Radtke, George Allen, Bob Marshall and E.W. Jackson.

Arlington County Registrar Linda Lindberg says no problems have been reported at the polls. Based on voting thus far, she is anticipating a countywide turnout of between 6 and 10 percent, which is about average for a primary.

“It has been a pretty quiet day,” she said.

Lindberg noted that turnout has been higher in parts of north Arlington that often see more of a Republican turnout, while it has been lighter in parts of south Arlington (like Crystal City) that have more of a transient population.


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