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by ARLnow.com June 13, 2012 at 9:12 am 4,146 67 Comments

Old Arlington Remembered — Long-time Arlington resident Judy Downs Tinelli recalls the Arlington of her childhood: Sycamore Street was a stream, her neighbor had a herd of cows, and those in the District considered her dad’s 20 minute commute (from what is now East Falls Church) excessive. [WAMU]

Moran Styrofoam Amendment Fails — A measure proposed by Rep. Jim Moran (D), which would have amended a legislative branch appropriations bill to ban polystyrene foam food and beverage containers from congressional cafeterias, failed in the House on Friday. Moran’s general election opponent, Republican Patrick Murray, issued a statement about Moran’s amendment. “Seriously, Jim?,” Murray asked. “Are you really willing to spend all of your time on Styrofoam instead of creating jobs?” [The Hill]

Pottery Barn Offers ‘Arlington’ Sign — Via Shirlington Village Blog Spot, we learn that Pottery Barn is currently offering a 66 inch by 12 inch wall sign that says “Arlington” in bold, black letters on a distressed cream-colored background. The sign is currently on sale for $119.00. [Pottery Barn]

Hotel Celebrates LEED Gold Certification — On Monday, the Renaissance Arlington Capital View hotel in Crystal City celebrated its recent award of LEED Gold environmental certification. Among those on hand at the celebration was David Marriott, grandson of Marriott International founder J.W. Marriott. The Renaissance chain of hotels is owned by Marriott.

  • Autoexec.bat

    Anyone who buys the Pottery Barn “Arlington” sign will be beaten mercilessly.

    • Josh S

      I’m predicting at least 100 will be sold to county residents. And if it gets into the 22207 area code? Make it 500.

      • Josh S


        zip code

        • pedant


          ZIP code

          (it’s an acronym)

    • Skeptical

      Does Pottery Barn sell anything that anyone actually needs?

      Come to think of it, that now goes for most shops in Shirlington and Clarendon.

      • Clarendon

        Shirlington and Clarendon ? Try across the United States and much of the world. If people only bought stuff they actually needed, our economy would be unrecognizable from what it has been since WWI.

        The British documentary “The Century of the Self” (probably available online) delves into the concerted and very successful effort to convince people to desire more than that which they need which combined with planned obsolescence has fueled the modern economy.

        • Josh S

          Places like Bed Bath and Beyond are truly mindboggling.

        • dk

          Exhibit 1: the smart phone

      • Arlington, Northside

        My kid’s bunk bed rocks from them! Compared to the one I shared with my brother 35 years ago, it is actually safe and comfortable.

    • R. Griffon

      Absolutely. We can’t have people showing pride in their hometown all willy-nilly, now can we?

      • Autoexec.bat

        Not with faux-vintage finishes, we can’t.

        • Arlington, Northside

          Why not? Half the folks that move to our town do so with faux-resumes and faux-attitudes. I think I we order the sign right now, will look great on the side of my manly shed full of not so faux-worn tools.

          • Josh S

            1 down, 499 to go….

          • drax

            And they all compete for the 75 faux-jobs.

      • drax

        Do you walk around in a “Washington DC” T-shirt you bought from a truck downtown too?

    • Some Mom

      I like the sign, tho I prolly wouldn’t shell out for it.

      How much you want to bet it’s made in China?

  • Steve R

    Definitely remember when you had to use Roosevelt to get from Lee Highway to Seven Corners and go under the train tracks.

    • Arlington, Northside

      Yup, but I think I was about two years old. 😉

  • CourthouseChris

    What Pat Murray seems to be forgetting is that the GOP brought back styrofoam last year after FOUR YEARS of using sensible biodegradable food packaging. They did this simply to thumb their nose at the Democrats – where were their concerns for “job creation” then?

    • Josh S

      This is absolutely right. Murray couldn’t care less, though, since he’s counting on voters being unaware or having forgotten. (which is undoubtedly true 80-90% of the time)

    • Arlington, Northside

      Yes, but it was done for costs saving to hopefully help our fellow Americans save their jobs.

      • Ivy

        Yeah, that’s the GOP’s favorite line…….we’re destroying for jobs. BS. Reagan used that line when he came in a tour down the solar panels Carter installed. Think of where we would be now if the backwards thinkers didn’t come in and create a time warp.

        • marie antoinette

          Egads! But for Reagan, we’d be driving around in spaceships like the Jettsons, right Ivy?

    • Arlington, Northside

      Actually I am fine with going back to paper biodegradeable containers, but keep the falling apart plant-based biodegradable forks, spoons and knives away! Plastic silverware, whatever is cheapest for containers, I say.

    • Traffic Jammin

      Everyone knows that Moran can “create jobs” like a widget manufacturer on an assembly line. And every minute he steps away from the assembly line, a whole bunch of jobs aren’t created. What an irresponsible maniac.

      • drax

        The government can and does create jobs.

        • marie antoinette

          As long as we pay for them. The reality is the Federal Govt could take a 30% payroll cut and still operate just fine.

          • drax

            Silly Marie, this isn’t about the federal government operating.

      • Ivy

        Well, his district is well employed so he must be doing something right

    • 5555624

      As I recall from an article in The Washington Post, the biodegradable food packaging and utensils also cost a more, so it was also a cost savings measure.

  • G Clifford Prout (now moderated for extra purity)
    • YTK

      Exactamundo — looks alot better than those “insect exoskeletons” featured on the Arl.now photo above.

    • Mike Hunt

      So I’m the ONLY one that reads ArlNow that saw the Morning Notes pic and thought: Mr. Bill meets Four Mile Run Trail?

  • YTK

    1- Buy the Pottery Barn sign — just DON’T hang it on your outside wall or the Arlington Sign Police will come a-callin’.

    2- So.. we want MORE styrofoam containers floating in whatever estuaries are left in this area??? I hope Moran tries to pass that bill again. We did JUST FINE before styrofoam came into our lves.

    • MC 703

      Hear hear. Why not switch?

      Even at the new Raytheon campus in Dulles, our food services have stopped using Styrofoam AND plastic utensils and now only use compost-able containers.

      If a mega-world-destroying-bottom-line-obsessed defense contractor can do it, congressional cafeterias can do it too.

      • brian

        I think they DID SWITCH when dems came into power , but they switched back because the stuff didn’t work.

        • MC 703

          How did it “not work”?

          The republicans only did it as an “F U” to the dems. I don’t always agree with Moran but this makes sense and provides a good example to the rest of the country.

          • Arlington, Northside

            Because it cost a TON of taxpayer dollars to run the program. The Greening of the Capitol, while a nice gesture was a collosal waste. Things like the $800K study of the lighting of the Capitol Dome to cut a $15K annual electric bill, the proposed solution was a $14 million lighting system. You need to balance with the green of the earth with the green of the people’s wallet a little bit at least.

          • drax

            What does that have to do with styrofoam, Northside?

          • brian

            the forks and spoons didn’t work and kept breaking,

        • Josh S

          I ate many times in the Longworth cafeteria between about 2007-2009. They had all the biodegradable stuff then. It worked just fine. (The line at the trash/recycling/composting station was sometimes a bit long since people were totally befuddled, but other than that it was great.)

          • Arlington, Northside

            Are you kidding? The forks and knives broke apart while you were eating and if your soup was hotter than 98 degrees the spoon melted into it! The containers were fine though, although slightly more expensive.

          • YTK

            Something wrong with stainless steel forks spoons and knives? Think they can afford a dishwasher in that cafeteria???

        • drax

          No, it worked fine. The Republicans switched back to be jerks.

          • marie antoinette

            Excellent insight, Drax.

      • John Fontain

        My question is why do we need a law to ban styro from the congressional cafeterias? Why can’t they just internally change to something else? Do we really need a new law for everything?

        • KalashniKEV

          We need a BAN for everything!

          Especially BIG SODA.

          • Josh S

            I think we need a law to ban Kev from owning a keyboard with a caps lock key….

        • Autoexec.bat

          Because no one would write an article about how hard Jim Moran fought for the environment if he wasn’t forcing someone to do it. Don’t get me wrong, I think styrofoam is generally bad (ever poured a beer into a styrofoam cup?) but a law is probably NOT required in this case, just a stern talking-to.

          • MC 703

            Was the appropriations bill modified when republicans took power to throw out (literally) the green packaging alternatives?

          • drax

            You don’t get it.

            The cafeteria is using styrofoam because the GOP has a majority in the House. The Republicans are in charge, and they are not going to give a “talking-to” to the cafeteria. They approve of the use of styrofoam. So the only way to reverse it is with a law.

            Moran knew that amendment would fail – he was making a point.

          • marie antoinette

            Maybe Moran could use some of the money he saved on that sweet debt consolidation loan and buy the cups himself?

        • drax

          Congress owns and operates the Congressional cafeterias, so yeah, it’s appropriate that a law passed by Congress be used to regulate what Congress does.

          • Arlington, Northside

            Can be done in the annual House Rules package.

          • drax

            Can be, but won’t be, since the Republicans have a majority. So a law is the only option now.

          • Arlington, Northside

            Thank goodness, ’cause I like forks and knives that don’t fall apart in my food, even if the parts would be digestable.

          • drax

            I don’t think Moran’s amendment would have banned plastic forks.

    • WileE

      Re: Styrofoam – what’s up with Five Guys serving their fries in the biggest styrofoam cup imaginable INSIDE a paper bag? That there’s some poor packaging. Though I must say that one could almost eat the greasy bag after the cajun fries are gone…

      • Skyline

        A place I go to eat at lunch across from where I work (Edy’s Chicken) serves a little salad always in a styrofoam cup and I wonder why. It doesn’t need to be insulated, but maybe it is cheaper than paper ? If it’s not cheaper then it makes no sense for many of the applications that you see. I can understand a benefit for something like a frozen smoothie though.

        The worst though is stuff (non-food) packaged in that type of styrofoam that crumbles into little pellets the size of BBs. That stuff gets everywhere and clings to everything.

  • enough already

    Yes, old Arlington. Before Arlington politics became ridiculously embarrassing

    • Rarrr

      I am aghast at Moran’s commitment to environmental stewardship. It is just so embarrassing I think I might die.

  • JimPB

    A new color for me: “a distressed cream-colored background.”

    What makes the background color distressed?

    • WeiQiang

      distressed is the finishing treatment. Cream would be the color since it’s … um, cream-colored.

      if I were a background color, I might be distressed that someone counfused me with the finishing treatment.

    • SoArl

      distressed = looks dirty

  • Southeast Ben

    What this morning’s news taught me?


    Which I navigated to from the Shirlington blog spot.

    • HighViewPunk

      Wow, they still have Cowboy Cafe South listed on there.

  • SteamboatWillie

    Nothing says “I Luv Amurrika” like defending our freedom to use Styrofoam.


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